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Snorkeling In Corfu – Best Beaches To Visit To See Marine Life

Corfu, situated in the Ionian Sea is one of the most beautiful places to vacation in Greece. This location boasts scenic mountains and gorgeous beaches, making it popular among tourists year-round. If you want to explore not only the land attractions but also the island’s rich marine life, here we tell you where to go snorkeling in Corfu!

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Written by Anett Szaszi

Anett is a certified scuba diver, freediver, and an expert in snorkeling with more than 10 years of experience. She fell in love with the ocean while snorkeling in the Red Sea on a vacation to Egypt back in 2008. Since then, she has been traveling to discover the world’s best snorkeling spots and sharing her experience and tips to inspire others. Find her photos on @anett.szaszi Instagram too!

Nissaki Beach

This small cove on the island’s northeastern coast, Nissaki Beach looks like something you’d see on a postcard. It is surrounded by rocky formations and azure waters that make it one of the best beaches for snorkeling in Corfu. There is a small taverna on the top of the rocks to ensure you have a place to enjoy cold drinks and fresh seafood within walking distance.

Nissaki beach Corfu

This pebbly beach is a good distance from the road, allowing it to feel secluded and quiet, even in the main season. It’s protected from strong winds and has deep water available too where you can swim. The water is known to be extremely clean, making it easy to see the diverse marine life present including shoals of fish, black sponges and octopus.

Yaliskari Beach

When you are looking for a tranquil spot for snorkeling in Corfu, Yaliskari Beach is a perfect one where you can escape the crowds. This small, scenic location near Avramis is a semi-wild beach that is easily accessible, although you should arrive early because the parking has only about 20-25 car spaces.

Yaliskari Corfu

Yaliskari is cozy, not too touristic, featuring soft sand. The shallow waters are perfect for snorkeling, especially for beginners and kids. You can get free umbrellas and sunbeds if you eat at the beach taverna. There is even a small guesthouse here called Yaliskari Beach Apartment.

Kalami Beach

This small, stony beach with clear waters and fantastic tavernas around is a small piece of paradise in Corfu. It is a large bay that is usually very quiet with a few sailing boats and yachts anchoring in the middle. If you love watersports, you can rent kayaks or sign up for water skiing.

Kalami bay beach

There are no currents here so the water is safe for swimming, however it is sharply sloping so be careful if you are not comfortable in deeper water. When snorkeling, swim along the rocky sides of the bay where the amount of fish is awesome!

Tip: if you are considering staying here during your vacation, check out the San Antonio Resort.

Kerasia Beach

This medium-sized pebbly beach is a relaxing spot that never gets too busy, not even in the peak season. You can park your car in the shade under the surrounding eucalyptus and olive trees. There is an onsite taverna where you can have a snack or a cold drink.

Kerasia beach Corfu

Although Kerasia is a bit hidden, it is definitely one of the best Corfu snorkeling beaches. Near the edges of the bay, it’s easy to spot octopuses besides the common Mediterranean fish species. The pebbly sea floor ensures that the water is always clear here with excellent visibility that makes observing the marine life easy and enjoyable.

Tip: there are no big hotels here but a few wonderful villas like the Nikolakis Villa that is excellent for families offering 3 bedrooms and a balcony with sea views.

Avlaki Beach

When you’re looking for the best snorkeling in Corfu, Avlaki Beach invites you to explore a beautiful bay with very clear water. It is a Blue Flag Beach that guarantees excellent water quality. Avlaki is not a busy tourist destination but has all facilities you need during the day including showers, bathrooms, sunbed rental and a few taverns, so it is an excellent destination or families.

Corfu - Avlaki beach

The stones and lack of sand allow you to have a clear view underwater so you can observe little fishes around you. If you don’t like just sunbathing in your lounge chair, there are water sports available too such as sailing or canoeing.

Tip: with an outdoor pool and a children’s pool, the Bella Mare Hotel is an excellent family-friendly place to stay at Avlaki!

Kanoni Beach

Kanoni Beach near Kassiopi is often referred as one of the best spots to go snorkeling in Greece, so you should not miss out visiting on this wonderful place when in Corfu.

It’s not a very long beach but has many small coves which prevent it from becoming overcrowded. Shallow, warm waters offer ideal conditions to have a closer look at the Ionian Sea’s marine life at this top Corfu snorkeling beach.

