Best spots to go snorkeling in Rhodes Greece

Rhodes, the largest Dodecanese Island is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to a summer vacation in Greece thanks to its wonderful landscape, impressive architecture and paradise beaches. Your trip will be a lot more fun and memorable if you dive underwater to explore the crystal clear waters and the rich marine life of the Aegean Sea. To go snorkeling in Rhodes, these spots are the best to visit!

Anthony Quinn Bay

Anthony Quinn Bay on the east coast of Rhodes is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of the island where different movies have been filmed due to it’s picturesque setting. The bay got its name after Anthony Quinn who bought the area when he filmed The Guns of Navarone here.

Anthony Quinn Bay - Rhodes

With a rocky coastline and transparent, emerald green waters, Anthony Quinn is one of the best beaches in Rhodes for snorkeling. The sea might feel a bit colder here because it is deep (maximum depth is 25 m at the exit of the bay), but this shouldn’t be a problem in the summer months.

After exploring the underwater world and having fun in the water, you can grab some snacks and cold drinks from the restaurant on the top or sunbathe on the natural stone decks. Comfort amenities like showers and rooms for changing clothes are available. Note that due to the many rocks and deeper waters, this is not a kid-friendly place and since it is a popular and relatively small, it gets busy in the main season.

Ladiko Bay

If you look for a quieter place in the same area, we recommend heading to Ladiko Bay that is adjacent to Anthony Quinn Bay. Ladiko means ‘oil container’ that refers to the fact that this was the point where they were loading the olive oil that Greece transported to the Middle East and Egypt.

This small, picturesque cove has all the facilities you need to have a comfortable day: there is shower, umbrella rental, lovely taverns and also free parking.

Snorkeling Ladiko Bay

The rocky seabed and calm water ensure excellent underwater visibility so you will see many different types of fish immediately after dipping your head in the water. It is not only a great Rhodes snorkeling spot but since there are not only rocky but sandy areas, it is suitable for children too.

Tip: Ladiko Inn Hotel is within walking distance from the beach

Kathara Beach

Just outside of the town of Faliraki, there is a quiet, family-friendly beach called Kathara Bay. This Blue Flag Beach has very clean waters that offer ideal conditions no matter what type of activity you are looking for.

The sandy areas are perfect for kids to play in gentle waves, while there are rocky spots as well as seagrass meadows too for those who want to experience how is the snorkeling in Rhodes.

Kathara beach

The best thing about Kathara that it is well-organized, has a wide variety of facilities and easily accessible even by bus and usually not as crowded as other Faliraki beaches. When in Rhodes, make sure to stop here!

Tip: Elpida Beach Studios is a modern place to stay nearby with recently renovated rooms.

Kallithea Beach

Kallithea is considered as one of the prettiest beaches on Rhodes by many! Surrounded by rocks, this small beach is not only beautiful, but here can be found the world-famous Kallithea Spa that was built by the Italians when they ruled the island.

Kallithea springs and bay

Besides the baths, Kallithea is an excellent Rhodes snorkeling beach too. The rocky bottom, small creeks and the caves on the left side offer a lot to see both for beginner and advanced snorkelers, although the water is deep so be careful when swimming here.

Oasis Beach

Not so far from Kallithea Beach there is another spot where you can go snorkeling, Oasis Beach. It is actually a longer coastline dotted with bigger and smaller coves so technically additional two beaches, Thasos and Nikolas can be visited from here too.

Oasis beach in summer

Oasis beach has a lively vibe with restaurants and bars where you can get food and drink at affordable prices. The bar that is set in a small cave is especially trendy here. To make entering the water easy from the rocky shore, there is a platform in the middle with a ladder. Just dive in from there and enjoy looking for fish and other sea creatures in the deep, clear water!

Traganou Beach

Just about 18km from Rhodes, Traganou is a paradise beach with picturesque mountains setting, large pebbles and caves. It is easy to access if you rent a car from old town since an ample amount of parking makes it easy to leave your vehicle, but it is accessible by bus too.

Traganou’s biggest attraction for snorkelers is that you can swim into some caves, don’t miss out on this fantastic experience when you are in Rhodes! The water is very clean and deep already close to the shore, so be aware if you are coming with children.

Both toilet facilities and sunbeds are available to ensure a comfortable stay. When you get hungry, there are some eateries serving traditional Greek food nearby.

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Kolymbia Beach

If you look for a place in Rhodes that is quiet even in summer, we recommend Kolymbia. This is long and sandy beach with a few pebbles is excellent for families with small kids as well as for elderly visitors because it is quiet and peaceful, although the water gets deep quickly, so be careful.

Many people come to this clean location to enjoy the impressive scenery of the Tsambika mountain and participate in water activities including snorkeling. The bay around the rocky cape serves as a harbor that makes going for excursions easy from here.

Stegna beach

Those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle and seek out a traditional small-village vacation in Rhodes should go to Stegna. With a relaxing atmosphere and laid-back vibes, it is an ideal place for families with small kids and for those who are looking for a peaceful place. There are many tavernas and bars in the village, without disturbing loud music.

Sunbeds at Stegna beach - Rhodes

The beach itself wide and big with shallow waters that makes it safe for children. Since there are no big waves here, you can go standup paddleboarding too. The rocky areas offer good snorkeling with plenty of fish to see in the clear water, so don’t leave your snorkel gear at home!

If you are looking for a lovely family-run hotel on the beach, check out Delfini Beach Hotel.

