Snorkeling full face mask “Shark Face” – explore and protect the sea

Snorkeling full face mask market is still growing. No coincidence, these revolutionary masks changed the way of snorkeling, helped many people to discover the underwater world. If you’re just planning to buy your one, let us introduce Shark Face full face snorkel mask! You not only buy a great mask but help to protect the environment at one blow!

Reasons to buy snorkeling full face mask

Many people are suffering from the same problem while snorkeling: they find difficult breathing through the snorkel. Full face snorkel masks solved this problem, allowing people who find breathing through mouth unnatural to enjoy the beauty of underwater world.

Snorkeling Full Face MaskMain advantages of full face masks:

  • keeps your face dry
  • breathing naturally through the nose and mouth
  • 180 o field of view
  • no fogging thanks to the breathing circulation
  • dry top snorkel, water can not enter
  • textile strap not pulling your hair out

Why Shark Face snorkeling full face mask?

Purchasing Shark Face mask is not only buying a product. Shark Face Team is dedicated to environment protection, and decided to donate 10% of their revenue to National Geographic Pristine Seas Association. National Geographic Society is the largest non-profit organization. Pristine Seas is a project to find, survey, and help protect the last wild places in the ocean.Shark face snorkeling mask


Shark Face snorkeling full face mask is available in a wide range of colors, for adults in two sizes (Medium – small face, Large – big face) and for kids too. Free international shipping is included in the price of 83 USD / 76 EUR! Do you need snorkel mask for action camera? No problem, you’ll get free Go-Pro mount too! BUY it now!

Getting ready for new adventures – how to use your Shark Face mask?

If you are a novice snorkeler, or new with a full face snorkel mask, pay heed to the advice below:

  • Take your time to get used to your snorkeling full face mask! Get familiar with the product, learn how to use it
  • Relax your breathing, inhale and exhale slowly
  • take 2 minute breaks after 20 mins, breathe fresh air
  • never swim alone, snorkel always with buddy
  • swim on the surface only

Full Face snorkeling mask 20173 tips to protect your snorkeling full face mask

Follow these rules and you will enjoy using your snorkeling full face mask for a long time:

  1. after snorkeling, rinse your snorkel mask with fresh water
  2. don’t dry it on direct sunlight
  3. avoid letting your mask to come contact with sand – it could scratch the mask, clog the gaps

Buy your own Shark Face snorkel mask and start new adventures under the sea!

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