The best GoPro alternatives – Cheap action cameras for snorkeling/diving

Are you looking for the best GoPro alternatives that provide you with great image quality at affordable prices? If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest HERO7, or just looking for an additional uncostly model for everyday use, here are the top cheap action cameras to buy!

The best 6 GoPro alternatives

GoPro is still the leader on the action cam market and the latest HERO7 Black is definitely the best GoPro for snorkeling and diving thanks to its advanced features like gimbal-like stabilization, but today’s cheap GoPro alternatives are absolutely competitive considering what you get for your money. If you love outdoor activities, it is never a bad idea to buy an extra budget action camera even if you already have a waterproof camera! These compact-sized, budget models you can use anytime and anywhere without worrying about breaking or losing an expensive device!

AKASO EK7000 4K waterproof action cam

This affordable 4K action camera is considered one of the best GoPro alternatives available these days. With professional quality that includes lifelike 4K25fps videos and 12MP photos, outstanding battery time and tons of accessories, the AKASO EK7000 will withstand any adventure and perfect for underwater activities in the durable waterproof case.

The included wrist remote allows you to change the settings with a simple press of the button. Wi-Fi, HDMI make file transfer and footage sharing quick and effortless. 170 degrees wide-angle mode, loop recording and screen rotation are available. Thanks to these advanced features, it is perfect to use in the car too as a dashcam. You get 2 rechargeable batteries, waterproof case and tons of mounts and accessories with this AKASO action cam!

Tip: should you look for a cheap action camera direct for underwater use, make sure to check out the AKASO EK7000 Pro  that features 16MP photo quality, adjustable view angle and got a new DIVE mode that automatically corrects the colors so you might skip using an underwater filter!


  • outstanding image quality - 4K 25 fps videos, 12MP photos
  • 2.4G wireless remote control
  • built-in Wi-Fi, HDMI, app connectivity for easy transfer and share
  • 2 rechargeable, 1050 mAh batteries and tons of accessories included

CAMPARK action camera

The CAMPARK X20 waterproof 4K action camera is one of the most popular GoPro alternatives that you can get at a very affordable price. It records Ultra HD 4K 30 fps videos and captures 20MP photos. Thanks to the adjustable angle (between 70-170 degrees) it is easy to adjust the image to your needs and recording style.

With a Sony sensor inside, high quality, sharp and clear images guaranteed. The new Electronic Image Stabilization system makes the CAMPARK X20 a great choice for cycling, running or skiing. For diving and snorkeling, use the sturdy underwater housing that makes it waterproof up to 30m/98ft!

The high-sensitivity touch LCD provides with easy-control, while the CamKing App makes photo sharing and image transfer quick and effortless. With tons of valuable accessories, mounts, bases and bandages, this CAMPARK action camera is one of the most competitive GoPro alternatives for outdoor activities!

Tip: to create outstanding underwater photos and videos, see the best GoPro aftermarket accessories for snorkeling and diving that will help you to improve your footage!

CAMPARK X20 camera

  • 4K24fps Ultra HD videos and 20 MP photos with Sony sensor
  • 2-inch high sensitivity touch LCD screen
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • advanced accessory kit including wrist control

AKASO Brave 4 20 MP waterproof action camera

If you don’t mind spending a few more bucks for some real improvements, check out this upgraded AKASO action camera model that has awesome features comparing to the previous AKASO EK7000. This new model got a 20MP sensor for more incredible images and also a smart gyroscope and anti-shaking mode. No more shaky videos and blurry pictures, just clear and sharp footage! Download the AKASO DV App to be able to review your photos and videos on your smartphone or tablet, or send them instantly to your social channels!

AKASO Brave4 action cam is one of the most recommended GoPro alternatives for water activates! The durable case ensures safe usage up to 30m/98ft. When snorkeling and diving, activate the dive mode that will automatically correct the colors resulting in a natural footage. 1050 mAh powerful battery allows 90 minutes recording. With many extras in the package such as remote wristband, additional battery and 19 extra accessories, the AKASO Brave 4 is definitely a GoPro alternative you should consider to buy!

AKASO Brave 4 20MP action camera

  • 20MP photo, 4K 24 fps videos quality
  • Built-in smart gyroscope
  • adjustable wide-angle mode
  • rich accessory kit and 2 rechargeable batteries included

FITFORT action camera 4K

The FITFORT 4K action camera is popular one among the best GoPro alternatives that fits any budget but offers great quality. This model features 4K/30Fps, 2.7K/30Fps or 1080P/60Fps video recording and 16MP photo resolution. The 170 degrees super wide-angle lens guarantees that you will capture every moment even the details that happening in the background.

You can control the camera from your phone through the built-in Wi-Fi to easily transfer your photos and videos or share them on Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels. The FITFORT 4K action cam package includes 2 rechargeable batteries that each supports 90 minutes recording. As an additional extra, a wrist wireless remote control also included to make the camera operation super convenient!

FITFORT 4K action camera

  • records amazing 4K/30fps videos and captures 16MP photos
  • with 19 mounts and accessories in a travel bag
  • built-in Wi-Fi to control the camera and for easy file transfer
  • splash proof wireless remote control included

APEMAN 4K GoPro alternative

Bringing inspiring products for the people to share their passion and life! This mission statement moves the APEMAN Team who offers a selection of budget GoPro alternatives. The APEMAN 4K camera is a professional cheap action camera that takes clear, high quality 20 MP photos and 4K Ultra HD videos. It has a built-in gyroscope (electronic image stabilization) to make your footage smooth and stable. With the upgraded waterproof case, it is waterproof up to 40 m (130 ft).

HDMI, AV and USD outputs support full connectivity, while the built-in Wi-Fi allows easy file transfer and social sharing. Various modes help to find the best setting in every condition such as loop recording, time-lapse, car mode or timer capture. Enjoy full flexibility with the GoPro compatible accessory kit!

APEMAN 4K Action Cam

  • 20 MP photo and 4K video quality
  • 2-inch LCD display and wide angle lens
  • built-in Wi-Fi, HDMI output, various photo and video recording modes
  • with accessory kit including waterproof case that can be used up to 40m

Lightdow action camera

The Lightdow LD6000 action camera is one of the cheapest GoPro alternatives. This inexpensive yet smart model supports 12MP photos and records in full HD at 30fps. The video quality is similar to GoPro Hero 3 Silver. The Lightdow LD6000 has built-in screen and WIFI. Download the app and you’ll be able to control the camera remotely.

4x digital zoom, anti-shake and motion detect will help you to get smooth and clear footage. This Lightdow action camera can be used as a dash cam too thanks to the automatic start/stop option with car ignition. The 900 mAh battery provides you with approx 60-80 minutes recording time. In the package you’ll find different mounts that fit with GoPro accessories too and a waterproof case so you can take the camera snorkeling and diving!

Lightdow LD6000 camera

  • 12MP photo and 1080/30fps video quality
  • 170° wide angle lens
  • liquid crystal LCD screen
  • equipped with Novatek high-quality, high performance chip

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