Snorkeling in Gozo – Best 5 places you should visit

Lying quietly and peacefully in the direct center of the Mediterranean Sea, the small sister island of Malta, Gozo is a true gem to visit. No matter you come during the hot summer or the more pleasant fall and spring time, the clear water offers perfect conditions to go snorkeling in Gozo through the whole vacation season. If you seek out a family-friendly destination that is peaceful by night, uncrowded by day, has superb beaches and also plenty of land attractions, make sure to consider visiting this charming island!

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is found next to the long-time most iconic landmark of Gozo, the Azure Window. Sadly, this most beloved natural landmark crashed into the sea a few years ago and is no more. Fortunately, the nearby Blue Hole, that is certainly the most impressive of Gozo snorkeling places is still intact.

Gozo - Blue hole

A big creek flowing into the sea here from the Inland Sea provides excellent and unusual-looking rock formations that house coral, octopus, and beautiful parrot fish for your viewing pleasure and enjoyment.

Tip: the nearby Kempinski San Lawrenz is probably the island’s best hotel!

Hondoq ir-Rummien

Hondoq ir-Rummien is a stunning postcard-perfect place that remains among the most beloved locations on this small island. The wonderful scenery and Caribbean-like waters ensure that it is one of the top snorkeling spots in Gozo.

This destination is ideal for water activities because of the stunning coastline and the close by caves that lie just at waterline level. Divers also flock here because of the rich marine life.

Hondoq ir Rummien

From the bay, you can take in excellent views of both the nearby Comino Island and its iconic Blue Lagoon. Getting into the sea is easy thanks to the bathing ladders that the government built. To get here, simply follow the long track down from Qala Village.

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Xlendi Bay

Ix-Xlendi is found on the southwest coast of the little island of 30,000 inhabitants. You can reach it via public transport bus from Victoria, the capital and transportation center of the little island or by renting a car and driving down from Il-Munxar or Il-Fontana. The bay is renowned for being a beloved swimming and diving destination.

Xlendi - Gozo

Xlendi Bay is a true contender for the title of best snorkeling in Gozo. The sandy beach is small but leads to shallow waters that are ideal for all ages. Thanks to the Mediterranean reefs and many caves here, Ix-Xlendi has a lot to offer for underwater explorers at all levels, even for those who are just beginning.

As an added bonus, after you finish your beach adventure, there is a charming Gozitan fishing village here. It is well-supplied with excellent fresh seafood serving restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Tip: in Xlendi, we recommend staying at St. Patrick’s Hotel

Mgarr ix-Xini

This stunning place not so far from the island’s Ferry Terminal is excellent for both swimming and snorkeling in Gozo. Although it is no longer as secluded as before the word about it got out, but it still is rarely busy.

The inlet is narrow and surrounded by rocks. A little pebbly beach lies at the inlet’s head and gives easy access directly into the water here. Divers are also attracted to the charming bay, especially to see a few mystical caves found in the cliff rock face.

Mgarr ix Xini bay

To show you how idyllic a spot this is, CNN mentioned Mgarr Ix-Xini in 2015 as among the Top 10 spots in the world to visit before it is changed for all time. This was also the filming location where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shot the movie “By the Sea.”

Tip: staying in a traditional farmhouse is a real experience when visiting Gozo! Check out the Lighthouse Holiday Villa!

Wied il-Għasri

This beach that lies near the Marsalforn town coast might not be an easy-to-reach place to go snorkeling in Gozo, but walking the extra mile is definitely worth it. Wied il-Għasri turns out to be a narrow, long and deep inlet that is surrounded by little caves.

Encircled by cliffs, a dirt track provides access to the actual beach. Including various Mediterranean fish species such as Rainbow wrasse, Mediterranean parrotfish, Painted Comber as well as sponges and sea stars. Moreover, this is the best Gozo snorkeling spot to find tiny green-white sea slugs (Green Elysia) in the shallow, sunlit waters.

Vistas from Wied il-Għasri prove to be stunning, moreover there are interesting attractions just a stone’s throw away. One can visit saltpans as well as a cave that leads up to the steep cliffs’ top.

Sea creatures Gozo

From here you will see the remains of ropes and buckets that people used to employ in hauling up sea water with which to fill the saltpans. This eclectic place always brings in curious visitors.

Gozo Snorkeling Spots Map

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