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Best Underwater Puzzles for Kids and Adults

If the weather has you trapped inside with your children, underwater puzzles that allow you to focus on ocean life can quickly put you in a summer frame of mind. Additionally, the shapes and colors of marine creatures tap into the imagination of both adults and children with great power bringing joy for the whole family besides developing creative skills! Go through this summary to find the best sea life puzzles and let the fun begin!

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Written by Anett Szaszi

Anett is a certified scuba diver, freediver, and an expert in snorkeling with more than 10 years of experience. She fell in love with the ocean while snorkeling in the Red Sea on a vacation to Egypt back in 2008. Since then, she has been traveling to discover the world’s best snorkeling spots and sharing her experience and tips to inspire others. Find her photos on @anett.szaszi Instagram too!

Under The Sea Puzzles for Kids

Melissa & Doug Underwater Floor Puzzle

This is an ideal option if you’re looking for an underwater puzzle for the little ones that’s quick to put together on the floor. This 48-piece puzzle will lay out fairly quickly and only cover two feet by three feet once fully assembled.

Melissa & Doug Underwater Puzzle

  • fun and educational floor puzzle
  • long-lasting, extra-durable cardboard pieces with an easy-clean surface
  • fantastic gift for kids ages 3 to 6 years

The image quality of this puzzle is excellent replicating a realistic ocean floor with colorful fish, stingrays, sharks and dolphins. This is an ideal piece for small fingers to learn how puzzle pieces hook together and the pieces are thick enough that you can easily put it together on a table or on the floor.

Ocean Life Puzzle

The 64-piece sea life puzzle from the Mudpuppy Store is an ideal option for a child to study a wide variety of topics, but our favorite is certainly the ocean-themed that is a fantastic gift for kids who loves the ocean and all its interesting animals. Because the drawing style includes colorful pieces that use little artistic blending, you can sit with your child and study colors, shapes, bigger vs smaller and fish names.

Ocean Life Search & Find Puzzle

  • 64 pieces colorful artwork
  • quality non-digital toy that facilitates creative play and imaginative thinking
  • recommended for children ages 4 and up

Kids can enjoy the colorful artwork of the diverse sea creatures and test their observation skills to identify the more than 40 marine species when the puzzle is completed. For screen-free-fun time, consider getting this Mudpuppy Store Under The Sea Puzzle!

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Ravensburger Beautiful Ocean Puzzle for Kids

Ravensburger is a trusted name in the industry, so the Beautiful Ocean 100-piece jigsaw puzzle is an ideal choice for any child or adult with tactile challenges. This underwater puzzle is made of thick cardboard with a non-glazed linen finish and uses only 100 pieces that is perfect for children so they can create a remarkable image in few steps.

Ravensburger 100 Piece Ocean Puzzle for Kids

  • the perfect puzzle for kids of every age that helps to build skills such as concentration and creativity
  • exclusively developed cardboard combined with linen-structured paper to create a glare-free experience
  • bestselling puzzle worldwide, makes a fantastic gift

Once completed, this puzzle is less than one square foot. It will fit easily on a tabletop and offers many rewards as the beautiful image takes shape. Every piece in unique and glare-free so you and your kids can enjoy the best possible puzzle experience!

Ocean Life 300 Piece Shaped Puzzle

Older children will love this Whale shaped puzzle that requires creativity and some effort to complete. The sea life puzzle for kids that has a shape like a whale gives a terrific adventure. The borders will take a special focus to pick out the right curves, fin and tail.

Whale Shaped Sea Life Puzzle

  • 300-piece jigsaw puzzle, perfect for kids ages 7 and up
  • the completed puzzle comes in the shape of a whale
  • environmentally conscious product made of 90% recycled paper and printed with nontoxic inks

The image offers subtle differences that children will love working out. For example, the porpoise is a pale grey while the great white shark features a darker grey on the top and a pearl tone on the tummy. The coral squid offers a great contrast to the gold seahorse. While this puzzle may require an adult’s assistance, this underwater puzzle offers a lot of visual interest for kids of all ages.

Ocean Puzzles for Adults

Buffalo Games Earthpix 500 Piece Turtle Puzzle

Ecologically-minded people will love this under the sea puzzle that features the wise old face of a sea turtle blooms in the center of this remarkable image. When completed, this 500-piece puzzle is just short of two feet tall and 15 inches wide.

Buffalo Games Turtle Swimmer Puzzle

  • 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, perfect for beginners
  • Perfect Snap technology ensures a tight interlocking fit between pieces
  • Full-color bonus poster included

The puzzle comes with a poster of the same image and is made of 100% recyclable material.
This Buffalo Games product is made in the USA. The company offers ‘missing piece support’ so you don’t need to worry when missing a piece.

Quazzie Design Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

You’ll want a separate table and a good puzzle strategy for this 1000 piece Quazzie Design Jigsaw Ocean Scene Puzzle since it will finish out at nearly 30 inches wide by 20 inches tall. The poster that comes with can be framed and added to your bedroom’s wall even after you break up the puzzle and put it back in the box. The large size provides plenty of room for several people to work on this puzzle together and spend time in the wonderful undersea world.

Quazzie Design 1000-piece Puzzle

  • engaging, eye-catching puzzle for adults and teens
  • made of 100% recycled paper
  • perfect gift idea and a fun way to spend time together

This underwater jigsaw puzzle offers zoning help on the back of the pieces so you can break out the project into zones for those with short amounts of time to construct the puzzle. For older children or family members of different skill levels, this zoning can be extremely helpful.

1000 Pieces Premium Quality Jellyfish Puzzle Game

Those who love spending their free time playing challenging games will certainly enjoy the adventure of completing this 1000-piece Jellyfish puzzle. The images of used in this puzzle features a bright center light source and a wide variety of pastels in the jellyfish shapes.

Premium Quality Jellyfish Puzzle

  • deluxe puzzle with 1000 pieces
  • extra-thick cardboard and linen-structured paper, glare-free surface
  • ideal choice for adults, families or the elderly to improve hand-eye coordination, brain functions and to develop memory

From aqua water to periwinkle jellyfish bodies, rose pink tones to gold creatures, this puzzle will delight everyone who works on it and give you a poster to boot! While the shapes are similar throughout the whole of the image, there is a wide variety in the sizes of the jellyfish and in the color saturation of the creatures that make the image visually appealing.

Ravensburger 9000 Piece Underwater Puzzle for Adults

If you’re a “go big or go home” puzzler with a focus on underwater puzzles, the Ravensburger Underwater Paradise is ideally suited for you and your family. Be aware that the image finishes out in a large enough format that it can be worked on a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood.

Underwater Paradise 9000 Piece Puzzle

  • 9000-piece puzzle with colorful underwater scene with schools of tropical fish and sharks
  • precise interlocking design, every piece fits perfectly
  • hand-crafted premium quality product

The colors of this puzzle are truly glorious. Between the bright coral along the bottom to the brilliant yellow tropical fish along the sides to the green plants at the top of the image, you will find this puzzle an exciting challenge from border to the final piece in the center.

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