Snorkeling spots on the Caribbean Tobago

Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is located in the southern Caribbean, northeast of the island of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada. If you would like to make a relaxing trip, enjoy the nature, Tobago is your place to go.

Snorkeling, hiking and windsurfing are popular on the small island.

But we are interested primarily in snorkeling, so let’s see the best snorkeling pots on Tobago:

Englishman’s Bay

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Are you a fit snorkeler ? I think you are, so you would enjoy snorkeling here. This bay is a wild beach surrounded by jungle , one of the most beautiful beach in Tobago.
The sand starts immediately after the forest ends. The water are calm year-round, with swells growing slightly in size toward the winter months.
In the refreshingly cool water you can snorkeling along the rocky shoreline.


Englishman’s Bay

Little Tobago

The small of town Speyside is the jumping-off point to Little Tobago. The whole-day long excursion consists of two parts, you will discover the avifauna of Tobago, and before heading back to the mainland, you can jump into the water for some snorkeling at the Goat Island / Angel Reef / The reef is extensive around the island, with attractive corals and brightly colored tropical fishes..

Little Tobago

Buccoo Reef ( the best comes now 🙂 )

If Jacques Cousteau rated the Buccoo Reef as the third most spectacular reef in the world, it is absolutely a spot to snorkel !

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The area is a protected marine park, the whole reef system is approx 7 km2 and consists of an arc of 5 reefs flats that enclose two lagoons :

–  Reef Lagoon ( staghorn, star corals )
– Bon Accord Lagoon ( macro algae, sea grass, red mangrove, brain corals, elkhorn corals )

You can say, all the hard corals and most of the soft corals can you watch here as well as different reef fishes, manta rays, turtle species ( the leatherback , the green loggerhead, the hawksbill turtles )

Buccoo Reef

Reef life 🙂
turtle caribbean tobago
Sleeping on the reef 🙂

Here is an extra Map to find the best spots on Tobago :

Trinidad & Tobago Map

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    Great post and photos! did you took these photos by yourself?
    I wrote as well a blog post about snorkeling in the Caribbean.

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      Thank you!

      We checked your blog and it is very good.
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