Snorkeling at Concorde Moreen Beach Resort and Spa House Reef

The Concorde Moreen Beach Resort and Spa is a popular 5-star hotel in Marsa Alam which is famous for its fantastic house reef. Offering excellent snorkeling and diving, this complex is a great choice for those who seek relaxation, want to enjoy water activities, and don’t mind spending their vacation at a remote location. If you are considering staying here, here is a little help from snorkelers’ point of view.

Concorde Moreen Beach Resort and Spa snorkeling insights

The Concorde Moreen Beach Resort’s house reef is known as one of the most pristine diving and snorkeling spots of the Marsa Alam coastline. When the weather conditions are ideal, it provides visitors with many underwater wonders and hours-long snorkeling opportunities; the inner side of the bay and the outer coral wall is swimmable both on the right and left side as marked on this map:

Concorde Moreen Beach Resort snorkeling map

To check the actual room rates and see available deals, you can go to Concorde Moreen Beach Resort page on which is where I made my reservation.

Coral reef and marine life

The Red Sea is home to over 1000 species of fish and 300 species of coral. Thanks to the characteristic of the hotel’s house reef, this incredibly rich marine life can be observed not only while diving but snorkeling too.

pristine coral reef at Concorde Moreen Beach

You will swim with brightly colored fish such as everyone’s favorites Nemo the anemonefish, angelfish, butterflyfish, surgeonfish, bannerfish, unicorn fish, hawkfish, big shoals of yellow goatfish, sergeant major, golden trevallies and blue fusiliers, wrasses, groupers, parrotfish, lionfish (it is found naturally in the Red Sea so not posing a threat for the ecosystem) and so much more.

shoal of yellow goatfish and fusilier fish over coral reef in the Red Sea

Besides all these colorful fish, other creatures like rays (blue spotted and eagle rays) and turtles are also regular visitors on the house reef. Moreover, we have also spotted some small black tip reef sharks too when swimming up north along the coral wall.

sea turtle and group of unicornfish

Sometimes, even whale sharks visit the hotel’s reef; they use to swim along the coral wall on the jetty’s left side. Unfortunately, we did not see a whale shark during our one week-long stay, but there are some videos online that prove it is not impossible to encounter one so maybe you will be lucky enough!

Dolphins at Concorde Moreen Beach Resort

The Red Sea has important dolphin habitats; Marsa Alam, where the water is less disturbed, is home to large families of spinner dolphins. This species – sometimes along with bottlenoses – regularly visit the area’s reefs (the two most known places where they regularly gather are Sataya and Samadai reefs) and sometimes even appear in the coastline’s sheltered bays during the day to rest.

Guests who are staying in Marsa Alam hotels that are situated near such bays – like Concorde Moreen Beach Resort, Brayka Bay Resort, Jaz Lamaya or Novotel Marsa Alam – can enjoy the experience of encountering these playful creatures!

Dolphins at Concorde Moreen Beach Resort - Marsa Alam - Egypt

I got really excited when I got to know that I might be able to swim with dolphins in their natural environment while staying at Concorde Moreen Beach, so I was constantly monitoring the water if I see them splashing and jumping near the jetty area. Luckily, I did not need to wait too long and already on the second day of our stay, they came and stayed in the bay for approx. 2 hours so I and other lucky guests who woke up early got the lifetime experience of swimming with a relatively large pod of spinners!

Swimming with wild dolphins in their natural environment is truly a great experience, but it is essential to follow a few rules for your and the dolphins’ safety:

  • do not enter the water if you are not a confident swimmer as rough weather or currents can occur anytime
  • swim slowly, avoid splashing with your fins
  • do not chase, touch or try to feed them
  • always keep a safe distance and never block their way
  • in case of noticing any sign of aggressive behavior, leave the water immediately
snorkeling with spinner dolphins Marsa Alam Concorde

Generally, swimming with dolphins is considered a safe activity and these mammals are known for their friendliness. However, as they are wild animals and human interaction inappropriate behavior can upset the dolphins and affect their health and well-being.

