Accessories for snorkeling

Once you have all your snorkel gear, you are almost ready for your holiday! But there are some more useful accessories for snorkeling what can help you to make your beach days more comfortable and safe.Accessories for snorkeling

First of all, get a snorkel bag for your stuff – it is much more easier to carry all your equipment in a bag which is designed for fins and for your snorkel gear. It is recommended to get a smaller, waterproof bag as well to keep your non-waterproof devices safe. It is also important to have safety accessories for snorkeling! If you are a novice snorkeler, wear a snorkeling vest! Be always visible in the water and use a snorkel buoy – your buddy and the boat or jet ski drivers will see that you are in the water and can keep the safe distance.

Make your fins more comfortable and wear them with neoprene socks – although the snorkeling fins are comfortable if you choose the right model and type, spending long time in saltwater could cause irritation and the rubber foot pocket might rubs the skin – grab a 1-2 mm thin neoprene sock and it will solve this problem! If you snorkel on a rocky shore, wear neoprene gloves to protect your hand. For ladies and for men with longer hair a great idea is to wear a neoprene strap on the mask normal strap- the silicone strap won’t pull or tangle your hair anymore, and you mask will look cool and unique. Have you ever suffered from mask fogging? If yes, you know how annoying is if your mask is not clean – avoid this problem and always take Anti-fog drops with you. These are not mandatory, but very useful accessories for snorkeling.

Spending your time on the beach before and after snorkeling is about relaxation – take with you good quality microfiber beach towels which are super lightweight, antibacterial and dry very quickly. If there is no shadow on the beach where you are heading to, don’t forget to have a sun umbrella or beach tent with you what protects you from UV rays! Wearing beach shoes are recommended by walking in the sand and in the shallow water to avoid small injuries. If you enjoy sunbathing, use biodegradable, ocean and coral safe sunscreen which is skin-friendly as well!