Prescription snorkel mask buying guide

Buying a prescription snorkel mask is a game changer for those who wear glasses but don’t want to miss seeing the underwater world. Let’s see what dive masks with corrective lenses are available, how to use contact lenses in the water and what other options you can choose to be able the see clearly the undersea life.

How to choose prescription snorkel mask?

To provide you the best sight, you need a snorkeling mask with corrective lenses that have the closest match to your everyday glasses. Prescription snorkel mask rental might be also alternative, but it is available at some destinations only, so if you snorkel often it is worth to buy your own prescription mask to know that your gear is personalized to your needs. Formerly, custom-made prescription dive masks were available only through a few manufacturers and could cost 150-250 USD due to special manufacturing process. But fortunately, now we have many more options to get snorkel masks for glass wearers around from 50 USD or alternative solutions even cheaper that we explain below in this buying guide. In deciding what is the best prescription snorkel mask for you, the key factors are how complicated vision problems you have and how much you want to spend.

Do things look bigger underwater?

You probably noticed that everything looks larger underwater so it is good to keep this fact in mind. Water magnifies objects about 30% meaning that everything will appear a bit bigger and closer. If you have slight vision problem only maybe you won’t need special prescription mask for snorkeling because the water’s magnifying effect will provide some correction.

How to snorkel if you wear glasses or contact lenses?

We understand you want to see the ocean’s beauty clearly, therefore, we made a summary here what options you have from the cheapest quick fixes to professional solutions:

Wear your glasses inside your snorkel mask

If you have old glasses that you don’t mind to sacrifice glue them on the inside of your mask. This DIY snorkel mask for glass wearers can work for occasional snorkelers who don’t want to invest in a prescription model although not a professional long-lasting solution.

Use contact lenses

Many people ask if you can wear contact lenses while snorkeling and the answer is definitely yes! Modern contact lenses are very comfortable so they are safe to use even in the water. They are designed for your eyes so they will provide the best vision while staying almost unnoticeable. For snorkeling or any other water activity, wear soft day contacts. The only thing you need to keep in mind to close your eyes when removing your mask in the water preventing the lenses to be washed away.

Get dive mask magnifying lenses

A cheap but very good solution for those who normally use reading glasses only. The removable prescription dive mask inserts work the best if you don’t have complicated eye problems and need help to read close things like your waterproof camera screen.

Dive mask magnifying lenses

  • work like putting reading glasses into your mask
  • easy-to-use stick-in lenses
  • compatible with all masks

Buy prescription snorkel mask with pre-made lenses

The best value for money solution to get a new prescription mask with pre-made lenses. Usually, pre-made corrective lenses are available for near sight from -1.0 to -10.0 and for far sight from +1.0 to +4.0 by increments of 0.5 in both cases depending on the manufacturer. Sometimes bifocal lenses also available. Different prescription strengths can be ordered for each eye.

Choose mask with drop-in lenses

It is also a good option to choose a scuba mask with changeable lenses. Bigger dive gear manufacturers like TUSA offer some of their most popular masks with removable lenses. These can be easily replaced by the diver to the matching prescription ones. Good for those who need minus powers. Consider checking the TUSA Liberator prescription dive mask!

TUSA Liberator Plus mask

  • classical 2-window design with wide field of view
  • low volume, comfortable design
  • drop-in prescription lenses available
  • wide variety of colors

Order custom-made corrective lenses

This is the most expensive solution but also the best if you need special lenses to correct astigmatism. You can contact dive shops who are specialized in prescription dive masks and can customize it based on your personal needs. They can change the lenses of your old mask or offer you a new prescription scuba mask.

Where to buy prescription snorkel mask?

If you need custom-made corrective lenses, you need to look for a dive shop who can order them for your and replace the original to the corrective ones. If you don’t have complex eye problems like double vision or astigmatism, you can simply order prescription snorkel mask from Amazon. You just choose the prescription you need and you get a brand new mask with the correct lenses. Near-sighted and farsighted versions are both available and it is possible to get different strengths for each eye. Some manufacturers offer bifocal version too. Buying a prescription snorkel mask with pre-made corrective lenses has a great value for money since.

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Best prescription mask for snorkeling and diving

Promate prescription snorkel mask

Low profile snorkeling mask with easy-adjust buckles made with soft silicone skirt for best comfort. The tempered glass corrective lenses are customizable with different strength for each eye from 1- to -10 (near sight) and from +1 to +4 (far sight). The Promate set includes a submersible dry snorkel too.

Promate prescription mask

  • high-quality snorkel set with prescription mask and dry top snorkel
  • soft silicone skirt for best fit
  • near and far sight tempered glass lenses available
  • fits a wide variety of faces

Optical corrective snorkeling mask

A classical style, versatile snorkel mask with corrective lenses at fair price from IST. The soft, hypoallergenic silicone skirt provides a comfortable wear. The low volume design offers wide field of view. Easily adjustable with swiveling buckles. Good fit for narrow face. The IST prescription snorkeling masks come with far sight options from +1 to +4, near sight from -1 to -8.

Optical corrective mask

  • good quality fair price snorkeling mask for glass wearers
  • high-grade hypoallergenic silicone skirt
  • easy adjust swiveling buckles
  • shatterproof RX lenses
  • recommended for narrow face

Snorkeling mask bifocal prescription lenses

A well-made mask that is available with bifocal lenses too when the upper part of the lens is for distance vision, the lower section for near vision. This Promate mask fits well for medium faces. Soft silicone skirt and double edge seal for maximum comfort. The tempered glass optical lenses go from -1.0 to -10.0 for nearsighted and from +1.0 to +4.0 for far-sighted, bifocal from +1 to +4.0 by increments of 0.5 in each case.

Bifocal snorkeling mask

  • corrective mask with classic 2-window design
  • double edge skirt for best seal
  • nearsighted, farsighted and bifocal lenses
  • best fit for medium face

Prescription full face snorkel mask

The popularity of full face snorkeling masks created a demand for corrective lenses for full face snorkel masks. So far, prescription full face snorkel mask corrective lenses are available between -2 and -6 to correct myopia. The scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses can be easily mounted on the inner side of the lens with a silicone suction. The corrective lenses for Easybreath are independent so you can correct each eye separately. The full face mask corrective lenses are compatible with almost all popular models on the market.

Prescription full-face mask

  • corrective lenses for Easybreath full face snorkel mask
  • for shortsighted people from -2 to -6 to correct myopia
  • durable polycarbonate material
  • can be ordered separately
  • easy mounting with silicone suction

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