Best waterproof case for Samsung S21, S21Plus and S21Ultra Galaxy

The release of the new Samsung S21 series brought smartphones to the market that are not only highly intelligent but also pretty expensive, so taking care of your precious device needs extra attention. Our advice is to get a waterproof case for Samsung S21 -no matter what model you owe- to ensure high-level protection against dirt, drops and water. The best is, that such cases will make it safe to put your phone underwater and like this, you can take it swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and boating without worrying about damages! The following are the best-recommended quality cases for Galaxy S21, Plus and Ultra one can decide to choose.

Is the Samsung S21 waterproof? Why do you need an underwater case?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is inherently waterproof. To specify, this phone series, the S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra have an IP68 rating, which means they can tolerate 30 minutes of immersion.

If you’re planning on taking your mobile gear on a serious underwater excursion, you will want a waterproof case for Samsung S21 because this IP68 rating is limited by time and depth exposure.

Samsung galaxy s21 waterproof smartphone versions

If you take a photo of your child swimming in the pool, you’re probably protected without the case, but if you submerge your phone water on purpose and get below 1.5 meters of depth, you may damage it; the seals have a limited pressure tolerance.

Moreover, this water-proofing feature doesn’t apply to sea water that is harmful to the device’s sensitive electronics and corrodes metal parts.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Unlocked

  • pro grade 108MP camera with 100X space-in and 10X optical zoom
  • 8K video capability that gives your movies that cinema-style quality
  • all Day Intelligent Battery, you can go all day without charging
  • next-level power of 5G: more sharing, more gaming, more experiences and never miss a beat

Such damages are not covered under warranty, so when using your phone in a sea water environment, using a Samsung S21 waterproof case is a must that will add protection not only against water, but also dust and drops.

3 Best Samsung S21 waterproof cases

Eonfine Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S21 Case

The Eonfine offers ideal protection against water, and damage from dropping. This Samsung Galaxy S21 protective case will work in all the ordinary ways too, saving the device from scratches to dirt. Being slim and lightweight, this underwater case for Samsung S21 will not add a lot of bulk or weight to your phone.

Eonfine Waterproof Case For Samsung S21

  • precise design with easy access to all ports and buttons
  • 360-degree protection: shockproof, dustproof and waterproof up to 6.6 ft/2 m for 30 min
  • slim design with transparent back to show the original color of the phone

This cover will not interfere with the fingerprint lock and has extra protection for your camera. The precise cutouts allow easy access to buttons and openings, but it should be noted that many of these cases can make it tough to open the charging port; this is because the seal plug is quite tight to keep out water.

Oterkin Waterproof Phone Case for Samsung S21 5G

If your photography goals including heading out into moving water, the Oterkin Samsung S21 5G Waterproof Phone Case is an ideal choice. Not only does this underwater cover offer fingerprint recognition access, extra protection for your camera, a clear back and wireless charging, but the sides are ridged to provide extra gripping power if the water is choppy.

Oterkin for Samsung Galaxy S21 Case

  • fully sealed design, perfect to use outdoor while water sports and also for daily use
  • special built-in protector to ensure the screen’s high sensitivity and to support fingerprint unlock, clear back to support wireless charging
  • non slip sides for reinforced grip, extra sturdy strap for easy carrying

You can count on this Samsung S21 waterproof case in all conditions. The fully-sealed design ensures 360-degree protection that includes protection against water, snow, sand and dust. Moreover, the extra shock-absorption corners will save the device from drops and impacts too.

Nineasy Galaxy S21 Waterproof Case

Should you need a low-profile waterproof case for Samsung S21, check this one from Nineasy! Once applied, you’ll have protection from shocks, drops and scratches. This lightweight cover allows you to charge through the clear back cover, use the fingerprint unlocking feature while protecting your device from accidents.

Nineasy Case for Samsung S21

  • IP68 certified underwater case, precise cut to fit Galaxy S21
  • with four shock-absorption corners to give extra protection from drops and impacts
  • slimmer and much lightweight than most full-body cases, not making your device bulky

This Samsung case can only shield the S21. With precise cutouts, it ensures that you can easily access all ports and buttons and use the wireless charging option too adding convenience for your daily life.

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Top waterproof case for Samsung S21 Plus

Temdan IP68 Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Waterproof Case

For those who love exploring outdoors, the Temdan cover is an ideal choice. Once this has been applied, your S21 Plus is protected against water, dirt, snow and shocks.

