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Samsung waterproof case review – Galaxy S9

We know that nowadays is difficult to exist without our beloved smartphones and we take them everywhere. If you use your phone in dusty or wet environment or go further, you want to take it snorkeling or to the swimming pool, you definitely need a though waterproof case! Let’s see which Samsung waterproof case to buy for Samsung Galaxy models!

Saltwater protection – Samsung waterproof case

In our previous product post, we were talking about the best iPhone waterproof cases, but you were missing the Samsung Galaxy underwater case models from our shop. We fill this gap now! We got a case for our recently bought Galaxy S9 and share our Samsung waterproof case review! But before this, let us tell you why we added a Galaxy S9 to our travel gear!

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Next level mobile photography

If you prefer traveling light but still enjoying taking high-quality travel photos, you might want to consider upgrading Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus  instead of carrying heavy cameras. These new flagship models are equipped with one of the best smartphone cameras! Your adventure-friendly mobile device will keep you organized and document your trip with sharp, vivid photos and videos.

Samsung S9

  • Dual Pixel camera
  • Infinity Display Quad HD+
  • IP68-Water resistant
  • 64 GB Internal storage, expandable Storage up to 400GB.
  • Fast Wireless Charger

Galaxy S9 features Dual Aperture that switches between F1.5 and F2.4 and automatically adjusts to light conditions, allowing you taking clear photos even in low light. You can record Super Slow Motion videos that are 4 times slower than normal slow motion. Smart camera functions help you to produce the best quality photos: intelligent auto mode sets the camera to actual conditions, Auto Lens Dirt Detect solutions ensures that your photos aren’t compromised by dust on the lens. 8 MP front camera with wide F1.7 aperture captures the best selfies ever. Moreover, Bixby’s live translation translates foreign languages, street signs, menus, and pricing information quicker and easier than ever which is a super useful function while being in a foreign country.
If you don’t mind having a slightly bigger phone, consider choosing Galaxy S9 Plus which comes with an additional secondary camera sensor offering 2x optical zoom and least but not last, equipped with bigger 3500 mAh battery.

Why buy Samsung waterproof case if the phone is already waterproof?

Although newest Samsung mobiles are waterproof without housing too, but cannot be taken into saltwater! It seems, not everybody knows this since we use to see people taking their smartphones in the sea without additional protection. This is a no-go since salted water can erode rubber gaskets as well as the speaker, mic and earpiece can get blocked due to salt. If you want to take your device to the beach, swimming or snorkeling in the sea, get a case!

Redpepper Samsung waterproof case

Our test product is the Redpepper waterproof case  for Samsung Galaxy S9 with IP68 certification. If you check the Samsung Galaxy waterproof case selection on Amazon, you might notice that some models look almost exactly the same as our Redpepper test product for example:

These models have the same features and all are in the same price range (which means they are very cheap compared to the value of a Galaxy S9 phone) therefore we believe only the branding is different. Any product you choose, it is such a good feeling to know if you drop your phone accidentally or falls into water, it is protected. And on the top of these, taking photos on the beach or underwater becomes also part of the fun!

Our Redpepper case arrived in a neat, small box including the following items:

  • waterproof case
  • wrist strap
  • cleaning cloth
  • user manual

Samsung waterproof case - underwater photo

Key features of Redpepper waterproof case for Galaxy S9

  • fully sealed, protects your phone even from the smallest dust particles and from water
  • withstand shocks and drops up to 6.6 ft (2 meters)
  • waterproof up to 6.6 ft (2 meters)
  • crystal clear, anti-reflective lens provides top photo and video quality
  • fully operating functions including Touch ID, wireless charging, speaker and cameras
  • sound enhancement system

Underwater Samsung Galaxy S9 case – we took it snorkeling

After testing the case on land and confirming that all the functions work, we checked the most interesting feature: Does the Redpepper waterproof case  seal perfectly or not? We took the phone in the case snorkeling! The Redpepper case did a good job, did not leak at all! The product meant to provide protection up to 6.6 ft (2 meters) but in reality, we took it down to 20 ft (6 meters) (just because of the test) and we didn’t experience any problem. Returning to land and removing the phone from the case, there was not even a tiny drop inside.
Downside is that you cannot use the touch function while the phone is in the water, you can take shots using the buttons only, to change the phone/camera functions you need to lift the phone out of the water.
Although the colors appeared less vibrant on the screen through the protective foil, but after transferring them to our computer we calmed down that the photo and video quality is the same as you get in land. See some Samsung Galaxy S9 underwater photos below!

Samsung S9 Waterproof Case Underwater Photo


  • easy installation
  • lightweight
  • all functions work on land
  • no distortion in sound quality
  • reliable protection from sand, dust, dirt, and water


  • at first sight, it seems a bit bulky
  • touch is not working when submerged
    (you need to lift out of water to change functions, although buttons work)
  • the protective foil makes the screen less vivid and reflects sunlight

Recommended Samsung waterproof case models for Galaxy S9

Do you have a different Samsung Galaxy S model? Don’t worry, you can get waterproof case for them too, find Galaxy S6, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, S9 Plus, Galaxy Note waterproof cases in our shop!

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