Snorkeling in Montenegro – Complete Guide To The 15 Best Snorkel Spots

The highlight of any summer trip to South East of Europe is visiting the Adriatic coastline that offers unbridled beauty and majesty. It’s a place where people from all over the world flock to when they are looking for a budget-friendly vacation destination. Among the many beautiful Balkan Peninsula countries, Montenegro is a real jewel with its blissful beach towns. The clean waters are rich in marine flora and fauna that make snorkeling in Montenegro an activity that the whole family will sure to enjoy. Find here the list of the Top 15 Montenegro snorkeling spots and depending on what coastal area you will stay at, choose a few to visit!

Herceg Novi Beach

For the best snorkeling in Montenegro, consider visiting Herceg Novi. This popular coastal town lies at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and waits for visitors with many things to do including historical attractions and leisure activities. The area has more than 60 registered beaches offering many spots to choose from to explore the Adriatic Sea under the waves.

Herceg Novi rocky shore

Should you wish to go on a guided tour, options here are plentiful. Many companies combine boating with snorkeling, so you have a well-rounded travel experience. The intimate tours consist of less than a dozen people and allow you to get an intimate view of ocean life. If you want to get up close and personal with marine life while enjoying a good day spent at the sea, going for a boat snorkeling trip is your best option.

Tip: Check out Guesthouse Villa Stari Grad if you are looking for a place to stay at that is close to the beach but also to the city’s attractions!

Blue Cave

Once only accessible by boat, the famed Blue Cave is one the most unique Montenegro snorkeling spots. The natural cave can be found in the Lustica Peninsula, between Cape Mala Gora and Zlatna Luka. Its opening is large enough to accommodate boats.

Blue Cave is a place worth spending time in because of the azure blue waters and shimmery light that illuminates the limestone in the cave. It’s truly a unique spot to go snorkeling in Montenegro and well worth the time spent exploring it.

Montenegro Blue cave

The best about Blue Cave is that you can swim into the cave opening. The water is not too deep (~5 meters) so it is safe even for not-so-good swimmers. For the best experience, come before noon when there is more natural light inside creating incredibly beautiful shades of blues in the water and on the walls. Don’t miss out on this snorkeling experience when in Montenegro!

Plavi Horizonti Plaza

The sheltered beach of Plavi Horizonti is a wonderful sandy spot surrounded by pine and olive trees. With shallow, clean and warm waters, it is an excellent spot for families with small kids and also for non-swimmers offering some basic snorkeling. Therefore, it can be crowded during the busy summer months, but it is quiet if you come in the shoulder seasons.

Plavi Horizonti Plaza - Montenegro

Besides water activities, you can enjoy sunbathing on one of the many rocky plateaus or walking around on the pedestrian walkways. Should you or your children get hungry, there is a nice restaurant with lots of shade to have some snacks or cold drinks.

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Mogren Beach – Budva

With a more than 20km long beautiful coastline dotted with first-class beaches, Budva is Montenegro’s prime destination that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. The town, which is the Balkans’ most important ones historically, features not only a wonderful landscape but many bars, restaurants, cafes and shops too making it an excellent choice for all types of vacationers.

Those who are into beaches should not miss out on visiting Mogren Beach which is located near Old Town. It actually consists of two beaches, Mogren 1 and Mogren 2. Although both get crowded during the summer months, we found Mogren 2 slightly less busy than the one so if you don’t like crowds, choose the 2.

Mogren Beach - Budva - Montenegro

Mogren Beach 2 offers some of the best conditions if you are looking for a place to go snorkeling in Budva. Thanks to the small pebble stones and rocky seabed, the water is extremely transparent, however there might be sea urchins close to the shore so make sure to wear swimming shoes. The best spot to see marine life is on the rocky right side.

For a first-class holiday experience, consider staying at the Avala Resort & Villas which is a unique resort located only 50 m away from the Old Town of Budva, directly on the beach.

Crvena Glavica Beach – Sveti Stefan

Located near Sveti Stefan in Budva Riviera, Crvena Glavica is a quiet location with amazing sea and mountain views. There is a restaurant on the site offering tasty food, umbrellas and deck chairs are available to rent, however it is recommended to arrive early since they sell out quickly.

Part of the appeal of the area is the varied landscape you’ll come across. The rocks are red, giving the beach its name. There is also a dense forest behind the beach, making it a peaceful place to relax. You’ll find that parts of the beach that are near the forest have lower traffic and therefore, are more ideal for peace-seekers as well as for snorkelers.

Drobni Pijesak Beach

Considered the best beach in Montenegro by many, Drobni Pijesak is a place you must visit when exploring around in the Buda region. Drobni Pijesak means ‘crushed sand’, so as its name suggests, one can expect to find a beautiful, mainly sandy and pebbly beach here. With rocks on both sides, olive groves and mountains in the background, this location offers a natural ambience that makes it very intimate.

Snorkelers at Drobni Pijesak beach

But not only the natural scenery is amazing here but also the water! Thanks to the rocky bottom, the sea is unbelievably clear so it will be easy to spot marine species while snorkeling. Also, there is good infrastructure around such as restaurants, bars, umbrella rental and even changing rooms.

The only challenging thing I could mention is that the road to access this spot is very steep and curvy, but it is worth the effort going down! There are several different parking levels to leave your car for 3-4 EUR per day.