Temdan Case Compatible with Galaxy S21 Plus

  • IP68 cover protecting your phone perfectly in any bad environment
  • completely fit in the speaker, sensors, buttons, sensors and cameras
  • clear and slim design, provides high-level protection but does not add much to the size of the phone

If you’ve ever put your phone in your back pocket and slipped on the ground, you know the panic of scrambling to check your phone to make sure it still functions. The situation is even worse if this happens when the device falls in water… With the Temdan, you can get out there no matter the weather and taking photos and videos safely.

GHOSTEK NAUTICAL Samsung Galaxy S21+ Full Body Case

Those who love to explore underwater will love the GHOSTEK NAUTICAL waterproof case for Samsung S21+ Galaxy Full Body Case. Once you’ve installed this cover, you will have drop protection up to 12 feet and can dive to 20 feet for an hour and still have the option to use your phone to take photos and videos.

Ghostek Nautical Watertight Seal Rugged Heavy Duty Protection Cover

  • heavy-duty full-body sealed shell with raised lip to protect the camera lenses and with built-in screen protector
  • waterproof protection up to 20 ft for 60 minutes
  • precise detailed cutouts, refined reactive buttons

You’ll have an easier time controlling your phone thanks to the hearty grip on this Samsung S21Plus waterproof case, while the military-grade drop protection will ensure that your precious device will withstand falls from up to 12ft.

ANTSHARE Galaxy S21 Plus UnderwaterCase

The ANTSHARE is an ideal waterproof case for Samsung S21 Plus models that is simple, clear and unobtrusive. You can enjoy wireless charging, fingerprint recognition on top of shock, dirt and water protection.

ANTSHARE case for Samsung S21 Plus

  • heavy-duty construction; the case is made from high-grade TPU and PC materials and comes with built-in screen-sensitive protector
  • clear back design to ensure wireless charging is fully operating and to reveal the true color of your phone
  • upgraded design to support fingerprint reader

This full-body protective Samsung Galaxy S21 waterpoof case will allow you to use your phone while various water sports activities such as swimming, surfing, kayaking and snorkeling; it is tested underwater up to 6.6ft/1.5m for 20 minutes.

Best Samsung S21 Ultra waterproof cases

SPIDERCASE Galaxy S21 Ultra Waterproof Case

If you’re looking for an underwater case for Samsung S21 Ultra that gives you protection even while snorkeling but doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your purse or pocket, the SPIDERCASE is an ideal choice. It fits the phone like a glove completely encapsulating it to guarantee a reliable protection at all times.

SPIDERCASE for Samsung S21 Ultra

  • precisely fitting cover with built-in screen protector and scratch-resistant back panel
  • IP68 protection level for up to 6.6ft/2m underwater for 60 minutes
  • not only waterproof, but also drop, shock and dustproof

While these tools are quite water-resistant on their own, the pressure of water as you go deep can still cause damage. Adding this Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G waterproof case will give you more confidence, no matter the conditions.

Fansteck Galaxy S21 Ultra Waterproof Case

For those that are pretty tough on phones, the Fansteck is the best option to choose. In addition to immersion protection for up to 2 hours at 6 feet deep, this underwater case for Samsung S21 Ultra gives protection against scratches and dirt, snow, shocks and drops.

Fansteck Samsung S21 Ultra Case

  • IP68 rated, tested to be submersible up to 6.6ft/2 m
  • withstands shocks and drops from 6.6 ft/2m high
  • perfect clarity touch screen protector that let the touch ID and SPen work

This cover features transparent front and back camera lens covers that won’t affect your photos and videos so your footage will remain high-quality, even underwater. Your screen remains protected thanks to the anti-scratch protector that features TPU membrane to maintain the touch ID function and allow S Pen work smoothly.

Lamcase Samsung S21 Ultra Case

The Lamcase offers more than average protection: when you have this cover on, your S21Ultra will enjoy full protection against drops and shocks in addition to water including moisture, rain, snow, and immersion up to 6.6ft.

Lamcase Underwater Full Body Sealed Protective Cover

  • designed for any outdoor activities, can be submerged up to 6.6ft/2m
  • made of durable plastic and hard silicone frame with built-in anti-scratch screen protector
  • all buttons and ports are easy to access thanks to the speaker, camera and port cut-outs

If you’re often out exploring outdoors, this may be the best waterproof case for Galaxy S21 Ultra; Enjoy 360-degree protection in all conditions and extra convenience in your active daily life.

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