The best snorkeling equipment – Amazon Best Sellers 2017

Thanks to major development in e-commerce and payments, you can buy almost everything online from the comfort of your home. Purchasing products from Amazon is a safe and easy way of shopping: fast delivery, 24/7 customer support, quick reaction to customer complaints, real product reviews from real customers. Be 100% prepared for your holiday and buy the best snorkeling equipment! We will help you with featuring the Amazon best sellers 2017 in snorkeling category. Stay tuned and come back later for the list of Amazon best sellers 2018!The best snorkeling equipment - Amazon Best Sellers 2017

Best snorkeling equipment on Amazon : what to buy?

To be safe in the water and to have maximum fun, you need to have the best snorkeling equipment. Best does not mean the most expensive! You should get the best value for your money. We recommend buying reviewed products from well-known brands. Your equipment is your buddy in and under the water, it has to be durable and fully functional. Purchasing goods from Amazon will give you the opportunity to compare products, get real reviews from real customers which will help you to find the best snorkeling equipment. We made a research to see what are the Amazon best sellers 2017 in the category of snorkeling. We agree with the results: we found great products which should be part of your snorkeling travel kit, let’s see what these are!

Snorkel set

If you are new to snorkeling and don’t have equipment at all, most practical is to purchase a snorkel set. You will get a great mask, snorkel and fins in one package, sometimes even a gear bag to store or carry them. Package prices are usually better than buying the items one-by-one. You can find good sets for kids and for adults too, let’s see the best sellers:


Tip: you always find places on the beach where you can rent snorkeling equipment, but the best is the have your one gear. They are not that expensive, won’t take so much space in your luggage! Having your own best snorkeling equipment will help you to avoid struggling with finding the right size fins, mask with correct shape etc… Also think about hygienic reasons!

Mask+snorkel combo

Already have fins but need a new mask+snorkel combo? Go for sets without fins! Even if you are not a fanatic snorkeler, but like to check what lies under the sea when on vacation, for a mask and snorkel you can always find space in your travel bag. You don’t need to be an expert on scuba gear to have the best snorkeling equipment, just need to follow some easy rules. When buying a mask, check that it has tempered glass lens. Good if the snorkel comes with dry top.


Snorkeling fins

Although some people enjoy snorkeling without fins as well, we believe the best snorkeling equipment should include fins as well! Snorkeling fins are lightweight, usually not too long, they won’t add extra weight to your luggage but will help you to swim and navigate better in the water. Cressi snorkel fins having great reviews, available from kids size 10.5 to adult size 11.5, can be a great choice as well as US Divers travel fins.


Full face snorkel mask

When Decathlon came out with the first Tribord full face snorkel mask (current name is Subea Easybreath), to be honest I had doubt in its success. It just seemed so weird… But after I realized that the problem that Easybreath meant to solve really exists! Some people just can’t enjoy the beauty of the underwater world because they don’t find comfortable breathing through mouth… For them, full face snorkel masks are the solution! After the success of Tribord Easybreath, other companies also started to sell full face masks. You can easily find full face mask in variable colors, kids and adult sizes. Price range between 39-79 USD depending on brand/extra accessories.


Full face snorkeling set

Snorkeling travel kits are available now with full face mask as well! The Ocean view snorkel set comes with Ocean View full face mask and fully adjustable fins.

Dry bag

Purchasing a dry bag significantly changed our snorkeling/travelling habits and we highly recommend you to buy one! No more struggling with wet swimsuits on the way back from the beach to your hotel. No need to worry that you’ll damage the upholstery of your rented car with wet and sandy stuff! You can buy dry bags in different sizes depending on your needs. Bigger ones coming with backpack straps for easy carrying. Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bags have excellent rating on Amazon, great value for money!


Life Vest

For maximum safety in the water, you can add a life vest to your snorkeling kit. Great life vest are available for children, youth and for adults as well. Your life jacket has to be durable and comfortable equipped with adjustable chest belts. Stearns life vests having good reviews, check out this brand!


Antifog spray

Have you ever had the problem that your snorkeling mask was fogging? We all know how annoying it is and dangerous as well! You always need to see clearly underwater! Use antifog spray on your snorkeling mask to avoid fogging! The Jaws Quick Spit Anti Fog Spray will solve your problem. Don’t forget, you need to apply the spray before you go to the sea, best is at least 30 mins beforehand.

Mask strap cover

Ladies, have you ever had the problem that your mask strap was pulling your hair? It won’t happen again if you add a mask strap cover to your mask! Small things make the difference, you’ll be surprised how comfortable will be your mask with this tiny extra! Also recommended for men, it is much more easier to put on and pull off the mask!


UV protection shirt / Rash guards

We cannot mention enough times how important is to protect your skin while snorkeling. As we all know, normal sunscreens containing oxybenzone contributing to coral destruction. What are then the solutions? Apply reef safe sunscreen! Or wear rash guard / UV protection shirts or full suits to keep yourself from getting sunburned!


Waterproof case

Waterproof cases are perfect for carrying drivers Licenses, ID, credit cards or money with you. Cases are made of durable plastic and have rubber O-rings to keep out the water and dust.
Tip: test your case with only a tissue insode at first time to make sure it’s 100% waterproof! Always check it’s proprely closed, the O-ring is not damaged or dirty.


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