Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori Hotel

Although Sharm El Sheikh has not a good reputation in the past days, it is not a question that the underwater world is amazing there. We would like to resolve the tension and show you some nice photos of our latest snorkeling trip, come with us and snorkel in the Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori!

At the end of our post you could read our personal thoughts about the current situation in Sharm .

Coral Sea Sensatori – general infos and some photos

The Coral Sea Sensatori is a nice, modern 5* hotel on the Ras Nosrani, it is located just 15 mins drive from the Sharm El Sheikh airport. The hotel has mostly English and Irish guests, the staff speaks very good English. The whole hotel area -the restaurants, bars, garden and beach- is very well kept and clean. Although the rooms rates are higher than the average rates in Egypt, you will get super service for your money. The hotel area is very huge, everything is comfortable even by full house. There are a separated section for “adults only. For more infos and actual reviews, check the biggest travel sites!

Many guest choose the Coral Sea Sensatori because of its beautiful house reef which is perfect for snorkellers and for divers aswell. There is a jetty in the middle of the beach. If you enter the water from the jetty, you will find yourself in a real aquarium and swim among colourful corals and fish. On the left side there is the Ras Ghamila reef, we will make a single post about this area soon, but now we are going to show you the Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori.

Location of the Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori

The turquise lagoon can be found where the Sensatori’s hotel area ends, you need to walk a liitle bit on the beach or on the walking way. Now it is still an opened beach, not so many people visit it, some guests who prefer spending their time lonely or snorkellers who want to discover special spots (like us :)) come here. This Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori is still a quite place. If the weather is windy and open sea is not calm, snorkelling from the main jetty can be dangerous because of the big waves and strong currents, the staff often closes the jetty but you can snorkel in this lagoon safe by windy conditions aswell.Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori Hotel

We marked with the yellow pin where we went into the water. The sea bottom is sandy, the water deepens gradually, it is easy to walk into the water. As you see on the Google Earth pic, the lagoon is a very huge area, we did not discoved the whole only the right corner, but found many sea creatures, keep reading and you will know what have we seen!

Unfortunately the reefs are not so healthy in the Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori. Most of the corals are damaged but the lagoon is still an interesting area, it is an underwater jewelry box. There are small coral colonies everywhere with tiny fish, these reefs look like underwater nurseries, here you may see several reef fish in mini-version. You will find Red Sea Anemonafish, lionfish and boxfish among the different hard and soft corals. There are areas covered with seagrass, open your eyes, look for nudibranch and seastars! We have found 4 different nudibranchs and 2 tiny seastar in short time!Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori Nudibranch

Not only macro sea creatures live here, different rays also visit the Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori . We met eaglerays and cowtail rays there. The cowtails like resting in the sand, but we observed them while playing with each other.

Many people say it is not worth snorkeling in the lagoon because you won’t find nothing just dead corals but as you can see, the truth is just the opposite. The adventures in the Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori were definitely the best parts of our snorkelling holiday, if we would back to this place one time we spent much time there and made more underwater “treasure hunt”!Blue Lagoon by the Coral Sea Sensatori Underwater Life

(As we like Sharm El Sheikh so much and post a lot about this destination, we would like to share our own opinion about the recent events. We are not interested in politics therefore don’t want to take sides in the situation what is going on. We are simple holiday makers who travel to destinations just to enjoy the country, the sunhine and the sea. It does not matter what is the reason of an air crash, it is always shocking and sad. We would be the happiest people on the world if the enmity and wars would be finally over, each country and traveling would be safe. But unfortunately us, ordinary people are not able to influence events, we are only participants.

We often get the question : Why do you travel to Sharm El Sheikh, is it safe? We can state, we felt ourselves always safe in Sharm, generally in Egypt. The city and the hotels are closed and secured areas, there are watchmen almost every corner. But the turth is that there are extremist groups, and unfortunately terror plots may happen anywhere in the world nowadays. It does not matter you are in the USA, in the UK, in Germany, in Thailand or in Egypt, there is no place what is 100% safe. We are still waiting for the final conclusion of the plane crash happened in Sinai Peninsula. If you would ask us about traveling or not to Sharm, we suggest you to decide on your personal feelings. A holiday should be fun time without fear and worries, so listen to your intuitions, if they say everything will be okay and you will feel yourself carefree, travel and enjoy your time! If you think you would spend your time surfing on the internet and reading the actual new instead of enjoying your holiday, better if you choose an other destination. If the authorities say traveling is not recommended, follow the instructions. Remember, you safety is the first above and under the water aswell! We wish you nice holiday wherever in the world!)

Anett Szaszi

Anett fell in love with the ocean immediately when she put her head underwater in the Red Sea back in 2010. Discovering megacities is not her style but getting lost in tiny coastal villages, capturing the beauty of the sea while snorkeling. Wherever she goes, she takes her mask, fins and underwater camera with her. She has a big interest in exploring the world’s last hidden underwater paradises and marine conservation. She hopes to inspire people to protect our oceans by sharing her underwater stories. Find her photos on @anett.szaszi Instagram too!

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