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We love the endless ocean and it’s beauty under the surface. And people protect what they love… Snorkel Around The World’s mission is to show you the magic the of ocean, as well as insipire more and more people to protect this wonderful undewater world.
We believe you share our view, because you are here on our site!

Shocking fact is that underwater ecosystems are in danger, estimated 70 per cent of the world’s reefs already threatened or destroyed. Coral reefs are some of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth: home to richest marine biodiversity, 25 % of all marine life, more than 2 million species. Corals ensure the livelihood of millions people all over the world. Reefs form nurseries for ocean’s fish, but also protect coastline areas against storms and waves. Coral reefs are essentail not only to ocean’s health, but also to human’s well-being. Corals have survived thousands of years of natural change, but may not be able to survive effects of humans: climate change, pullution, careless tourism, overfishing, sedimentation and coral mining just the main threatening factors. But we do believe that small things make the difference! We try to do our best to show you what a beautiful world we can loose. We are truly hoping to inspire people through our content to start a journey to discover the ocean’s life, and also to protect it.

Sharing is caring, that why we see Snorkel Around The World as a community. Here on our site we are sharing our own experience: you can read reviews of snorkeling places we visited illustrated with our own photos/videos. You will find news, articles about marine conservation, and we also try to help you with tips and advice on snorkeling gear, underwater photo and video equipment. Thanks to great friends/partners, you can also save with us! We’d like to help making snorkeling affordable for more people, therefore we always team up with related companies. You can enjoy discounts on several useful snorkeling products through us. (Go to main page for coupon codes!)

Your adventures are our adventures! If you have photos, videos to share, tips on great snorkeling spots, or just know about a topic/idea which is worth sharing, feel free to contact us!

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