Waterproof cameras for snorkeling

Capturing the moments of life and recording the action was never so easy like nowadays! The cameras and action cameras improved a lot in the past few years, the selection is wide, the opportunities are limitless.

The best is, that you don’t need to take big cameras with you anymore, the sizes became compact but the performance better – there are many affordable but good quality cameras and action cameras on the market. If you are a beach lover, love to spend your time around and in the water, but also enjoys taking photos on the surface as well, have a look at the compact outdoor waterproof cameras for snorkeling!Waterproof cameras - GoPro Hero 4 Silver

You will get all in one, the pre-programmed menu will help you to set your camera to the actual conditions, in the water select the UW – underwater mode – and your camera will do its work to correct the colors. Waterproof cameras for snorkeling are usually waterproof up to 5-20 meter, it depends on the brand and on the model. Always check the parameters before buying, think it over how deep can go you and select a model which fits your expectations the best. Here you can check a few compact waterproof cameras which are very good for snorkeling:

For advanced photographers we recommend the professional compact cameras or mirrorles cameras. These cameras could be taken underwater with extra housing which are waterproof usually up to 40 or 60 meter (always check the descriptions!)

For those, who are always in action or prefer filming than taking photos, definitely the action cameras are the best options. The leader is still the GoPro on the market with excellent video quality and with wide range of setting options especially for underwater filming, but of course there are other models at different prices as well.

Buy useful accessories for your camera like extra floating pads, salt waterproof selfie stick or a camera tray! Use extra focus light or strobes, color filters or take over-under shots with a dome port and become an advanced photo- and cinematographer