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Best snorkel gear for kids – Sets, mask, snorkel and fins for children

Choosing the right snorkel gear for kids is crucial in order to ensure that the little ones gain an enjoyable water experience. A good youth snorkeling set includes a fitting small size mask, junior snorkel, and fins for children that are recommended to buy from trusted dive gear manufacturers such as Cressi, US Divers or Mares. Extra accessories like a snorkel vest, rash guard or kids swimsuit increase safety and comfort in the water.

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Written by Anett Szaszi

Anett is a certified scuba diver, freediver, and an expert in snorkeling with more than 10 years of experience. She fell in love with the ocean while snorkeling in the Red Sea on a vacation to Egypt back in 2008. Since then, she has been traveling to discover the world’s best snorkeling spots and sharing her experience and tips to inspire others. Find her photos on @anett.szaszi Instagram too!

Why is it important to buy the right snorkel gear for kids?

Kids love the water and find sea creatures fascinating, so snorkeling is an activity that they will enjoy for sure! If you take your children for a beach holiday, you will be surprised how quickly they can learn how to snorkel, but a leaking mask, a bad snorkel or uncomfortable fins can ruin the experience. Therefore, it is important to buy fitting, good quality snorkel gear for kids!

girl is snorkeling in the sea
It’s important to get fitting snorkel gear for kids

Although adult snorkel sets might fit bigger kids, but usually children under 10-12 years require kids snorkel gear that is designed to fit small sizes. Never let your children use equipment that is too big or too small for them. Wearing gear that doesn’t fit is not only uncomfortable, but can make the kid feel unsafe in the water as well as increases the chance of accidents and injuries.

Kids snorkel gear essentials:

  • Small size snorkel mask
  • Snorkel with small mouthpiece
  • Kids size snorkeling fins
  • Junior snorkel vest
  • Wetsuit / UV protection clothing

Tip: buy your children a cheap kids waterproof camera and let them take there own underwater photos!

Best kids snorkel sets

When looking for snorkel gear for kids, the easiest is buying a complete junior snorkel set that includes a small size mask, a snorkel tube and short swim fins that are designed to fit children. Moreover, a snorkel set for kids often comes with a handy carry bag.

After sizing, quality is the second most important factor if it comes choosing snorkel gear for kids. Like with adult equipment, make sure that the mask comes with tempered glass safety lenses, the mouthpiece is made from soft and hypoallergenic silicone, while the flippers are comfortable and durable.

snorkel set for kids
Complete snorkel set for kids

Most dive gear manufacturers such as US Divers, Cressi, Mares etc… offer youth snorkeling sets and we highly recommend choosing quality equipment from them. The fact that your boy or girl will use the set for a short time only -because they quickly grow out of it- doesn’t mean that cheap, bad quality products can also be considered.

Kids snorkel sets are available in different sizes (usually determined by age), always check the sizing chart and/or the manufacturer’s advice.

Tip: when leaving for a beach holiday, order the snorkeling equipment for your child well in advance so you can change it if the size is not correct. The best is teaching the kids how to use their equipment in a safe environment before going open water, in a pool for example.

HEAD Mares Kids snorkel set

Head-Mares is one of the oldest diving gear manufacturers supplying products for divers, snorkelers and freedivers for long years. The Italian company delivers products you can trust, so if you decide to buy Mares snorkel gear for kids, I bet you won’t be disappointed.

Head/Mares kids snorkeling set

  • complete set for children in 2 sizes
  • junior mask, dry-top snorkel with soft silicone mouthpiece
  • adjustable fins
  • extra carry bag with funny design

This Mares kids snorkel set has everything your children will need when exploring the beauty of the undersea world: a mask that fits small faces, a dry snorkel and a pair of easily adjustable fins.

Tip: a fun way of teaching children about marine life is playing ocean board games or completing sea life puzzles together!

U.S. Divers kids snorkel set

U.S. Divers is one of the biggest water sport equipment suppliers in the US that offers quality snorkel gear for kids and adults. The Dorado Youth snorkel combo is a great choice for young adventurers.

