Our Mission – Exploring The Underwater World In a Responsible Way

We love the Ocean and its beauty under the surface. And people protect what they love…

Anett and Adam, the small yet enthusiastic Snorkel Around The World Team is on a mission to show you the ocean’s magic and inspire more and more like-minded people to discover and protect the wonderful underwater world. We believe that you agree on this with us, that’s why you are here on our website!

Snorkel Around The World Team in Egypt
Anett and Adam on the Beach

The Story Of Snorkel Around The World

We started snorkeling more than 10 years ago. Falling in love with the ocean and its beautiful creatures wasn’t difficult; our first underwater exploration happened in the Red Sea, which is famous for being one of the best places in the world for snorkeling and scuba diving.

We were so fascinated by the vibrant coral reefs and rich marine life that we started planning where to go next already on the way home.

Then, a few trips later, we simply decided that we’d like to visit as many snorkeling destinations as possible.

Our passion led us to launch this website, Snorkel Around The World, in 2015. We wanted to share our stories, photos and videos with fellow snorkelers. Also, we hoped to inspire people through our content to start their own journey to discover this wonderful world.

Adam and Anett snorkeling in the Red Sea
One of Our first snorkeling images while visiting Egypt

When talking about snorkeling and underwater ecosystems, we cannot ignore that an estimated 70 percent of the world’s coral reefs are already threatened or destroyed. So, we also hope that our content will make more and more people take action to protect our waters and the creatures living in them.

Meet The Snorkel Around The World Team

Anett Szaszi - Snorkel Around The World


Motto: “The Sea how I see
Hi, I’m Anett, the author of Snorkel Around The World. I’m a certified scuba diver, snorkeling expert, and hobby underwater photographer. I would like to show you the beauty of our oceans through my photos/videos and share snorkeling place recommendations and holiday tips.

Interests: ocean conservation, underwater photography, sustainable traveling
My favorite destinations: Bali, Egypt, Maldives

Personal contact details: Email Me
Follow Me on Instagram: @anett.szaszi

Looking for the best beach vacation destinations? For tips on where to go or what to do check out my other website SeaSpiration.com!

Adam - Snorkel Around The World Team

Adam ‘AG’

Motto: “Life is better underwater
Hi, I’m AG and my responsibility is keeping Snorkel Around The World up and running besides supplying you with snorkel gear guides and equipment tips. I started diving in 2006 and now I am a master diver and freediver.

Interests: marine biology, freediving, and videography
Best places I visited: ArubaFloridaMexico

Personal contact details: Email Me
Follow Me on Instagram: @a_g_owen

If you feel yourself an advanced snorkeler you might be interested in learning about freediving as well. Check out deeperience.com site where I share my tips!

What can you find on this blog?

Snorkel Around The World has grown into a large source full of useful snorkeling information to help snorkelers at all levels.
On this website, you find articles on the following topics:

Snorkeling Basics

If you are a newbie and want to know more about snorkeling, our snorkeling basics posts will provide you with lots of helpful information like what is snorkeling, whether is it dangerous, when is the best time to snorkel, what to pay attention to as a beginner or how to stay safe when snorkeling.

Adam diving with a sea turtle
Adam is diving with a sea turtle

Equipment Guides

Luckily, you don’t need much gear for snorkeling, but it is important that those few necessary pieces of equipment are good in quality and fit well. We tried and tested different masks, snorkels, and fins over the years and aim to help you choose the best gear through our gear guides. Besides the necessary basics, we also talk about what other products we found useful over the years (rash guard, coral-safe sunscreen, waterproof bags…)

Snorkel Spot Recommendations

If you want to know where you find the best snorkeling in the world or just looking for good snorkel beaches at the destination you are traveling to, check out our Snorkeling Places menu, where we review destinations in general and also specific snorkel spots (for example a hotel’s house reef) where we stayed and snorkeled.

Underwater Photography Tips

We often get the question of what type of camera we use to take our underwater photos so we thought that the best is to create a separate category on the blog where we share what the best waterproof cameras are and how can you take better photos when snorkeling.

Ocean Facts

Our Ocean Facts page is what you need to check if you want to know more about the creatures you can see while snorkeling and read marine conservation-related articles.

Anett swimming with dolphins
Anett swimming with dolphins – Unforgettable experience

We are sharing our own experience and tips, our articles are written by us, by Anett to be exact, as she is taking care of the site’s content.

You can help our work and contribute to the site maintenance if you book a hotel through the Booking links or purchase products through the Amazon links in our posts. These are affiliate links. If you buy an item, we may earn a small commission; there won’t be any extra cost for you.

How To Contact Us?

If you have any questions, comments, photos, videos to share, or tips on great snorkeling spots, feel free to contact us.

To stay connected, follow our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube channels. Join our community and discover the best snorkeling places together!

If you like the content we share on Snorkel Around The World, spread the word! We appreciate it if you share our posts and recommend our site to other fellow snorkelers!

Thanks for being here and hope to Sea You Soon!