Snorkeling in Egypt – General “Where to go” guide

Egypt is a popular destination from Europe and from other parts of the world as well. It is a beautiful country with unique history, but there is something else why many people visit this place regularly: they would like to go snorkeling in Egypt (or diving), in the beautiful Red Sea.

Snorkeling in Egypt – Perfect conditions

Snorkeling in Egypt - Red Sea
Red Sea

If you try snorkeling in Egypt, sure you will be poisoned for a life! The conditions for snorkeling are more than perfect, the sea life is impressive, the visibility is good, the water temperature is nice, can reach 29-30 °C in the summer months (July-August), the water is the coldest in December and January (20-21 °C).

Egypt is a year round destination. If you would like to take historic excursions as well, better to choose the cooler months, but if you plan just snorkeling in Egypt, definitely the period from May till October is the best! The summer months, July and August could be too hot, the air temperature can reach 40-44 °C. If you want to avoid the heat,the best months to travel to Egypt : from May till end of June, from the middle of September till middle of of November. In these times the air temperature is 30-35 °C, the sea temperature is 26-28 °C, perfect conditions for snorkeling in Egypt!

It is a common question where to go snorkeling in Egypt? The most popular destinations are Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam. In this post we would like to help you with short descriptions, general information about these locations.


Snorkeling in Egypt - Makadi Bay
Hurghada Makadi Bay

It is the most known location in Egypt after Cairo, the most visitors come to this city. Although Hurghada is full with hotels at all level, the city has real arabic character. Hurghada was a small fishing village, nowadays is one of the biggest tourism centre in Egypt. Hurghada has some modern areas, but the city is rather “old-stlye” . But our task to write about snorkeling in Egypt, not about the history, so let’s see what can Hurghada offer for us underwater!

If you are a novice snorkeler, Hurghada has a lot of things to see, can be the starting point for snorkeling in Egypt. The most beaches are sandy, especially in front of the city hotels, but of course you can see some fish and some corals on the sandy becahes as well. The hotels in the city are better for “party people”, with bazars, local shops and pubs in walking distance.

If you would like to see more corals and fish, choose hotel south from the city. There are nice reefs in the Sahl Hasheesh Bay, in the Makadi Bay and in the Soma Bay. The Makadi Bay is a very famous area and one of the best spot for snorkeling in Egypt! It is a common characteristc by the reef around Hurghada that there are no step dop-offs, the water is more shallow around the reefs than in other regions. You can make many boat excursion from Hurghada and explore islands and reefs on the open sea. Popluar re the Giftun Island, Saab Sabina Reef, Sharm el Naga etc…

Sharm el Sheikh

Snorkeling in Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh 3
Sharm El Sheikh Tiran Island

It is a modern city, much more european than Hurghada. Some people say this is an advantage, others thinks it is a disadvantage because they do not feel the real arabic atmosphere here. Yes, the city has other character and also the shoreline is different. You will find in Sharm few sandy beaches but more coral, amazing reefs with steel drop-off.

If you would like to step into the second phase regarding snorkeling in Egypt, visit Sharm el Sheikh.

Snorkeling in Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh Ras Nasrani

Almost by every hotels will you find amazing corals with many tropical fish and other beautiful sea creatures like moray eels, eagle rays, but if you are lucky enough you will see manta ray or even a whale shark!

For snorkeling the best areas the Ras Nasrani and the Ras um el Sid. The Nabq Bay is a lucky bag, because it is mostly too windy and it is not allowed to go into the water. The Naama Bay is the city centre, the sea is good for swimming but there are only few corals. If you are in Sharm, take an excursion to the Ras Mohamed National Park where you can observe healthy reefs and more sea animals!

Marsa Alam

Snorkeling in Egypt - marsa alam
Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is the perfect choice if you would like to make a calm holiday far from the noise, relax and enjoy the underwater world. Many people who visited one time Marsa Alam say that’s the place for snorkeling in Egypt!

In Marsa Alam the underwater world is more untouched, the corals are in better conditions. You have the chance here to see big sea turtles, dugongs (sea cows) and sometimes sharks as well. The biggest chance to observe dugongs you will have in the Abu Dabbab Dugong Bay or in the Marsa Mubarak Bay.

Snorkeling in Egypt - Marsa Alam
Marsa Alam Coraya Bay

Marsa Alam is a remote location, the hotels are situated far from the city and also from each other, so do not expect busy night life here. The hotels outside the city stay sometimes alone on the shoreline, this is the place to enjoy the nature.

If you would like to be close to facilities, there is one bigger, absolutely modern area, The Port Ghalib. This is a resort community with international luxury hotel chains, spas, shops, hospital.

Snorkeling in Egypt has a great price value for money! The Red Sea has a lot of things to see, the weather conditions are almost always perfect, we can really suggest to visit this wonderful city! This was only a quick “where to go snorkeling in Egypt” guide, but we will write more detailed posts about the places which we have already visited!

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