Samsung waterproof case review – Galaxy S9/S10

A Samsung waterproof case makes your Galaxy S9/S9+ or S10/S10+ smartphone safe to use while snorkeling in the ocean or swimming in the pool. Learn from this post why you should get a though underwater cover, what are the best ones for Galaxy models and read or our Redpepper Samsung waterproof case review!

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9/S10 waterproof?

Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10 and also the Plus models have IP68 rating which means they can withstand sand, dirt and are submersible up to 5ft/1.5m for 30 minutes. An IP68 rated device is considered water-resistant, but not waterproof.

You can safely take your Samsung Galaxy S9/S10 in the shower or use it when it’s raining, the phone won’t get damaged. Moreover, it is also not a problem if the phone accidentally gets underwater for a short period, but leaving it in water for a long time will definitely damage the device.

Why do you need a Samsung waterproof case?

The water-resistant feature only applies to freshwater. It seems not everybody knows this fact since we regularly see people taking their smartphones in the sea without additional protection. This is not a good practice, because the salty water can erode the rubber gaskets as well as block the speaker, microphone and the earpiece.

You can take awesome photos underwater with Samsung Galaxy phones (see below our test images) but make sure to put them in a waterproof case if you want to use them on the beach, while swimming or snorkeling in the sea to protect your pricey device from unwanted damages!

Samsung waterproof case - underwater photo

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Best Samsung waterproof cases for S10/S9

If you check the Samsung waterproof case selection on Amazon, you might notice that most models look almost exactly the same. Their specification is very similar and all are in the same price range (meaning that they are very cheap compared to the value of a Galaxy phone). Any product you choose, I’m sure that it will give you a good feeling knowing if you drop the phone accidentally or it falls into water, it is protected from unwanted damages. And on the top of these, taking photos on the beach or underwater becomes also part of the fun!

The best waterproof cases for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, S10 and S10 Plus models:

If you plan to use your phone only occasionally near or in water and don’t need drop-protection, consider using a waterproof phone pouch that is compatible with all devices up to a certain diagonal size.

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

  • universal phone dry bag up to 6.8 inch diagonal size
  • front and back clear window
  • IP68 rate - protection up to 100 ft/30m
  • secure snap and lock closing system

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Redpepper Samsung waterproof case review

Although we have a good underwater camera that we use for taking pictures while snorkeling, we were extremely satisfied with the image quality of our Samsung smartphone on land, therefore we decided to test it underwater too. We ordered a Redpepper waterproof case to be able to take our Galaxy S9 in the sea. (Redpepper offers No products found. too)

The case arrived in a neat, small box with the following items in the package:

  • waterproof case
  • wrist strap
  • cleaning cloth
  • user manual
Redpepper Waterproof Case

  • full sealed underwater protective cover for Samsung S9
  • military standard polycarbonate frame
  • IP68 certification, submersible up to 6.6 ft / 2m for 30 minutes, shock- and dirtproof
  • perfect for outdoor activities

Key features of Redpepper waterproof case for Galaxy

  • fully sealed, protects your phone even from the smallest dust particles and from water
  • withstand shocks and drops up to 6.6 ft (2 meters)
  • waterproof up to 6.6 ft (2 meters)
  • crystal clear, anti-reflective lens provides top photo and video quality
  • fully operating functions including Touch ID, wireless charging, speaker and cameras
  • sound enhancement system

Samsung Galaxy S9 underwater case test

After putting the phone into the case following the instructions, we confirmed that all the functions work as they should. The installation was easy, the case fit properly and no restriction occurred regarding the operation of the phone.

To see if the Redpepper waterproof case seals perfectly or not, we took the phone snorkeling! The Redpepper case did a good job and did not leak at all! The product meant to provide protection up to 6.6 ft (2 meters) but in reality, we took it down to 20 ft (6 meters) just because of the test. We didn’t experience any problem or leaking while in the water. Returning to land, we removed the phone from the case and there was not even a tiny drop of water inside.

The photos we took are sharp and clear. Although the colors appeared less vibrant on the screen through the protective foil, but after transferring them to our computer we pleasantly noticed that the photo and video quality is the same as you get in land. A little downside is that you cannot use the touch function while the phone is in the water. You can take shots using the buttons only and to change the phone/camera functions you need to lift the phone out of the water.