US Divers Junior combo set

  • compact youth snorkeling set
  • 2-window classic mask, splash guard top snorkel
  • lightweight yet efficient dual-composite fins
  • with lightweight, compact carry bag

This set includes a 2-window mask that is designed to fit small, narrow faces and comes with easily adjustable buckles. For the best comfort, the snorkel has an ergonomic shape and a soft silicone mouthpiece. It also features a splash guard that prevents water intake.

Dual-composite flippers provide efficiency without tiring the kids’ weak legs. The compact carrying bag with mesh panel makes transporting the equipment easy and also allows the items to quickly dry after use. The U.S. Divers Dorado youth snorkel set is available in S/M/L/XL sizes, so it easy to find the best fit for small and big kids too.

Cressi Rocks Junior snorkeling kit

Are you leaving for a beach vacation soon and looking for reliable snorkel gear for kids at a good price? Then the Cressi Rocks kids snorkel set is what you need!

Cressi Rocks snorkel set for kids

  • reliable junior snorkeling kit in fun colors
  • comfortable open-heel fins
  • wide view mask with tempered glass lenses
  • splash guard snorkel with purge valve
  • sizes S/M for 3-4 years old, L/XL for 5-8 years old

With a dual window tempered glass mask, flex tube snorkel and easily adjustable open-heel fins, this combo provides comfort and functionality for your children in the water.

The Cressi Rocks set is perfect for kids between 3 and 8 years as per as the following: S/M fits for US kids shoe sizes 1-3, L/XL for US kids shoe sizes 3-6.

ELEMENTEX snorkel set

The Elementex junior snorkeling set is a good choice for 5-11 years children. Simple, yet attractive design makes this combo excellent for girls and boys too (color variations yellow, blue, orange).

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Safety glass scratch-resistant lenses ensure clear view for the little ones. The mask comes with simple-to-adjust straps in order to provide easy tightening. The snorkel’s soft silicone mouthpiece fits kids’ small mouths, moreover the top of the tube features splash protection.

Powerful yet compact travel-size trek fins and a mesh bag make the Elementex kids snorkel set complete, so you’ll get everything in one package!

Snorkel mask for kids

The snorkeling mask is a window to see the beauty of the sea and it should fit perfectly in order to provide a clear view. If a mask is too big, the skirt cannot form a good seal therefore the water will constantly leaking in.

boy is wearing a snorkel mask
Get a mask for your kids that fits perfectly and doesn’t leak

Kids snorkel masks have a smaller silicone skirt to secure a leak-free fit as well as feature a narrower nose pocket that is important for underwater equalization. The best kids snorkel masks are made of hypoallergenic food-grade silicone and come with anti-fog scratch-resistant lenses.

Tip: If your child is too small to use a mask, snorkeling raft can be an option!

Cressi Mini kids snorkel mask

The Cressi Mini snorkeling mask is the kids version of the popular Cressi F1 adult mask. This frameless one-window model is the best choice for children thanks to the high-quality materials, wide-view anti-fog lenses and easy equalization construction.

Cressi Mini Youth snorkeling mask

  • frameless, low-profile kids snorkel mask
  • single lens design provides wide view
  • high-quality no-fog lenses
  • hypoallergenic silicone material

Cressi Mini kids snorkel mask features swiveling buckles with push buttons to ensure easy adjustments. The whole mask is made of high-quality silicone that is not only soft and comfortable, but also durable. For young snorkelers and divers, this is one of the best kids snorkel masks you can get today!

Speedo Junior mask

The Speedo Recreation is an affordable kids snorkel mask that is perfect for any water activity. Comfortable and practical model with anti-fog polycarbonate lenses, leak-proof silicone skirt and easy-to-use straps.

Speedo Junior Recreation snorkel mask

  • good fit for small narrow faces
  • anti-fog lenses
  • soft silicone skirt
  • age recommendation: 6-14 years

The high-quality materials and durable construction ensure that this Speedo kids snorkel mask is an ideal choice for young water explorers.

