Easybreath full face mask review – Is it good for snorkeling?

The Easybreath full face mask for snorkeling just appeared on the snorkel gear market a few years ago, but became quickly a best seller product of the Decathlon’s Tribord/Subea watersports line. Are you also thinking about the get one? Learn the pros and cons from this review and get tips on how to choose the right size!

Is Easybreath full face mask good for snorkeling?

Let me clarify the most important things first, if you don’t know or heard just a little about the Tribord Easybreath full face snorkel mask. Why is this snorkeling mask different than classical snorkel goggles?

If you think back on your first snorkeling experience you might remember that takes a little time to learn how to breathe through your mouth using a snorkel tube and getting comfortable with your mask. Some people gave up with snorkeling because they find this way of breathing uncomfortable. Others have problems with putting their head underwater.

Subea snorkeling mask
SUBEA Easybreath snorkeling mask

This experiences inspired Decathlon to invent the revolutionary Easybreath full face mask for snorkeling. The aim was to provide a carefree snorkeling experience by developing the world’s first full face snorkeling mask, that allows to see and breathe in water as easily as on land.

The Tribord Easybreath was the first full face snorkeling mask with patented design. This innovative product became quickly a best-seller because it allowed people enjoying the underwater world who had difficulties using traditional snorkel gear.

Tribord/Subea Full Face Snorkel Mask

  • The original full face snorkeling mask that revolutionized the market
  • Double chamber air-flow system
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt for maximum comfort
  • Shatterproof lens for safety

Decathlon Easybreath mask went through many changes, simplification and upgrade in the past few years. Lately, even the brand name changed and now the whole Decathlon watersports product range runs under SUBEA – means SUBaquatic Experiences are Amazing!

Pros and Cons of Easybreath full face mask


  • provides natural way of breathing through nose
  • wider field of view
  • air circulation system prevents fogging
  • dry top snorkel limits water entry to snorkel
  • gives more comfort for women (not pulling hair) and men (it’s a good choice for those who want to snorkel with a mustache)


  • you cannot dive down with it
  • recommended only for casual snorkeling in calm water (no intensive swimming – it can lead to lack of oxygen in your mask)
  • takes more space in your luggage
  • plastic lens is sensitive: can break so store and transport carefully
  • sand/salt can cause scratches on the window, always rinse with fresh water

Tip: Before purchasing an Easybreath full face mask for snorkeling (or any other brand) we recommend you to read our full face snorkeling mask dangers post! In that article, we explain what full face snorkel masks are safe to use and what to avoid.

Tribord Easybreath full face mask sizing

Sizing is an important factor when buying a snorkeling mask. Your mask should fit properly to prevent leaking and provide the best view. If you want to purchase a Tribord Easybreath full face mask for snorkeling, here is a little help how to choose the right size.

The original Subea mask is currently available only in 2 sizes: S/M and M/L. Before they had 4 sizes, but Decathlon decided to discontinue the XS and L/XL since the remaining 2 sizes cover 90% of face sizes of users aged over 10.

The explanation for this decision was that XS was considered as kids size and they don’t recommend the Easybreath for users under age 10. Moreover, the feedback showed that L/XL size is not very common. Thanks to this optimization Decathlon managed to reduce manufacturing costs resulting lower price.

To choose the right size full face snorkel mask, measure between the bridge of your nose and bottom of your chin with mouth closed. Choose S/M if it measures 10-12 cm (3,9”-4 ¾”) or M/L if it’s 12-13 cm (4 ¾”-5 1/8”).

Tip: This size information valid only on the original Subea Easybreath full face snorkeling mask. The sizing might be different by each brans, please always double check the size chart and manufacturer’s recommendation.

Easybreath full face mask review – Snorkeling test

We have seen many snorkelers happily using these mask so we became curious about it. We felt a must to try it to be able to share an honest Esybreath full face mask review with you. To tell you the truth, we were a bit skeptical when we saw this new type of snorkeling mask first. It seemed weird and bulky comparing to classical snorkeling mask + snorkel combo.

When testing the Easybreath, our first impression was that is super easy to put it on thanks to the wide, soft strap. For women, it is always a problem that the mask strap pulls the hair (this is why I use neoprene mask strap or multifunctional head bandana when I snorkel with a classical snorkeling mask).