These are our Samsung Galaxy underwater photos taken with the Redpepper waterproof case:

Samsung S9 Waterproof Case Underwater Photo

If you think your underwater photos are not clear enough, read our tips on how to take good photos while snorkeling!


  • easy installation
  • lightweight
  • all functions work on land
  • no distortion in sound quality
  • reliable protection from sand, dust, dirt, and water


  • at first sight, it seems a bit bulky
  • touch is not working when submerged
    (you need to lift out of water to change functions, although buttons work)
  • the protective foil makes the screen less vivid and reflects sunlight

In total, we are happy with our purchase and satisfied with our Redpepper Samsung waterproof case. We think it is definitely worth to invest in a tough protective cover to avoid everyday damages, and highly recommend the product for beach lovers and snorkelers!

Waterproof cases for different Samsung models

Do you have a different Samsung Galaxy model? Don’t worry, you can get waterproof case for them too, find Galaxy S6, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, and Note waterproof cases below!

Galaxy S8 and S8Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones with its curved screen need a perfectly fitting cover in order to achieve reliable protection and the Temdan waterproof case is one of the best fitting models you can get. Protect your valuable phone against shock, drops, dust and water while not compromising the usability. Keep your phone fully functioning including touch ID, lightning and audio ports, power/volume buttons.

Temdan Galaxy S8 waterproof case

  • ultra-thin, lightweight design
  • exceeded IP68 rating, 33ft/10 m submersible
  • audio optimization for the best sound quality
  • with gratis yellow floating strap

Should you need for a Samsung waterproof case for S8Plus, check out the Ghostek’s advanced impact- and drop protection model. This durable polycarbonate case with rubberized corners and extra screen protection makes your phone safe to use in water up to 20 ft/6m for 60 minutes. While in the case, all ports are accessible and all buttons work as normal.

Ghostek Samsung S8plus waterproof case

  • 360-degree full protection
  • submersible up to 1 hour and 6m/20ft
  • touch ID, fingerprint and face ID compatible
  • trendy colors to choose from

Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is officially not waterproof or water-resistant, but it is easy to secure it from water and dirt with Meritcase which provides excellent all-around protection. Take your phone wherever you want; no dust or water can get into and you don’t need to worry about accidentally drops anymore. The durable PET material with clear anti-scratch protector on the screen and camera lens keeps it safe while not affecting its functions.

No products found.

S7 and S7 Edge

Galaxy S7/S7Edge models are also only water-resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, so to take these types of smartphones swimming or snorkeling, you need to get an underwater cover.

A highly-rated Samsung Galaxy S7 waterproof case is the LifeProof FRE Series. It allows you to use the phone in water up to 6.6 ft/2m for 60 minutes, moreover it seals out dirt and dust. The sturdy yet slim and lightweight construction withstands drops too from 6.6ft/2m. When the cover is on, you still have complete access to the buttons and functions such as fingerprint, heart rate sensor and all ports.

LifeProof waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S7

  • water-, shock- and drop-proof construction
  • built-in scratch protector
  • sound enhancement system
  • anti-reflective optical glass camera lens

If you need Galaxy S7 Edge waterproof case, we recommend the Lanhiem phone case.

Note series

Galaxy Note 8/9/10 enjoy IP68 water-resistant rating but for a higher-level protection, using cases on them is highly recommended in all situations.

Fansteck case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a completely sealed phone cover. No need to worry about water damage up to 6.6 ft (2 m) and 2 hours when underwater. Thanks to the built-in screen protector, no additional glass foil is required. This multi-protective cover is a great choice for any outdoor activity and at the same time, it doesn’t restrict the phone’s usability in your everyday life. This means, that all features work, including wireless charging and touch functions.

Fansteck Samsung Galaxy Note 8 waterproof case

  • full body protection against water, snow and dirt
  • wireless charging, Touch ID available
  • transparent front and back camera covers
  • cleaning cloth, opening tool and lanyard in the package

For Note 9, get the SpiderCase , for Note 10, the Temdan is a good choice.

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