Best time to visit Concorde Moreen Beach Resort

Egypt is a year-round travel destination with hot summers and mild winters. Thanks to the pleasant sea temperatures (28-30 °C/°F in summer, 20-23 °C/°F in winter), snorkeling and diving is possible in all seasons, however, a wetsuit will be needed if you come between December and April.

Also, it is important to mention that Marsa Alam is the windiest region of Egypt’s Red Coast which can have an impact on your Concorde Moreen Beach Resort and Spa snorkeling experience. The hotel’s house reef is particularly affected since it is not situated in a protected bay. (Just so you know, Sharm el Sheikh snorkeling sites receive less wind.)

Therefore, when the wind is strong and the sea conditions are not safe, and the staff places the red flag out and closes the jetty. In such cases, snorkeling at the house reef is not allowed only bathing at the small sandy beach on the right side of the jetty.

Concorde Moreen Resort sandy beach

According to wind statistics, the less windy months are July, August, October, and November, so if you can, schedule your trip for these months. If possible, book a longer trip (ideally 2 weeks) to have a higher chance of windy-free periods so you can enjoy snorkeling and water activities.

In case snorkeling from the jetty is not possible, you can take a taxi to the nearby Abu Dabbab Bay or to Marsa Mubarak; these sheltered bays are suitable for snorkeling even by strong wind and are excellent places to see sea turtles, maybe even a dugong!

About Concorde Moreen Beach Resort and Spa

Marsa Alam is the best place to choose for a snorkeling vacation in Egypt and the Concorde Moreen Beach is a fine example of what a typical hotel on the Red Sea Riviera can offer; spending some time far from the hustle and bustle of life while exploring some of the world’s most pristine coral gardens and untouched marine life. Whether snorkeling or diving is your style, a world full of wonder waits for you as soon as you submerge into the big blue.

Concorde Marsa Alam Resort jetty

The resort provides relaxation and direct access to a fantastic house reef where massive coral formations and a wide variety of marine species can be observed including millions of colorful Red Sea fish, turtles, and even dolphins! It is built in a contemporary style, is surrounded by a lush garden, and offers a wide range of recreational and entertainment activities making it perfect for those who want to unwind and also for those who prefer active vacations.

Wooden jetty at Concorde Resort

Author’s note: In Egypt, hotel standards are different than in Europe or in the US. Although this resort has a 5-star rating but expect it to be on a 4-star level.


  • well-kept garden
  • top-notch house reef
  • wide beach area with dedicated adults-only section
  • quiet area, excellent for relaxation
  • helpful, attentive staff
  • variety of activities


  • rooms (especially bathrooms) need refurbishment
  • main restaurant gets easily busy
  • there may be more/bigger swimming pools
  • remote location (this may be a problem only for those who like going out in the evenings)
  • weak WI-FI signal

Property amenities

No matter what time of the year you arrive or what the purpose of your vacation is, you will find a wide range of facilities at Concorde Moreen Beach Resort & Spa to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Concorde Moreen Beach - Seaview rooms


The resort has various bars to enjoy hot beverages, cold juices, and refreshing cocktails during your stay: the Blue Bar at the swimming pool area, the Boteco Bar in the lobby/reception area, moreover a shisha café (Sky Lounge) is also available where you can try a typical water pipe along with a traditional Egyptian tea.

Concorde - Pool and pool bar area


The resort provides a variety of restaurants to enjoy delicious dishes and works all-inclusive. There is a buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the main ‘View Restaurant’. Dinner and lunch are also served at the Beach Restaurant.

Concorde Resort - Marsa Alam - Main Restaurant

Additionally, guests can make a reservation at La Dolce Vita where you to enjoy Mediterranean dishes, or at the Baraka Fisherman House Restaurant for fresh fish and seafood. For the latter two, reservations in advance are needed.

a girl walking towards the fishermen restaurant at Concorde - Marsa Alam


Concorde Moreen Beach offers free Wi-Fi in the public areas only (lobby, reception, and bar areas) but note that the signal is rather bad than good and if too many people want to use the internet at the same time, you may not be able to connect to it.

