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Maldives never goes out of fashion! This unique area in the heart of the Indian Ocean attracts sun and sea lovers from all over the world who want to discover the best coral reefs. Perfect tropical climate makes the Maldives an all year round destination. White sandy beaches, clear water, the islands are first-class holiday destinations even in off-season. If it comes to the Maldives, frequently asked question is what are the best snorkeling Maldives resorts? We checked them for you, see our selection and start planning your snorkeling holiday for 2017!

Best snorkeling Maldives resorts – house reefs full of life

Although the Maldives consists of more than a thousand islands in 26 atolls, not all islands are coral islands and not all have house reefs. Our little guide features the 10 best snorkeling Maldives resorts in 2017; visit them for extraordinary snorkeling experience, and explore unique undersea geography and teeming marine life of the Indian Ocean!

Bandos Island, Bandos Maldives**** North Male Atoll

Turquoise lagoon, green vegetation, pearl white beaches – Bandos has a lot to offer. Are you looking for the best snorkeling Maldives resorts? Make sure Bandos is on your list! Located only 7 km from Malé airport, great place for everyone. Bandos Maldives Resort awaiting you with comfortable rooms in all categories (classic, standard, deluxe rooms and different villas). The 4 star resort is proud to have a stunning house reef. You see here colorful tropical fish like wrasses, parrot fish, angel fish, clown fish, but you can spot octopus and manta as well. Easy snorkel to the drop off, where you can meet resident black tip reef sharks.

Best snorkeling Maldives resorts Bandos

Baros Island, Baros Maldives*****, North Male Atoll

The island of Baros Maldives is easy to reach and yet so far removed from the world. It lies in the central southern part of the North Male’ Atoll, only 25 minutes by speedboat from Malé Airport. Baros Maldives has a stunning house reef with spectacular marine life. Big schools of tropical fish, reef sharks, turtles are guaranteed! You can explore shallow coral garden on your own or join guided snorkeling excursions. The best snorkeling Maldives resorts take care of their reef; team of experienced marine biologists are working hard to keep reefs healthy and so it is in Baros as well. Take part in their awareness program, learn more about local marine life, help to protect this stunning world!


Machchafushi, Centara Grand Island*****, South Ari Atoll

This beautiful island set within the South Ari Atoll offering luxurious 5 star experience. World class house reef at your doorstep with sunken shipwreck; the Centara Grand Island Resort and Spa is a real gem if it comes to the best snorkeling Maldives resorts. The hotel is awarded with Green Fins certification. It is a project of the United Nations Environment Programme and Reef-World Foundation, and means the resort support responsible diving and snorkeling. Thanks to their efforts, the stunning house reef is full of fish, turtles and reef sharks, snorkeling around Machchafushi is like swimming in a tropical fish tank!

Best snorkeling Maldives resorts

Moofushi, Constance Moofushi Resort*****, South Ari Atoll

The house reef of Moofushi is so stunning that you will end up every time snorkeling even though there are plenty of other activities available – incredible seascape with plenty of fish, you will feel yourself like in Finding Nemo; Nemos and Dorys everywhere! Turtles and reef sharks also daily visitors around. The island is a jewel in the Indian Ocean: perfect combination of luxury and simplicity where everything is taken care of. The Constance Moofushi is a resort with soul where you can enjoy carefree days and abundant sea life.


Fihalholi, Fihalholi Island Resort****, South Male Atoll

Fihalholi is the absolute paradise escape, a truly idyllic spot where you can forget your everyday life and let your mind and body relax. The stunning house reef is teeming with vibrant marine life: sharks, rays, eels, octopus and turtles can be spotted even in shallow waters. Easy to swim out to the drop off as well. The Fihalholi Island Resort is a beautiful beachfront property. You can stay in romantic water bungalows or in comfortable rooms at affordable prices. The island is few kilometers away from Male, perfect spot for an enjoyable snorkeling holiday. Great value for money makes Fihalhohi one of the best snorkeling Maldives resorts!