Full face snorkel mask for kids

Full face snorkel mask safety concerns are important to know even for adults before changing their traditional goggles to a full face one, but the possible hazards are critical to consider if it comes to children.

Usually kids don’t find using a classical snorkeling mask difficult and learn the essential skills, like how to clear the mask or how to breathe through the snorkel quickly. Therefore, we suggest buying normal snorkeling mask for children.

kids wearing full face snorkel mask
However some brands do offer full face snorkel mask for kids, we recommend start with a normal mask first

Even Tribord, the manufacturer of the first Easybreath full face snorkel mask doesn’t recommend their full face type mask for children under 6 years. If your boy or girl finds snorkeling with traditional equipment problematic and you decide to give a try to a kids full face snorkel mask, make sure to choose a product that comes with patented design. Monitor your child when she/he is testing the mask and teach how to remove it quickly in case of any breathing difficulty.

Snorkel for kids

Kids snorkels come with shorter length and small silicone mouthpiece to fit children’s little mouth on the most comfortable way. Get one with purge valve for easy clearing and flexible tube to reduce jaw fatigue.

small girl with a snorkel
For kids, it’s crucial to get a snorkel that comes with a small mouthpiece

For kids, semi-dry or dry snorkels work the best that prevent gulping water thanks to the special closing mechanism of the top part. In most cases, youth snorkels come with kid masks together, but some models are available separately too.

Cressi Mini Dry

Cressi Mini Dry, the kids version of the Cressi Supernova Dry adult snorkel is an easy-to-use, comfortable snorkel for young girls and boys.

Cressi Mini Dry

  • comfortable flexible snorkel tube
  • float mechanism dry top
  • high-quality silicone mouthpiece
  • adjustable quick-release keeper

The bendable wide elliptical tube provides easy breathing, moreover the tube features a flexible section that reduces jaw fatigue. Thanks to the quick-release snorkel keeper that has a height adjustment option too, it is easy to set up the most comfortable fit.

Cressi Mini Dry is equipped with splash guard. An additional float mechanism keeps it dry even if submerged. Should any water get into the tube, a purge valve helps to clear the snorkel quickly.

Deep Blue Gear Ultra Dry kids snorkel

A fully submersible dry snorkel for kids for effortless breathing. With soft silicone mouthpiece, quick snap clip and large diameter tube, this Deep Blue Gear Ultra Dry Junior snorkel is perfect for any underwater activity. The bright colors make it highly visible on the surface increasing safety.

Deep Blue Gear Junior dry snorkel

  • submersible dry top snorkel for kids
  • curved ergonomic tube
  • perfect for children 5-10 years old
  • blue, pink, yellow colors

Best kids snorkeling fins

Using flippers are not mandatory when learning snorkeling in shallow water since it is better if the child can stand if necessary (but make sure your little one wears kids water shoes to avoid shell cuts). Once she/he gets comfortable in the water, snorkeling fins help to navigate and make swimming more effective.

kids snorkeling fins
No matter what type of snorkeling fins you buy for your children, make sure that they fit correctly

For children, open heel fins are the best choice that are adjustable, fit more shoe sizes and are good for a longer time because they won’t outgrow them quickly. The blades should be short and soft enough that don’t tiring the legs but flexible and powerful enough to secure an efficient use.

Cressi Rocks kids snorkel fins

If you are looking for affordable flippers that the kids can use for a long time, check out the adjustable Cressi Rocks kids snorkel fins! This popular model comes in a wide variety of fun color combinations and 3 sizes that fit for 4-12 years old children.

Cressi Junior snorkeling fins

  • adjustable open heel design
  • dual composite blades
  • comfortable rubber foot-pocket with large thumb loop
  • multiple color and size options

The vented blades reduce leg cramps, but still providing enough power. Practical thumb-loops make donning/doffing easy, while the push-button buckles ensure quick adjustments.

