Aruba shipwreck snorkeling – Best wrecks for snorkellers

This tiny Dutch Caribbean Island Aruba, is famous for great weather, white sandy beaches and for its shipwrecks. Aruba shipwreck snorkeling is an activity that young and old can enjoy. Aruba has the best wrecks to dive in the entire Caribbean and few of them are accessible for snorkelers as well!

History meets fun – Aruba shipwreck snorkeling

Water activities are the best things to do in Aruba! Climate is hot, usually dry, so the best way to spend time is do some fun at the beach! Don’t leave your snorkel gear at home! Snorkeling in Aruba coast is first class: you find couple of beaches around the island with calm water, easy entrance and stunning coral reefs! Our Aruba snorkeling pictures will give you an idea what corals and fish you will see under the sea. But you can snorkel with turtles in Aruba too!

Aruba has the reputation of having the best wrecks in the Caribbean including airplanes, huge tankers, barges, tugs. Aruba shipwreck snorkeling is an adventure that you won’t forget for sure! During our Aruba trip in September 2017, we visited the following 3 shipwrecks:

Antilla shipwreck – Malmok Beach

Antilla is one of the Caribbean’s largest shipwrecks, lies on its port side in Malmok Bay, close to Tres Trapi, about 700 m from the shore. It was built in Germany in 1939, serving as U-boat supply ship when Germany invaded Netherlands. The captain did not want to pass over the ship to Dutch marines in Aruba. Instead of caused explosion that sank the ship. Storms broke it, but still in pretty good condition. Antilla shipwreck depth is 12-18 m (40-60 ft), but its starboard side nearly exposed above water. You can observe this majestic shipwreck easily while swimming at the surface.
Hard corals and tube sponges have colonized the wreck, attracting marine life including morays, turtles, lobsters and many species of fish.

antilla wreck aruba

How to get to Antilla shipwreck?

We did swim to the wreck from Tres Trapi beach, which we do not recommend. Although we are confident in the water and have good snorkel equipment, it was a strenuous trip. There was only light breeze, no waves on that day, weather conditions were perfect, that’s why we decided to swim there from the shore. The reason why we do not recommend: currents are strong even by flat sea! Around the wreck, and on the way back to shore you might have difficulties. The best is to sign up for an Antilla shipwreck snorkeling tour. Join a Catalina Bay and Antilla Shipwreck snorkel cruise! They take you to Antilla where you will have 1-1,5 hours to observe the spectacular marine life around this majestic wreck. Later on, you will explore the corals reefs of Catalina Cove, which is one of the best place for snorkeling with turtles in Aruba! Other option is go to Antilla with Aruba Bob underwater scooter  tour.Antilla shipwreck snorkeling

Baboo shipwreck – Malmok Beach

If you are driving toward Palm Beach area from Arashi you will spot Baboo shipwreck just about 50 meters from the shore. Baboo was sunk years ago to form coral reef, but resurfaced after hurricane in 1999. Now Baboo is a great Aruba shipwreck snorkeling place, with easy shore access and tons of fish around! On the top of this, you’ll see couple of pelicans hanging out and hunting for fish. Usually water is calm around and very shallow. Maximum depth around the shipwreck is about 2-3 meters (6-10 ft), very interesting and safe snorkeling for beginners in Aruba!Aruba shipwreck Malmok

How to get to Baboo?

You will need booties or water shoes since it is rocky for a long way out. You need to walk to first part since the water is too shallow to swim. When it is deep enough, put your fins on and start swimming! Same story on the way back to shore!Malmok shipwreck Aruba

Kappel shipwreck – Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto is definitely the best place to snorkel in Aruba! Stunning healthy corals, rich marine life, and on the top of these, even a shipwreck you find here. This small steel boat is Arubas newest wreck, marine life just started to settle on it. Compare to older wrecks, it looks very plain without corals on it, but still nice to swim around. Max depth is about 12-15 meters (40-50ft).

How to get to Kappel shipwreck?

Kappel Wreck lies in Mangel Halto lagoon, about 20 meters far from the yellow buoy. The easiest is to enter the water on one of the small wooden pier, and swim towards the buoy.Kappel shipwreck snorkeling mangel halto Aruba

Do you want to see more Aruba snorkeling pictures? Are you heading to Aruba and need to know how is snorkeling in Aruba coast? Check out our previous Aruba posts or ask us!

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