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We love the Ocean and its beauty under the surface. And people protect what they love…

The small, yet enthusiastic Snorkel Around The World Team is on a mission is to show you the magic of the ocean, as well as to inspire more and more like-minded people to discover and protect the wonderful underwater world. We believe that you agree on this with us, that’s why you are here on our website!

Shocking fact is that underwater ecosystems are in danger. An estimated 70 percent of the world’s coral reefs are already threatened or destroyed. Coral reefs are some of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth. They provide home to 25 % of all marine life, more than 2 million species altogether.

Corals ensure the livelihood of millions of people all over the world, form nurseries for fish, and also protect coastline areas against storms and waves. Coral reefs are essential not only to ocean’s health but also to human’s well-being. Corals have survived thousands of years of natural changes, but may not be able to survive effects of humans: climate change, pollution, careless tourism, overfishing,sedimentation and coral mining just the main threatening factors.

But we do believe that even small things can make a real difference! Our love for the ocean lead us to launch our Snorkel Around The World site, to show you what a beautiful world we can lose if we don’t care about our waters. We hope to inspire people through our content to start a journey to discover the ocean’s life, and also to protect it.

We treat Snorkel Around The World as a community. We are sharing our own experience and tips, our articles are written by us, not by copywriters. You can read our reviews on snorkeling places and destination, that are illustrated with our own photos/videos. You will find news, articles about marine conservation,and we also try to help you with tips and advice on how to choose snorkeling equipment, what are the best waterproof cameras for snorkeling or how to take good photos underwater. If you need a new snorkel set,mask, fins, underwater camera or any accessory check out our related article and order through Amazon.

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Your adventures are our adventures! If you have any questions, comments, photos or videos to share, tips on great snorkeling spots, feel free to contact us! You can reach us in e-mail, on our Instagram and Facebook channels. Join us and discover the best snorkeling places together! If you like the content we share on Snorkel Around The World, spread the word! Help to reach others, share our page/posts! Thanks for being here and hope to Sea You Soon!

Snorkel Around The World Team

Anett Szaszi - Snorkel Around The World social media


Motto: The Sea how I see
Hi, I’m Anett, the author of Snorkel Around The World. I’m a certified scuba diver, snorkeling expert and hobby underwater photographer. I would like to show you the beauty of our oceans through my photos/videos, share snorkeling place recommendation and holiday tips.
Interests: ocean conservation, underwater photography, sustainable traveling
My favorite destinations: Bali, Egypt, Maldives

Personal contact details: Email Me

Adam ‘AG’

Motto: Life is better underwater
Hi, I’m AG and my responsibility is keeping Snorkel Around The World up and running besides supplying you snorkel gear guides and equipment tips. I started diving in 2006 and now I am a master diver and freediver.
Interests: marine biology, drone photo, and videography
Best places I visited: ArubaFloridaMexico

Personal contact details: Email Me

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