But using a full face snorkeling mask you can just simply forget about this! To cut it short, the mask provided a comfortable fit without any discomfort (we both tried the size S/M).

Snorkeler is testing Easybreath full face mask
Let’s test the Easybreath mask!

When I started to swim, it took me a couple of minutes to get used to breathing through my nose! I totally used to breathe through my mouth while snorkeling, so I needed some time to realize that I can breathe naturally as I do on land. Good to remember that these masks are intended for casual snorkeling only. Intensive swimming might lead to breathing difficulties.

We snorkeled in calm, relatively shallow water and found breathing easy. We did not experience fogging on the lenses. Using an Easybreath full face mask for snorkeling you get a wider field of view is than with a normal mask.

The only thing that I did not like was the increased reflection. I will try to explain what I mean. I found that swimming in very shallow water, over white sand I was squinting, could not open my eyes fully. The reflection is always so strong when snorkeling over a sandy sea bottom and I think it became stronger for my eyes because of the big plastic lens of my mask.

Couple with Subea Easybreath full face snorkel mask
This is us snorkeling using Easybreath masks

When I was swimming in deeper water, or where the sea bottom was covered with seagrass and corals, it was much better and did not bother me anymore.

Another important thing to mention… Remember, you cannot dive down in full face masks although some photos will show you can. Also, you might find reviews that people say they dove down without having any difficulties. The truth is you are able to freedive with it up to a few meters deep, but it is dangerous! You can’t equalize the pressure as you do with a traditional snorkel mask.

We tried it as part of the test and it is true. As soon as you submerge you will feel that the mask is sticking to your face because of the pressure. This can lead to discomfort as well as panic. Another thing is, that normally you equalize by pinching nose and blowing gently.

But this you cannot do either with a full face snorkel mask. It can be dangerous for inexperienced snorkelers! They can get stressed because of pressure on the face and not able to equalize ears. Never freedive a with full face mask. Use it only for surface snorkeling!

Probably we won’t be full-time full face snorkeling mask users since we always dive down, but this Easybreath full face mask test allowed us to understand how this product works and why many snorkelers use and love it. Do we recommend it or not?

Although we think that using a tempered glass snorkel mask with a dry-top snorkel is the best for recreational snorkeling, but we see that using a full face snorkeling mask has advantages that traditional models don’t. If you think that this product will be a good match for you, allow yourself time to try in shallow water first until you get used to it before heading out to open water.

Easybreath full face mask parts

We find it a good thing that Decathlon takes care of the environment and sells parts to the Subea Easybreath mask. If your snorkel tube or strap is broken or you lost the white covering part of full face snorkeling mask, Decathlon is not forcing you to buy a new mask! You can order these missing/broken parts to order from Amazon and also from their outlets.

Full face mask prescription lenses

Glass wearers could find only traditional snorkel mask with corrective lenses for long time but good news that you can buy full face snorkel mask for glass wearers! Just insert prescription lenses into the mask, and you are ready to go!

Best Easybreath full face mask alternatives

If original Subea Easybreath mask is not option for you (maybe it is not available in your country) these are the best seller full face snorkel masks:

SeaView 180 Panoramic

The Seaview 180 is perfect for people who casually snorkel. A trusted product that provides you with a safe and enjoyable water experience. The wide lens gives a truly panoramic view. There is an upgraded version also available with new airflow system and side snorkel design. Read more in our Seaview 180 V2 snorkel mask introduction where we talk more about this product.

Head Sea Vu Dry

Mares/Head is a trusted manufacturer on the sports equipment market including swimming and diving. Head Sea Vu Dry mask has a patented design and the company follows the latest regulations in order to make their product safe to use.

SEAC Unica

Featuring a patented design and meeting with EU standards, SEAC Unica gives natural breathing experience with lowest efforts.

Tip: We noticed that sometimes sellers flood the market with very cheap products than disappear a few months later. Try to avoid these. Of course, a higher price product does not mean better quality, but don’t decide just on the price! Try to look a reliable retailer that offers good-quality products with patented design and has trusted ratings.

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