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Best spots to go snorkeling in Mykonos

Mykonos turns out to be among the most popular vacation places in Greece and the Cycladic Islands with good reason. The tourist destination has won international acclaim for its outstanding golden sandy beaches, non-stop summer party ambience, incredible nightlife, and water sports activities. It should come as no surprise that snorkeling in Mykonos is also popular with visitors, thanks in part to the eco-program partnership between the local island and Marine Conservation Greece. Should you look for the best spot for snorkeling in Mykonos, here are eight places that are worth checking out!

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Paradise Beach

Famed for being the most internationally known of the beaches on Mykonos, Paradise Beach can claim to have brought large scale tourism to this beautiful island back in the 70’s. Today’s it no longer boasts the hippies of yesteryear, but it does attract plenty of young partiers who enjoy lying on the sand by day and dancing by night.

Mykonos - Greece paradise beach

Paradise Beach is drastically different from the other beaches around the island because of this never-ending party atmosphere. The music from the various restaurants and bars ensures that this spot is rocking non-stop. If you do come here to snorkel and party, the water taxi route stop here makes it all the easier to arrive from the island’s capital. If you desire a quiet place to go snorkeling in Mykonos then you should try another beach.

Recommended Paradise Beach Hotel: Tropicana Hotel Mykonos

Paraga Beach

Paraga is a smaller beach on the island that is also among the most beloved. Its enduring popularity results from Paraga’s walking distance proximity to Paradise as well as its ease of reaching by bus.

Although Paraga Beach is bustling with tourists in season, it is also stunningly beautiful and one of the best Mykonos snorkeling destinations. From here, you are able to spot the neighboring island of Delos on the horizon.

You can rent sunbeds near the bar with its pounding music and can shop for beach items like sunscreen, water, and snacks at the mini-market here. An added bonus to this spot that it lies on the water taxi route, moreover it provides a number of places where you can drink and eat after your snorkeling expedition.

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Elia Beach

The biggest beach on the island is Elia. It also has the distinction of being the last stop on the water taxi run. You can also get to the beautiful spot by bus from Mykonos Town by embarking at the Old Port thanks to the five to six busses per day leaving for Elia. Parking is also widely available if you rent a car to drive.

Elia beach - Mykonos

Elia is a fabulous Mykonos snorkeling beach, but not recommended for everyone. As this is also the “official unofficial” beach for naturists, families with children should avoid it.

Frangias Beach

Frangias is another lesser-known place to go snorkeling in Mykonos. The reason behind this is that access to this stretch of sand is difficult. Few visitors take the trouble to come because of the hardship of reaching it, making it an unusually peaceful place to swim with the sea creatures here.

Paralia Fraggia lies on the most north-easterly point of the island past Lia and Mini Lia beaches. Buses do not reach it, so you would have to drive towards Lia Beach and then make a left-hand turn onto a gravelly and treacherous road.

A beautiful and much easier way to explore this beach is by signing up for a boat tour. Most of such trips make a significant stop at Frangias Beach for an hour of snorkeling and swimming in the stunningly pristine water. Many of them also offer a picnic of local Greek delicacies like feta cheese, olives, ouzo, and the island’s bread right on the beach after you enjoy your time taking in the seafloor and fish.

Lia Beach

An excellent out of the way spot for snorkeling in Mykonos is Lia Beach. It used to be considered remote, though the secret is now out, but it is still more tranquil than most beaches on the island.

Today this location offers various water activities and a hip beach club. Some international publications even rate this as one of the finest beaches in the country of Greece. Getting here requires that you rent a car and drive the 25 minutes around the Mykonos countryside. The beach club provides enough parking for any who comes.

For snorkeling though, this spot is simply ideal with its perfectly clear water, and also holds the distinction of being the scuba diving Mecca in Mikonos. Thanks to the bamboo windbreaks here, the beach is sheltered and calm.

Best hotel to stay near Lia Beach: Royal Myconian (Leading hotels of the world) or Elia Mykonos Resort (best value for money choice)

Kalafati Beach

Lying on the eastern portion of Mykonos, Kalafati Beach is less touristy and developed. It is extremely popular for families with their kids in tow as well as for those who love water sports. Windsurfing is the big attraction on this beach along with swimming.

Boats at Kalafati beach

The rocks near the edge of the water are a minor barrier to entering the waters to enjoy the great snorkeling here. Another plus to the beach is that it lies only a short stroll from a second smaller beach called Agia Anna that is also worth to visit while here.

Agios Ioannis Beach

The lovely stretch of sand at Agios Ioannis Beach is a stunning beach with great views to the island of Delos in the distance. Back in 1989 the award-winning movie Shirley Valentine used this beach as its film set. During the peak summer months, this beach is busy.

Crystal clear waters ensure that it is one of the top Mykonos snorkeling places. The rocks here make for interesting underwater viewing too. At the end of your active day, be sure to take in the fantastic sunset.

Recommended Agios Ioannis Hotels: Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort (boutique resort) or SeeSea (apartment)

Psarou Beach

Psarou Beach happens to be the coolest beach on Mykonos these days. This has to do with its excellent swimming and snorkeling in part. The scenery here is also world-class, which helps to explain the frequent appearance of both international and local celebrities on their mega yachts. You can expect Psarou Beach to be busy all summer long, however the snorkeling here is still interesting here because of the emerald green shade of water.

When you finish your adventure gliding through the waves, there are other water sports you can try too. You can take the edge off of the noble hunger you worked up at one of the few really good restaurants (beware the price as they are expensive).

Taking the bus to get here will save you from having to find a parking place at the always-crowded beach. Simply disembark from the bus at Platis Gialos and take the 10-minute walk to where the crowds are obvious.

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Best snorkel spots in Mykonos

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