To avoid inconveniences, I recommend purchasing a pre-paid SIM card (there are kiosks for all big providers at the airport, but usually small local shops also sell them, ask the reception if you need help finding one).

Recreation and entertainment

Concorde Marsa Alam may be situated in a remote location, but thanks to the great variety of activities that can be done at the property, no one will get bored here!

Swimming pools

If you rather spend time in a swimming pool than in the sea (or in case sea access is limited due to weather conditions), it is good news that the resort has 4 pools in total, two for the little ones and two for adults. One of the adult pools and both kids pools are heated in winter so this resort offers full comfort for a winter beach vacation too!

swimming pool area Concorde Resort Egypt - Marsa Alam

My personal opinion is that the swimming pool area is not too big and gets easily crowded, especially when the jetty access is closed, and people start flocking to the pools. If so, I recommend walking to the right end of the beach area where there are small, shallow sandy bays to enjoy the water, relax and sunbathe!

Concorde Resort private beach area

Beach activities

Those who wish to stay active even while on vacation can do various activities besides water sports at the resort like volleyball or bocca. The animation team also organizes gymnastics sessions at the beach as well as entertainment programs in the evenings.


You do not need to give up on your workout routine while on vacation! Pursue your fitness goals at the gym while enjoying fantastic sea views!


As the resort’s name suggests, Concorde Marsa Alam offers health and wellness facilities. To relax the body and mind, Moroccan bath, jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room is available in the spa area. Moreover, beauty treatments and massage sessions can also be booked.

Kids Club

While adults sunbathe at the beach or go snorkeling/diving, the little ones can explore the kids club where they can enjoy the playground or participate in activities organized and led by trained, multilingual staff. Upon request, a babysitting service is also available.

Diving Center

The Red Sea has such beautiful underwater life, and it is difficult to decide if diving or snorkeling is the better way to explore its wonder. Those who decide to observe the hotel’s house reef while scuba diving too can conveniently book trips at the on-site international diving center, the Orca Dive Club. The club offers equipment rental and organizes trips to nearby popular diving sites like the Elphinstone Reef.

Questions About Concorde Moreen Beach Resorts

Where is Concorde Moreen Beach Resort located?

The Concorde Moreen Beach Resort & Spa is situated in Marsa Alam, Egypt, at Abu Dabur Bay on the Red Sea Coast at Kilometer 92 El Quseir Marsa Alam Road, 24 km south of Port Ghalib

How far is Concorde Moreen Beach Resort from the airport?

27 km far from Marsa Alam International Airport RMF (25 min drive) and 240 km far from Hurghada International Airport (3-hour drive).

How to get to Concorde Moreen Beach Resort & Spa?

For those who book a full package with transfers included through travel agencies, transfers are included in their reservation. Shuttle buses are waiting outside the airport terminal. For private guests, the hotel provides a taxi service too from/to the airport. Bookings can be made by emailing/calling reception.

How much does it cost to stay at Concorde Moreen Beach Resort?

Prices vary depending on various factors such as the date of your stay, room type, hotel’s occupancy rate etc… There may be special rates available depending on one’s nationality. Expect higher prices around high-potential event gatherings and critical holiday periods. Usually, it is cheaper to book on short notice, so it is worth checking if there are last-minute deals available for those who are flexible with their travel dates. Use online booking systems to see the actual prices or contact the resort directly to get a quote.

What type of room can I book at Concorde Moreen Beach Resort?

The Resort has 220 rooms including superior rooms, deluxe rooms, family rooms, deluxe family rooms, and executive suites. The rooms can be booked with a garden, side sea, or full sea view.

Are pets allowed in Concorde Moreen Best Resort & Spa?

Concorde Moreen Beach Resort and Spa is a pet-friendly hotel. When making a reservation, call or email the hotel so that they will add your pet to your booking and can provide you with further information about their pet policy and applicable costs.

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