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Grenada snorkeling guide – Best places to visit

Grenada is a magical spice island turned Caribbean tourist destination found on both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Grenada snorkeling beaches offer a world of paradise for participants, thanks to its extensive unspoiled natural reefs, fantastic visibility and interesting submarine flora and fauna and the world’s first underwater sculpture park. If you want to experience the island’s vibrant corals and fantastic sea life, this post will guide you when and where to go snorkeling in Grenada!

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Anett is a certified scuba diver, freediver, and an expert in snorkeling with more than 10 years of experience. She fell in love with the ocean while snorkeling in the Red Sea on a vacation to Egypt back in 2008. Since then, she has been traveling to discover the world’s best snorkeling spots and sharing her experience and tips to inspire others. Find her photos on @anett.szaszi Instagram too!

Grenada snorkeling conditions

The main Grenada snorkeling spots found along the west and south coast of the country’s largest island and around the smaller sister island, Carriacou. Thanks to its tropical climate, it is a year-round destination with temperatures ranging between 75-85 F (24-30C).

Grenada - Dry season weather

There is dry season from January to May, while passing rain can occur from June to December and sometimes tropical storms between August and November. Snorkeling conditions are great during the dry months, but also in the off-peak season till October. The winter months from December to February bring a little lower temperatures and trade winds.

The sea is warm enough for water activities throughout the year, the water temperature is around 8F/27C in winter and-84F/29 C in summer. There is no need to bring a wetsuit, however wearing a rash guard with UV protection is a must to avoid getting sunburned.

Top spots to go snorkeling in Grenada

Magazine Beach

In the South of the island found within St. George’s Parish, Magazine Beach delivers the goods for visitors looking for great Grenada snorkeling spots that come complete with turquoise, clear water in a swimming safe environment. This beach is conveniently close to the national airport and also known as Aquarium Beach.

Magazine beach

For those who are seeking out easy Grenada snorkeling from beach, you need to look no further! The reef is the most beautiful on the southern end of the beach, just about 150ft/45m off the shore. After a great expedition in the water, visitors can take the edge off of their noble hunger at the Aquarium Restaurant.

People who choose this beach love that it remains quiet all of the time. With soft, white sand it appeals to all of the senses. On Sunday afternoons, the restaurant here offers an affordable barbecue to make the snorkeling day a full local cultural experience.

>>> the nearby Maca Bana offers fabulous villas and unbeatable sea views!

Grand Anse Beach

Although there are no corals at the popular Grand Anse , but this beautiful stretch of sand with warm, shallow and calm waters is still a nice spot to go snorkeling with colorful tropical fish and some interesting sea creatures, such as lobsters to see.

Grenada - Grand Anse beach

Due to the proximity of big hotels, Grand Anse can get crowded, so arrive in the morning before people start getting into so you can enjoy fully the beautiful scenery, clear water and nice fine sand. Definitely a must-visit beach in Grenada!

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Moliniere Bay – Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

The most popular Grenada snorkeling spot is certainly the Moliniere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park so this is a must-visit location when on the island. Here you will find not only beautiful coral with lots of tropical fish around, but also the world’s first underwater sculpture park with more than 60 statues.

The park was designed by the famous British Sculptor, Jason de Caires Taylor whose art can be seen also worldwide in the Lanzarote Underwater Museum, when snorkeling in Punta Nizuc Mexico, but the famous Gili Meno statues are also created by him.

Thanks to the clear, calm and shallow waters, this is a perfect spot for snorkelers and divers too, but nin-swimmers can also this spectacular place from glass-bottom boats. The best way to get to the park is signing up for a tour that depart from Grand Anse Beach and St George

Morne Rouge Beach

According to world-renowned travel guide and site Frommer’s, the Morne Rouge Beach is one of the best beaches on the entire mainland and also one of the best spots for snorkeling in Grenada. Morne Rouge Beach (also called BBC Beach) lies a bit to the south of the more trafficked sandy stretch at Grand Anse Beach, but it is not so overcrowded and offers greater seclusion.

Morne Rouge Beach

Fronting the Caribbean Sea, the waters are calmer, and they offer families with younger children an ideal spot to swim, sunbathe, and snorkel.

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Carriacou is an idyllic spot for those who come to this stunning island to partake of great snorkeling in Grenada, even its name means island of many reefs! Paradise Beach is the top family-friendly snorkeling beach here where young and old can search for starfish in the clear, shallow water, but you can take a boat to the nearby Sandy Island too for some more exploration.

Paradise Beach - Carriacou

Those who make the journey here will not be disappointed by the interesting submarine boulders that have become overgrown by sponge and coral and give home to many fish species including barracudas, parrotfish, triggerfish, but also hawksbill turtles can be spotted here. Thanks to their underwater depth of only from two to 10 meters (6-30ft), they are easy to enjoy with a snorkel mask on your head.

Visitors are able to catch a large number of tropical-looking reef fish at this site as well. For those who are still hungry for more unique snorkeling action, the southern coast of Carriacou also offers White Island and Saline Island with their beautiful displays of coral reef that shelter not only fish but also nurse sharks.

>>> Carriacou has limited accommodation choices available, so book your stay in advance if you decide to stay here. Our tip is the Cherry Hill Apartment that is located just a 5-minute walk from the Caribbean Sea.

La Sagesse Bay

According to the official Grenada Tourism Board, the beach at La Sagesse Bay is among the very best Grenada snorkeling sites. It lies along the beautiful and calmer Caribbean Sea on the island’s southwest tip.

La Sagesse Bay

La Sagesse comprises a portion of the nature center that appropriately shares its name. It boasts three individual beaches each with their beautiful coral reef formations. Snorkelers will also enjoy the melodic sounds of the island’s native birds singing to each other at this paradise snorkeling spot. After a long day of adventure, have some snacks in the beachfront restaurant!

>>> if you are thinking about staying near this bay, the La Sagesse Hotel is the place you need to check out!

Dragon Bay

Dragon Bay is part of the Grenada Marine Protected Area that lies on the north of St George. Thanks to the high-level protection, this reserve features some of the best reefs and richest marine life around the island.

Those who take the effort and come snorkeling here can enjoy observing a wide variety of species such as lobsters, octopus, morays while swimming between vibrant corals and volcanic rock formations.

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Flamingo Bay

Is one of the prettiest spots to go snorkeling in Grenada that got its name after the flamingo tongue snails that are commonly seen here and also part of the Grenada Marine Park.

The reef is suitable both for snorkeling and diving. Boats usually stop in a shallow area and let the snorkelers/divers swim around. The sea is around 6-8 ft (1.8-2.4m) deep at the beginning, the maximum depth is around 150 ft /45 m (but this is around the reef edge where only divers go).

The diversity of marine life is amazing here with shoaling fish, barracudas, stingrays and also turtles around, moreover the corals are extremely healthy too. No matter you are a beginner or experienced underwater explorer, Flamingo Bay has o be on your Grenada snorkeling list!

Levera Beach

To the north of the beautiful island lies the stunning 450 acres of the Levera National Park and its fronting beach of the same name. Snorkelers who make the journey here can appreciate beautiful coral reefs that are a delight to explore.

Levera beach

The beach fronts the Atlantic Ocean and boasts the attraction of arriving nesting sea turtles who lay their eggs in the months spanning May to September. Access to the beach here involves a small parking fee for admission. With all there is to see here, the park is well worth the minor price of admission. If you come during low tide, you can walk out to Sugar Loaf Island!

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