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Snorkeling raft and sea window – Underwater viewer for kids and adults

Are you dreaming of observing fish and ocean creatures but are afraid of putting your head underwater? No problem! Try out a snorkeling raft or sea window that allow you to see the ocean’s life without using mask and snorkel! See how these accessories work and what are the best ones!

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Written by Anett Szaszi

Anett is a certified scuba diver, freediver, and an expert in snorkeling with more than 10 years of experience. She fell in love with the ocean while snorkeling in the Red Sea on a vacation to Egypt back in 2008. Since then, she has been traveling to discover the world’s best snorkeling spots and sharing her experience and tips to inspire others. Find her photos on @anett.szaszi Instagram too!

What is a snorkeling raft?

A snorkeling raft is an inflatable floating accessory with transparent viewing window that allows the user to see underwater without using a snorkel mask and putting the head in the water.

The early version of snorkel rafts was known as snorkel board. It was technically a body board with a polycarbonate viewing window. Those models were easy-to-use and lightweight, but due to the flat design and rigid construction, didn’t provide enough comfort and took up too much space.

Today’s inflatable models are comfortable and easy-to-carry. There are various models available in terms of sizes and construction, so kids and adults can choose the best-fitting depending on their personal needs.

Simple, smaller models can be hold in hand (snorkeling window), while the advanced ones (snorkeling raft) are big enough to lie on them and like this, provide a high level of comfort.

Snorkeling rafts can be used safely by adult and kids, but for weak-swimmers, wearing a snorkeling vest or life jacket is highly recommended!

The best snorkeling windows

Sea Window Tortuga snorkeling window for kids

Kids love to discover the underwater world and are curious about what creatures live in the ocean. Although you can get good-quality snorkel equipment for kids at all ages, but until they don’t know how to use it properly, get a snorkeling window that allows them to explore the sea without putting their heads in the water.

Sea Window Tortuga Junior snorkeling window

  • lightweight portable underwater viewer
  • window size 7.5 inch in diameter
  • Aqua-optics clear view system
  • for ages 4 and up

The Sea Window Tortuga Junior was designed especially for kids. Its compact size and small profile ensure that this kids snorkeling raft is safe-to-use while swimming in the ocean, lake or pool.

This floating system features a unique Aqua-optics underwater viewer. Fill the space between the panes with water, and thanks to magnification, kids can enjoy a crystal-clear view to the undersea world!

Snorkeling window for adults Tortuga Deluxe

If you are looking for a snorkeling window for adults, choose the Sea Window Tortuga Deluxe. It a slightly bigger than the kids version and features a wider window to fit adults’ faces the best.

The 8-inch viewer provides peripheral view providing a great opportunity of observing the sea life for those who don’t like putting their head underwater and breathe through a snorkel.

Sea Window Tortuga Deluxe

  • wide viewing window
  • window size 8 inches
  • fits any luggage
  • extra camera mount

The Tortuga Deluxe adults snorkeling window can be used with glasses and contact lenses too. Moreover, it comes with an extra camera mount so you can fix your GoPro on it! Like this, recording the underwater scenery gets easy, while if you wish to film what’s happening above the water, simple turn the raft around!

Tip: If you are planning to buy a new camera, read which GoPro is the best for snorkeling or find here the top cheap action cameras.

Underwater viewer bucket

A simple yet smart way of exploring the underwater world! This Reef Tourer underwater viewer allows for non-swimmers and small kids to see shells, corals, fish and ocean creatures without putting their face in the water.

Reef Tourer underwater viewing bucket

  • wide viewing window
  • with handles and strap
  • polycarbonate lens bottom
  • colors: blue and pink

The bucket-style design features two handles for secure grip and a polycarbonate lens at the bottom for clear viewing. The underwater viewer bucket can be used together with the Reef Tourer Inflatable snorkeling float.

The best snorkeling raft models for kids and adults

Sea Window Calypso inflatable raft

The Sea Window inflatable raft collection is similar to snorkeling windows, but the longer design ensures a more comfortable water experience by providing support for the neck and back. For extra convenience, the model comes with a headrest too that is adjustable to your liking.

Enjoy watching the colorful corals and playful fish through the advanced Aqua-optics underwater viewer, which is a patented hard lens system ensuring a wide and clear view. If you find snorkeling in the classical way problematic for any reason, give a try to this snorkeling raft, you won’t regret it!

Sea Window Calypso snorkeling raft

  • comfortable construction with adjustable head support
  • equipped with hard lenses for clear view
  • under and top side camera mount
  • for adults up to 225 lbs/102kg

The Calypso makes video recording effortless thanks to the new camera mounting points. Take selfies by using the top camera fixing point, or record the undersea life by attaching your GoPro to the underside mount!

This model, the Calypso is sized for adults up to 225lbs/102 kg. Should you look the kids version, check the Sea Window Explorer snorkeling raft.

AQUAVUE Voyager raft

If your kid is not brave enough to snorkel wearing a mask and snorkeling fins yet but still want to see what lies under the waves, this inflatable raft is the perfect choice! It is not the usual snorkeling window, the AQUAVUE Voyager features a full clear bottom providing an amazing, unobstructed view without getting wet!

The stable and tall walls keep your child safe and dry. Sturdy safety handles and a pull rope help to control and connect the raft. The AQUAVUE Voyager clear bottom inflatable raft is compatible with most pumps (hand and electric) for quick inflation.

AQUAVUE Voyager inflatable raft

  • snorkeling raft will full clear bottom
  • tall walls for maximum safety
  • easy inflating/deflating
  • recommended for kids 3 years and up

Reef Tourer Inflatable Snorkeling Float

The Reef Tourer float is a snorkeling accessory for kids and adults. Its main function is helping to maintain the snorkeling position, so you can safely put your head (with a snorkel mask on) in the water while the Reef Tourer keeps you float.

Reef Tourer Inflatable Snorkeling Float

  • stable float that helps staying in snorkeling position
  • 2 handles
  • made of durable PVC material
  • use in pool, lake or in the ocean

The best thing is, that this snorkel float can be turned into a snorkeling raft! Just put the underwater viewing bucket (available separately) in the middle of the float. to be able to use it without a mask! Like this, the user will clearly see underwater through the viewer.

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