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Perazica Do beach

Perazica Do is one of the prettiest Montenegro snorkeling beaches with incredibly turquoise blue seawater which resembles those you can see in Greece. Not only is the sand and water flawless, but the free parking is also a great feature so you can spend the day enjoying the sun and sea without incurring a large bill for parking.

Perazica Do Beach

Another perk here is an excellent restaurant where you can easily eat when you’re hungry. You don’t need to travel far to get to it, which can be advantageous. The sunsets are also incredible to witness from here! The only thing that ruins the atmosphere at Perazica Do Beach is the never-finished huge hotel.

Luchica Beach – Petrovac

Considered a medium-sized beach with fewer visitors, Luchica Beach in Petrovac provides snorkelers with delightful opportunities to explore the Adriatic Sea from below the surface. People like to visit the location because of the free parking, sunbeds with umbrellas, and restaurants within walking distance.

Montenegro - Luchica Beach

Perhaps some of the things that make Luchica an ideal place to snorkel are the mountains and idyllic forest surrounding it. The picturesque setting provides a tranquil space to spend the day or even a full weekend. It’s also suitable for families, so if you like to snorkel but have a spouse that doesn’t, they can stay on the beach with the kids and enjoy some ice cream and shell collecting.

Buljarica Beach

If are wondering where to snorkel in Montenegro when staying near Petrovac, this is one place you’ll want to add to your itinerary. Buljarica is a well-known spot by locals and tourists on the raw Adriatic coast, but despite its popularity, the beach is spacious with many secluded parts, perfect for people who’d like to enjoy the sun and sea in peace.

Montenegro Buljarica Beach

The water itself is mesmerizing and provides perfect conditions for some basic snorkeling. Although the wind can be harsh at times, the water remains relatively calm and clear for you to see what lies below the surface. The marine life you’ll discover is outstanding!

There is a great variety of hotels and apartments directly at the beach and even camping site. I highly recommend the Reina Apartment.

Kraljichina Beach

When planning where to go snorkeling in Montenegro, don’t miss out on a trip to Kraljichina Beach. Also known as Queens Beach, it is void of pebbles and rocks, which is rare for the area. It also has a shallow tide pool ideal for viewing marine life with children. The water is relatively shallow until you go a great distance out to snorkel.

There is so much natural beauty to see onshore and in the water in this location that was voted one of the 100 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World by the American Travel Channel. You can witness some of the country’s rarest species of plants here!

Maljevik Beach

The cypress shaded Maljevik Beach is a very accommodating beach in the Sutomore area with sunbed rental, shower, and café. Also, there is an underwater trail here that makes this rocky beach an interesting choice for snorkelers.

There are many reasons to visit the gravel-filled beach even for those who don’t want to go snorkeling. You can enjoy the view and the privacy that the area provides you. There are fewer people who gather here, making it easier to relax far from the city noise. Although, I recommend bringing water shoes due to the many rocks and sea urchins in the water!

Devachen Beach

If you are looking for the best spot to go snorkeling in Montenegro near Sutomore, make sure to stop at Devachen Beach. Known for its bright turquoise waters, it’s an incredible location to see what lies beneath the Adriaic Sea’s surface. You can easily understand what makes the beach so spectacular when you see its red rocks and extremely clean waters.

The only downside to visiting this spot that it’s no easy get to the beach. You’ll need to pass through a 3-400 m long dark tunnel that might be scary for some, but it is part of the adventure! Still, if you decide to visit the location, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed because the water here is one of the clearest you find in the whole country.

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Utjeha Beach – Uvala Maslina

Famous for its gorgeous turquoise waters and relaxed atmosphere, Utjeha is one of the best vacation spots in Uvala Maslina that is even an official Blue Flag Beach.

Utjeha Beach Uvala Maslina

People who want to swim and sunbathe find it an ideal location because of the laid-back vibes, but it is also perfect for those who like to snorkel thanks to the slowly deepening waters and excellent visibility. Those who look for accommodation nearby should check out President Bungalows and Apartments set in the olive tree forest in the Maslina Cove.

Liman Beach – Ulcinj

Nestled behind the old town in Ulcinj is Liman Beach that is a premier spot for swimming, fishing, and snorkeling with crystal-clear waters that are home to many species of marine life. The water is not too deep (~2-6 meters) and there are underwater caves and holes where often pretty fish and crabs hide, so make sure to bring an underwater lamp if you want to observe interesting creatures.

Sailing boat near Ulcinj - Montenegro

There are paddle boats and places to sunbathe at the beach, making it a worthwhile location to revisit often. You can’t get enough of its tranquility in one visit. That’s why people recommend coming back again another time to experience the magic of the area.

Set within just a few hundred meters from the Old Town of Ulcinj and offering private beach access, BUZUKU Apartments Liman (Mediterraneo) is a property we highly recommend checking out!

Valdanos Beach

Snorkeling in Montenegro is made more exciting with a trip to Valdanos Beach. The peaceful bay is full of olive trees and was declared to be A Nature’s Monument. If you love to snorkel, you can’t miss this location. There are many crabs and fishes to be seen, but also many sea urchins, so beware.

There are restaurants in the area, making it convenient to spend hours at this location. The wood-fired pizza is a hit for many people. You can go not only swimming here, but also riding a bicycle or walking around to admire the area’s natural beauty. If you feel like, hike the Vidikovac Valdanos Viewpoint and enjoy fantastic views!

Tip: Should you wish to spend a few days at this magical location, consider reserving an apartment is the Valldanos Beach Paradise Apartment House!

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