Million Hope Shipwreck snorkelling tour in Egypt

Did you know which one is the largest wreck in the Red Sea ? It is The Million Hope Shipwreck, and we are lucky because the Million Hope offers exciting adventures also for snorkelers!

Shipwreck Million Hope

Information about The Million Hope’s location

The Million Hope Shipwreck is located in front of Jaz Mirabel Hotel (Nabq Bay, Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt)

You could get into the water on the Jaz Mirabel jetty.

If you are from other hotel, there is a fee ( around 10 USD ) you should pay for the use of the jetty, the best is if you ask information about this snorkeling tour from your tour operator or at your hotel reception. Some dive basis also organize ship tours to the Million Hope.

Million hope wreck

Minimum depth is 0 meter, the superstructure is out of the water, you could see the wreck also from the shore. The maximum depth is 22 meters at the rear. The average depth is 10 meters, normally the visibility is very good in the Red Sea, so the Million Hope Shipwreck Snorkelling tour could be a very interesting, unique experience during your holiday.

Notice : If you plan a Million Hope Shipwreck snorkeling tour, always check the weather and wind forecast ! The Nabq bay is usually a windy place in Sharm el Sheikh, and the jetties are often closed because of the strong wind and big waves. On windy days would be dangerous to snorkel around the wreck, so for your safety choose a calm day to go to the Million Hope!

Information and facts about The Million Hope Shipwreck

The Million Hope was built in Hiroshima, originally called the Ryusei Maru (maru means “circle” or “completeness”). She was a bulk-carrier (unpackaged cargo) with five holds and four gantry-cranes, displacing 26,181 tons gross. The vessel was 175m long with a 25m beam and 10m draft. Fitted with twin six-cylinder diesel engines, she could reach a top speed of 17 knots.

The ship had several names during her lifetime before being purchased by the Aksonas Shipping Co Ltd of Limassol, Cyprus for 136 million in 1996. It was at this time she was finally renamed “Million Hope” and promptly insured for 41 Million. Only six weeks later, she became a constructive total loss.

Million Hope Shipwreck

On her final voyage the vessel set sail from Aqaba on 19 June 1996 bound for Taiwan with a cargo of potash and phosphates. On 20 June the vessel was approaching the Strait of Tiran when a fire broke out and raged through the superstructure. Out of control, the ship went headfirst into a reef near Nabq, seven miles north of Sharm El Sheikh

It was reported that the vessel “was ripped open by coral reefs… some of the crew accused the vessel’s master of failing to follow the area’s prescribed navigation routes and of maintaining speed despite poor visibility”. However a fire breaking out in the superstructure is also mentioned in some publications, so the circumstances are not clear.

Google Earth / Map coordinate: 28.056202, 34.448292

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