Charaki beach

Many locals think Charaki Beach (also called Haraki) offers the best snorkeling in Rhodes because the waters are calm and clear. You don’t have to fight any waves while trying to get a glimpse of different types of marine life. This beach is off the beaten path and visited mostly by locals and some tourists renting rooms in the nearby small guesthouses (there is no big hotel around).

When in Charaki, you can even hike nearby to the Feraklos fortress ruins that was built in Byzantine times. Although not so much structure remains of it, but the view is breathtaking from the top!

Haraki Beach Studios is a well-maintained clean apartment house directly at the beach.

Lindos Beach

Lindos is an excellent family-friendly beach with sand and pebbles that is perfect for kids to enjoy snorkeling in Rhodes in shallow, calm waters. If you are more experienced, there is a little bit deeper water and a cave you can explore past the restaurants where there are rocks.

Lindos beach

This area offers actually two beaches in the same bay, the main beach and Pallas Beach, which is the one on the left and is a bit quieter than Lindos. Both offer a lot of sunbeds and parasols as well as small tavernas serving delicious local dishes. If you love water sports, canoes are also available to rent.

There is a variety of fantastic villas and apartments on the surroundings. We love the Villa Melenos Lindos that lies just 100 m from the beach.

St Paul’s Bay

Another scenic location for snorkeling in Rhodes is St. Paul’s Bay on the southeast coast. The surrounding large cliffs and the small, typical Greek chapel (that is a popular spot for weddings) offer gorgeous views in all directions. There are lot of sun loungers to hire for those who are looking for a place to relax as well as tavernas to grab a bite to eat.

St. Pauls bay - Rhodes

The bay is almost fully closed by rocks, therefore it is sheltered from wind and waves that make the water calm and allow to warm up nicely creating excellent conditions to explore the underwater world. It is said that sometimes even turtles can be seen here.

Book your stay at the St. Paul’s Bay View Suites to enjoy the fantastic views of the bay!

Tip: if you want to visit a Greek Island where swimming with turtles is (almost) guaranteed, read our Zakynthos snorkeling guide where we tell you where to see these wonderful creatures!

Pefki Beach

Pefki Beach that lies just 4km from Lindos is the perfect resort town if you are looking for a relatively quiet place that still have all the necessary amenities as well as a little nightlife. The area is exceptionally clean and has free parking, plenty of comfortable sunbeds available, cafes and restaurants nearby for a lot of dining options.

Pefki -Rhodes

This pebbly Rhodes snorkeling beach gradually deepens and isn’t too windy, making it a great place for kids too. You can even rent a boat to travel further out on the water and take in the views of the land. Pefki is a little slice of paradise that has something to offer for all types of beachgoers!

There are many nice hotels around, but we especially like the Pefkos Beach Studios & Apartments that is a good value for money choice!

Glystra Beach

Located in a beautiful lagoon, Glystra Beach is one of the best snorkeling places in Rhodes because it has shallow and clean. It has all the accommodations and amenities you could need, including sunbeds, lockboxes, and a small snack bar. A parking lot is also available, making the beach easy to access.

Red sea star - Glystra beach

The snorkeling makes for a memorable experience where you’ll likely see red sea stars and maybe blue spotted cornetfish too that is originally an Indo-Pacific species made its way into the Mediterranean Sea with the opening of the Suez Canal. (This is called the Lessepsian migration phenomena)

If you look for a luxurious resort close to this location, check out the Lindian Village & Suites.

Kopria Beach

If you like wild beaches, one of the best places to go snorkeling in Rhodes is the hidden Kopria on the southwestern coast of the island. This wonderful pebbly beach is surrounded by high rock formations and has warm, vibrant blue water.

Rhodes - Kopria beach

Most people who visit the island find Kopria too remote (it is about 45km from Rhodes, near Kritinia Castle) or don’t even know about it, that’s why it remains quiet. Regarding facilities, there is shower, changing room, sunbed rental and a tavern here, so you don’t need to worry about missing anything while spending the day here.

Rhodes snorkeling tours

Are you looking for a half or full-day excursion that includes snorkeling? Check out these fantastic tours:

Pirates’ Route Sea Kayaking Tour
This approximately 5-hour-long kayaking tour departs from Kathara Beach in Faliraki and takes you around the east of Rhodes. You will be able to explore the fantastic rock formations of the coastline, two of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Ladiko Beach and Anthony Quinn’s Bay, and swim/snorkel into sea caves. The cherry on the cake is that a traditional Greek picnic is also included!

Boat Day Trip to Lindos
The best way of discovering Lindos is by joining this relaxing full-day cruise! Departing from Rhodes City, you will get to Lindos in 2 hours where you will have plenty of free time to explore around; you can stroll through the town or sunbathe on the beach, the choice is yours! On the way back, the boat stops at Tasambika Beach and at Anthony Quinn Bay where you can swim in refreshing water and observe marine life while snorkeling. The boat is fully equipped and has 2 snack bars, so your comfort and fun are guaranteed!

Sun and Sea 3-Hour All-Inclusive Swimming Cruise
Visit three of the best Rhodes snorkeling sites in half a day! Aphrodite, the 36-ft long catamaran has all the facilities to make your trip enjoyable and the number of passengers is limited to maintain maximum comfort. The stops include Anthony Quinn Bay, Ladiko Bay and Afandou Bay where you can swim into the magical Traganou Caves! And the best is that snacks and unlimited drinks (open bar with cocktails!) are included!

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