Kanoni is a very convenient beach with plenty of sunbeds to lay out on the shore, as well as a small bar where you can order drinks. There are big, flat rocks along the shore where you can sunbathe while enjoying the fantastic views of the coastline (you can even see the gorgeous Albanian mountains).

Tip: When in Corfu, why not visit the nearby Albania too that is just a 30 minutes boat trip away! To find out more, see our Albania snorkeling beaches guide!

Syki Bay

This quiet and peaceful beach is a hidden gem in northeast Corfu. The pebbles on the shore make it cleaner than similar beaches in the area and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Note that the water is colder than at other beaches because freshwater is entering on the bay’s left side.

Syki Bay

Sunbeds and parasols are available for those who prefer to spend more time lounging around. There is a lovely taverna (SKYI Taverna) nearby to get some snacks and cold juices. With extremely calm tranquil waters, it is easy to spend time here while having an escape from the city.

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Agios Spiridon Beach

One of the most beautiful, yet still relaxed beaches of the west coast, in Paleokastritsa is Agios Spiridon. This sandy Blue Flag beach offers a clean, organized seashore with sunbeds, umbrellas, hotels, numerous restaurants and bars around so if you are looking for a convenient vacation spot, the Agios Spiridon Bay is perfect.

Agios Spiridon Paleokastritsa

This calm beach is also an excellent Corfu snorkeling spot. Smaller kids can enjoy looking for fish in the clear shallow waters, while advanced snorkelers should swim along the cliffs to explore spectacular caverns. It is a lovely beach that is highly recommended for everyone looking for an all-in-one place to stay in Corfu. If you are considering coming here, check out the romantic Zefiros Traditional Hotel.

Porto Timoni

Near Afionas village, the Porto Timoni double-bay is probably the most impressive beach in Corfu that is a must-visit if you are vacationing on the island. However, it is very adventurous to get there. You can drive until a certain point only, after you need to hike about 25 minutes downhill, so make sure to bring proper shoes and plenty of water. The easier option is taking a water taxi from Agios Georgios beach.

Porto Timoni

This stony beach has extremely clear waters making it perfect for snorkeling in Corfu. You can explore interesting rock formations and small caves underwater, but if you want just to swim or chill, you can do that too on both sides of this fantastic bay.

Paralia Agios Georgios

One of the most beautiful spots in Greece, Paralia Agios Georgios has warm waters and is protected from strong winds It’s easy to enter the water through the small pebbles to go for a swim (wearing water shoes is recommended). If you want to snorkel, go to the rocky side of the beach.

Paralia Agios Georgios

The gorgeous backdrop of the hills contributes to the natural beauty of this place. Although it is a popular area, the beach is wide and long so there is plenty of sunbeds and places to lay out without feeling like you’re cramped onto the shore with other visitors.


As one of the hidden beaches on the island, Rovinia beach requires hiking to the location after leaving your car at one of the nearby parking lots. The water gradually deepens, making it easy for kids to play in the shallow areas as the adults spend time snorkeling.

Rovinia beach

The beach is quiet and doesn’t get overrun with crowds, even during the busier seasons. Local small boat tours are available if you prefer to get an educational experience about the area and spend time on the open water.

Limni Beach Glyko

Not so far from Rovinia, there is another excellent spot to go snorkeling in Corfu, Limni Beach Glyko. You can get here by taking a trail which is surrounding by lush olive trees. Taxi boats are also available from the nearby bigger beaches. This spot can be an adventure to find for some people due to the lack of signs present, but this is also the reason why it remains unpopulated.

The clear water makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling and viewing different types of colorful fish such as wrasses and sea breams. The water starts shallow but gets deep behind the rocks in the north, so pay attention if you are here with small kids or with a person who is a weak swimmer.

Mirtiotissa Beach

Many people consider Mirtiotissa Beach the island’s most spectacular beach which is actually also one of the best places to go snorkeling in Corfu. It is a sandy paradise with sweeping coastal views, clear waters and some rocky areas to snorkel.

Clear water at Mirtiotissa beach

Many people enjoy this beach because of the clear waters and lush environment. There’s even a quaint church in the distance, the Monastery Mirtiotissas, which contributes to the views. The sea is vast and has a vibrant turquoise hue that looks like it glistens in the sun. The warm water also makes it easy to spend more time in the water and enjoy the quiet and serene location when you want a beautiful place to unwind.

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