Filtiheyo, Filitheyo Island Resort****, Faafu Atoll

Stunning island, excellent service, fantastic food! These expressions describe Filitheyo; reviews of travelers also confirm this. Beaches of Filitheyo are dressed in white sand soft like velvet, while corals are colorful like rainbow. The sea is protected around, more than 700 meters long house reef will keep you busy snorkeling. The underneath life is amazing, tropical fish in every color imaginable plus turtles, sharks, moray eels and even dolphins if you are lucky enough! Offering an idyllic setting to relax and snorkel in the Indian Ocean, Filitheyo Island Resort must be on the best snorkeling Maldives resorts in 2017 top list! Designed for sun and sea lovers, for those who want to enjoy abundant sea life, good food and luxurious treatment during their holiday.


Maayafushi, VOI Maayafushi Resort****, North Ari Atoll

Maayafushi has the WOW factor, a real paradise on earth! In the northern part of the Ari Atoll, heavenly island  surrounded by white sandy beach and crystal clear water. House reef filled with colored fauna, Maayafushi is known to have one of the best and healthy reef; where reef sharks and different ray species can be found. The VOI Maayafushi Resort has Maldivian style bungalows and water villas with direct access to amazing house reef for an unforgettable experience. Maayafushi is recommended to anyone loving nature as its best above and under the surface as well!


Mandhoo, Mirihi Island Resort*****, South Ari Atoll

Luxury as it should be! Combining modern and traditional elements, this small tropical paradise (considered as being one of the smallest but finest islands in the Maldives) is waiting for you with extraordinary service and with a house reef which surpass all others. Waking up with the fish, turtles, reef sharks, rays, swimming amongst angle and butterfly fish is way how you spend your time here. The marine life is abundant and lively. If you are seeking a chill-out experience with caring staff and superb snorkeling, Mirihi is the place to stay!


Vilamendhoo, Vilamendhoo Island Resort*****, South Ari Atoll

Vilamendhoo: surrounded by beautiful lagoon and long stretches of white, sandy beaches. If you are looking for a great family resort, excellent house reef, snorkeling with mantas and whale sharks, Vilamendhoo offers it all. Not only the amazing snorkeling but the quality of customer service makes Vilamendhoo Island Resort one of the best snorkeling Maldives resorts. best-snorkeling-maldives-vilamendhoo-island-housereef

Bathala, Bathala Island Resort***, North Ari Atoll

Bathala is a tru gem! One of the only 12 islands left with 100% barrier reef, a well-kept treasure, simple but pure paradise for snorkelers. Bathala’s vibrant house reef is visited by grey reef sharks, nurse sharks, eagle and manta rays. The whole island is designed for snorkelers and for scuba divers; there are six entry and exit points for direct access from the spectacular white sand beach. Bathala is a charming tropical island where adventurous travelers could revel in the natural beauty and have a wonderful barefoot holiday. Bathala Island Resort’s comfortable villas open out onto the powdery white sand beach, within seconds you reach the turquoise lagoon where you find yourself surrounded by shoaling fish. Excellent value for money!best-snorkeling-maldives-resorts-bathala-resort-coral-reef

+1 Biyadhoo, Biyadhoo Island Resort***, South Male Atoll

The best snorkeling Maldives resort are not necessarily expensive ones! Just 30 minutes from Malé by speedboat, tropical island of Biyadhoo offers you simple accommodation but breath-taking Maldives beauty. Biyadhoo blessed with lush vegetation, perfect beach such as excellent house reef. Napoleon wrasses, eagle rays and huge school of fish will entertain you while snorkeling, the lucky ones see dolphins and manta rays as well. Biyadhoo Island and its 3 star hotel is popular among snorkeling enthusiasts who would like to enjoy the Maldivian style at reasonable prices. Check out our photos and videos of Biyadhoo Island Resort Reef and read our personal review!snorkeling-maldives-resorts-biyadhoo-island-anemone


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