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Best waterproof case for Samsung S20, S20Plus and S20Ultra Galaxy

Living an active lifestyle includes water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and these activities are when the coolest photos can be taken. Using a smartphone is the most straightforward way to capture these moments. If you own one of the Galaxy S20 series, you can be sure that the images will come out always bright and clear, however it is essential to get a protective cover to use the device is such conditions. There are several different types and colors to choose from so here are some details on what is the best waterproof case for Samsung S20, Plus and Ultra models.

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Is the Galaxy Samsung S20 waterproof? Why do you need a case?

The Samsung S20 series features IP68 rating which is the highest level for dust protection and means that the devices should be safe in less than 5 feet/1.5m of water for 30 minutes. However, your device is not immune to water in every situation. For example, the water-resisting feature will not protect the device under high-pressure situations such as a waterfall or the waves of the ocean.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

Also, it is important to stress out that the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover any water-related damage so to use a Galaxy S20, S20 Plus or S20 Ultra phone near water when surfing, boating, diving or snorkeling, it is necessary to get a Samsung S20 waterproof case.

3 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 waterproof cases

Singdo waterproof Samsung Galaxy S20 case

This waterproof case for Samsung S20 is designed to fit the Samsung Galaxy S20 6.2-inch device. It offers reliable protection from falls up to 1.2 m/3.9ft as well as inclement weather such as rain and snow. Also, this easy-to-install phone case will protect your investment up to 1.2 m/3.9’ of 60 minutes under water. The shockproof protection is above military-grade.

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The two separate coves make assembly quick and easy, while the clear design allows the phone’s original color to appear. This Singdo case is made from durable soft rubber-like material that absorbs shocks and impacts better and comfortable to hold in hand.

Nineasy waterproof case for S20

This Samsung Galaxy S20 waterproof case is perfect for all types of water sports such as snorkeling and also for daily use. Memorable photos and videos can be prestigious when the device is submerged under 6 feet/2m of water for up to one hour.

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Wireless charging can be conducted without removing this waterproof case for Samsung case. The design is sleek and light which makes it easy to handle. The available colors are black, blue, and pink that makes this Nineasy waterproof case for Samsung S20 suitable for men and stylish for women.

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Professional 50ft underwater case for Samsung S20, Plus, Ultra

Are diving, snorkeling, swimming your sports of choice? Great! Then this is the best Samsung S20 waterproof case for you. Due to the all-around protection offered by this case, including anti-shock, anti-scratch and 50ft/15m waterproof features, it is perfect for all water activities.

Underwater Phone Cover for Samsung S20

  • 360-degree protection to keep out dust, water and withstand impacts
  • anti-reflection glass for clear, bright pictures
  • designed and tested for underwater use up to 50ft/15m for 30 minutes

It is a great gift for you or anyone in life who lives an active lifestyle. There is no need to download an additional photo app to use the video/photo feature of the device under water. Just turn on the camera before going underwater and capture photos, record videos by pressing the shutter.

This professional case comes with a one-year warranty and available 24-hour service, moreover it is compatible with most Samsung models and also with many iPhone series so it is a great choice if you are looking for an underwater case for Samsung S10 or S9 or a waterproof case for iPhone 12.

Top waterproof case for Samsung S20 Plus

SPIDERCASE Galaxy S20 Plus waterproof case

Are you looking for an all-rounder Samsung S20 Plus waterproof case? SPIDERCASE is one that is suitable not only for active lifestyles and water sports, but also for daily wear. The waterproofing will protect your device up to 6.6 feet under water. Also, the shockproof protection is higher than military standard.

SPIDERCASE for Samsung S20 Plus

  • perfect fit for Galaxy S20 Plus leaving the speaker, buttons, sensors and cameras free
  • shock absorbing and anti-scratch features, waterproof up to 6.6ft/2m underwater 60 minutes
  • touch-sensitive built-in screen protector, wireless charging supported

The two covers of this case easily snap together and provide overall protection against scratches, dust, and inclement weather conditions. Keep in mind that proper installation is necessary to ensure the case fully sealed.

