GoPro dome port – how to capture cool split images

Are you jealous if you see how cool over/under photos take the professional photographers? Don’t be, splits shots are not only for DSLR users anymore! Install a SPLIT GoPro dome port on your favorite GoPro and start capturing sick photos!gopro-dome-port

GoPro dome port for the best over-under shots

First of all, let’s see what is a dome port exactly and how it works? Dome port is an extra optical element in front of your camera and might solve the three main problems if it comes to underwater photography: properties of water, light and air. Basically, the dome port makes your photos cleaner and sharper, increases the field of view and decreases underwater magnification – the curve of the port minimizes the effects of refraction, radial distortion and chromatic aberration. Dome ports for DSLR cameras are very expensive, but fortunately half-half images are not the privilege of DSLR users anymore, you also can upgrade your GoPro with a dome port! Check out the SPLIT GoPro dome port which can be your for less than 150 USD! Enjoy our special offer and use SNORKEL code at the checkout for 10% discount!split-dome-port

SPLIT GoPro Dome port – all you need is in one package

The SPLIT is a high-grade acrylic and shock resistant ABS plastic dome port which is compatible with your Hero 4, Hero3+ or Hero3 action cameras and comes with a floating carbon hand grip! You will get everything in the package what you need to set up the dome on your GoPro, and at a very reasonable price!

Buy your GoPro dome port in the early bird offer at a super price for only 149.95 USD or for even less 🙂 Enjoy our special discount, enter SNORKEL code at the checkout and get 10% extra off! Did we mention that SHIPPING is FREE worlwide?!

The SPLIT is waterproof up to 20 meters – your GoPro is safely stored in a separate housing (which is waterproof up to 40 meters) and all 3 control buttons can be used while your GoPro is fixed in the dome.dome-port-for-gopro

The SPLIT comes with a carbon floating grip (bobber) – the carbon is three times as strong as steel and very lightweight (only 64 g – 2.26 oz). The mount is a standard GoPro mount, this makes the grip very useful even without the port; mount can be taken off the grip and used as a regular tripod, threaded insert at the bottom (that holds the strap mount) can also be removed. Size of the carbon grip is 15*3.3 cm (5.9*1.3 in).

What you get in the package?

  • 1 x Dome Port with special GoPro housing
  • 1 x Carbon Floaty Grip
  • 1 x Wrist Strap
  • 1 x Long Screw
  • 1 x Mini Hex Driver

Features of the SPLIT GoPro Dome port

  • quality material: acrylic and ABS plastic
  • easy to set-up and operate, all 3 control buttons work
  • back LCD screen is visible
  • carbon floating hand grip
  • aluminum mount
  • all accessories in the package for disassembly
  • GoPro Hero compatible – Hero4, Hero3+ and Hero3
  • size of the dome port: 19*19*10 cm (7.5*7.5*3.9 in)
  • weight of the dome port: 373g (13.2 oz)

The SPLIT GoPro dome port is available in normal and in LCD version. The normal is designed for GoPro camera without the LCD bacpac extension (Hero4 Silver fits the normal), the LCD version has wider housing, it is for GoPros with the LCD bacpac.

Tips and tricks for the best split shots

Choose a sunny day – the light greatly improve the shots

Don’t point the dome into the sun – keep the sun behind your back

Choose clear water – shoot when the visibility is good, bright sand is better than dark algae and mud

Avoid fogging – assemble the dome somewhere dry and/or use GoPro Anti-fog camera lens inserts

Get rid of the water drops – try to keep the top half of the dome dry and/or use special wax (or simple lick your dome, let it dry for 1-2 minutes and then dip it into water, this is a tested and very popular way )

Protect your dome – avoid scratches and cover your SPLIT GoPro dome port with the Neoprene Cover if you don’t use it

Keep the dome clean – sand, salt or other tiny parts could damage your dome so make sure to rinse the dome with fresh water after seawater use. Sometimes you will need to clean from inside as well-check in the „how to use video” or on the SPLIT official site how can you do this and always use cleaning agent that does not harm acrylic materials!split-gopro-dome-port

So, what are you waiting for? Order your SPLIT GoPro in the early bird promotion, add SNORKEL code for extra 10% off and shoot cool split photos! And of course, don’t forget to share your images with us on our Instagram!

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