US Divers Sea Lion Junior fins

The Us Divers Sea Lion flippers are perfect for snorkeling or body surfing. These traditional kids snorkel fins are efficient, yet lightweight, so won’t tiring the legs. Moreover, they don’t sink, therefore your children won’t lose them when accidentally kicked off in the water.

US Divers Junior floating fins

  • classic kids snorkel fins
  • compact, travel size design
  • floating construction, don’t sink
  • S/M/L sizes

The bright yellow color makes them highly visible. Soft full-foot foot pockets with open-toe section provide secure fit. The extra mesh carry comes handy when storing or transporting the fins.

Snorkel vest for kids

Inflatable vests – albeit are not life-saving accessories – play a key role in staying safe in the water. Therefore, it is worth adding them to the buying list when choosing snorkel gear for kids. If your kid is not a strong a swimmer yet, it is good to use a kids snorkel vest that helps the child staying afloat if he/she gets tired while snorkeling. The vibrant colors ensure excellent visibility.

Scuba Choice Kids Snorkel Vest

  • highly visible snorkel vest that helps kids staying afloat
  • easy inflation
  • adjustable straps
  • fits up to 100 lbs

A kid snorkel vest usually comes and secure fit thanks to the adjustable straps and safety buckles. If you don’t have a youth snorkel vest, with horse collar design which means it is simple to put on and take off over the head. Moreover, it gives a flexible inflatable arm bands also can do the job!

Sun protection clothing for kids

Although they are not essential part of the equipment, our opinion is that sun protection products are must-haves if it comes to buying snorkel gear for kids. Children’s have a sensitive skin that burns easily, therefore never let them play on the beach or swim without proper sun protection.

boy wearing UV protective clothing
When kids spend longer time in the sun, make sure they wear UV protective clothing

The best is use UPF50+ UV protective full suit that covers the whole body. Sun protective clothing provides not only with UV protection but also helps to avoid jellyfish stings as well as minimizes irritation. If you plan activities in water colder than 28 C (82 F), instead of an UV protection clothing rather choose an at least 2-3 mm wetsuit that gives good thermal insulation, so the little ones won’t get cold too quickly.

Tip: On the areas that are not covered by clothing, apply high factor ocean safe mineral sunscreen! For children, the All Good Kids Sunscreen with Zinc-Oxideis a good choice!

Full-body rash guard for kids

Rash guards are ideal to use on hot summer days and in tropical waters when snorkeling, swimming, body boarding or any water activity. Moreover, they can be used as an under suit due to hygienic reasons when renting a dive suit.

A full-body UPF50+ suit provides the best protection not only against sunburn, but also against accidentally jellyfish stings, sea lice and other irritants that can occur in the ocean or in the sand.

Sun protection swim suit for children

  • UPF 50+ full-body protection
  • quick-drying and breathable, super strechy fabric
  • front zip closure for easy on and off
  • S-XXL sizes

High-quality Lycra and spandex make the suit stretchy yet durable. The fabric doesn’t cause skin irritation, since it is fully breathable. Available in various sizes and colors to find the best fit for girls and boys!

Kids wetsuit

Using a neoprene wetsuit offers some advantages over Lycra sun protection suits. They are more durable, and also keep the child warm. No more shivering in the water or while playing on the beach, just pure fun!

Seavenger Kids swimsuit

  • 3 mm kids full-body wetsuit, excellent thermal protection
  • soft and comfortable neoprene with flat-lock stitching
  • durable YKK back and ankle zips for easy donning/doffing
  • available in 4 bright colors for girls and boys

This 3mm thick kids swimsuit is made of high-quality neoprene that is durable and quick-drying. Thanks to the fabrics’ elasticity, the suit doesn’t restrict the movements. YKK zip with an extra-long leash ensures easy entry and exit.

Flexible reinforced knee panels add extra protection as well as prevent wear and tear. The Seavenger kids neoprene wetsuit is perfect for any watersport such as diving, snorkeling, canoeing, surfing or kayaking.

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