GoPro red filter – Camkix diving lens kit Review

Capture real colors underwater! If it comes to underwater photography or cinematography, the biggest problem is how to get back the real colors? Well, some cameras have great UW settings to correct the colors, or you might edit your photos and videos after. But for instant correction, the best is to use filters on your GoPro! We have tested an easy-to- use, affordable GoPro red filter, this is our Camkix review!

red filter review - camkix

Camkix GoPro red filter – for snorkeling and diving

Why do you need GoPro red filter? The answer is simple: filters instantly boost your underwater footage! Water begins to absorb colors immediately as we descend. Colors look washed out even in shallow water. Red nearly disappears at around 5 meters (16ft), orange at 10 meters (32ft), yellow at 20 meters (66ft), green at 30 meters (98ft) and eventually even blue at 60 meters (197ft). This means even snorkelers should use GoPro red filter not only divers! Using GoPro red filter will enhance colors, improve contrast, your video will be better than before! Choose one of the filters according to conditions and depth, and enjoy your colorful GoPro footage!

GoPro red filter Camkix – all in one package at great price

Camkix filter kit available for GoPro Hero 3 + / Hero 4 and for Hero 4 Session / Hero 5 Session.

We have tested the GoPro Hero4 red filter pack. The complete kit includes:

  • Clip-on filter holder
  • Tether
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Quick start guide
  • 5 filters in storage bags
    red filter 5-20 feet (1.5-6 meters)
    red filter 20-50 feet (6-15 meters)
    red filter 50 feet+ (15 meters+)
    magenta filter – for fresh or salt green water due to high concentration of algae
    yellow filter – ideal for night up to 130 feet (40 meters)

gopro 4 red filter - camkix review

Easy installation

Camkix GoPro red filter set features easy Clip and Slip system. Camkix Hero 3+ Hero 4 filter holder can be mount on normal waterproof housing. Clip the black filter holder onto GoPro waterproof housing, and slide in the filter. To change the filter, pull it out and slide in an other one.

Camkix GoPro red filter test photos and videos

We have tested the filters in different conditions (Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean) with GoPro Hero 4 S camera. Filter holder fits perfectly on the waterproof housing. We are very satisfied with the results: colors are bright but natural, contrast improved. Photos and videos are more detailed. The water seems much clearer on the footage than in the reality!gopro hero 4 red filter - camkix review

Tips: always decide how deep you want to dive, and choose the right filter. Using a "deeper" filter does not mean your footage will be better but might be too red. To avoid scratches, keep the filters in storage bags when not in use. Before sliding in filter, make sure that there is no sand or salt on it (otherwise your footage will be spotty) Rinse them with fresh water after use. Use clean, soft cloth for cleaning.


  • instantly improved colors
  • great price
  • all in a small package
  • easy installation


  • changing filters underwater could be difficult
  • you need to be careful to avoid scratches


Camkix GoPro red filter set works pretty well! The filters we used improved the colors noticeably. Great value for money, recommended product!

Tip: as the price is really cheap, you should consider to order two sets at the same time! In case of scratches or loss, better to have a spare kit 🙂

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