Fansteck IP68 waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

This may be the best protective case for Samsung S20 Plus series that you have been looking for since it has been tested about 1,000 times to stay safe when submerged in 6.6 feet of water for 60 minutes. Thanks to the transparent camera lens covers both on the front and back, you can enjoy the same quality pictures of all your underwater adventures as on land.

Fansteck Galaxy S20+ IP68 cover

  • heavy duty case that provides full protection exceeding military standards
  • circular area on the screen protector supports fingerprint reader
  • slim design with clear back cover that shows the true color of the phone

Made with TPU material, and high-grade PET, the Fansteck cover is durable and comfortable in your hand and ensures full protection keeping your device safe from water, snow, scratches, dust, and drops. This Samsung Galaxy S20+ waterproof case comes in several different colors including black/clear, red/black, blue, pink, and white.

GOLDJU Samsung Galaxy S20+ case

This waterproof case for Samsung S20 Plus has shockproof corners, sand proof, dustproof and all-weather conditions including rain, snow, and hail. When the phone is securely placed in the cover, sound should not be negatively affected. Due to the clear back, wireless charging can be completed without removing the case.

GOLDJU Full Body protective cover Samsung S20 Plus

  • all weather conditions case - shockproof, dustproof, sandproof, waterproof
  • wireless charging without removing the case
  • slim design - perfect for daily use as well as for outdoor water sports

The GOLDJU case can be used on your device for daily wear and all sports including water-based sports such as swimming and snorkeling up to 6.6ft/2m for one hour. A sleek black and clear color is perfect for anybody and any occasion.

Best Samsung S20 Ultra waterproof cases

Redpepper case for Galaxy S20 Ultra

This may be one of the best waterproof case for Samsung S20 Ultra Plus for keeping your device safe from water damage, scratches, and drops up to 6.6/2m heights. The shockproof barrier has been dropped more than 100 times from 6.6 feet. There is a built-in screen that provides you with clear views and protection against screen scratches.

Redpepper Galaxy S20 Ultra protective cover

  • excellent protection for outdoor use and any underwater activity up to 6.6ft/2m
  • built-in screen protector to prevent screen scratches
  • improved sound system for clear voice

This case is designed for Galaxy S20 Ultra only that guarantees all buttons, ports, and functions are easily accessible when this case is in place. Colors available include black, red, teal, and white. For your confidence in this Samsung S20 Ultra waterproof case, there is a 12-month warranty that comes with your purchase.

Meritcase Samsung S20 Ultra

When your device is secured in the Meritcase Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra waterproof case, you can feel confident that when submerged in 6.6 feet of water for up to 60 minutes, your device will remain safe and dry. The built-in screen saver will provide added protection against dirt and scratches without affecting the touch sensitivity.

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Whether you work outside in different weather conditions including snow, working around heavy equipment, engaging in extreme sports, or just want to look fashionable, the Meritcase may be a great investment for you. Black and pink are the two colors available making it a good choice both for ladies and gents.

Potalux Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra underwater case

This case may be the best waterproof case for Galaxy S20 Ultra 6.9 inch to keep your smartphone safe while engaging in water sports and also for day-to-day use. The Potalux cover has a slim and sleek design that will not add bulk to your device. The wireless charging function will not be disturbed when the case is in place.

Potalux full-body rugged heavy-duty case

  • full sealed design, perfect for underwater activities, can be submerged for 6.6ft for 1 hour
  • MIL-STD drop tested with TPU shock absorption cushioned corners
  • upgraded design to support Biometric Fingerprint Reader

The current colors are black and blue, and the clear back panel shows off the original color of the phone. There is a one-year warranty in effect, but make sure to follow all the instructions for proper installation.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra waterproof cases

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