GoPro Hero5 features – Something cool is coming!

The rumor has that the GoPro Hero5 should be released soon, so GoPro fans, get ready for big innovations! The Hero5 is the most awaited action camera of the year, it was expected this spring but according to the latest info it will come out only in the last quarter of the year because the company wants to be sure that the series 5 will be significantly better than its predecessor. The people are really excited about the GoPro Hero5 features, although there is no confirmed information regarding the final specification, but let’s see what we can expect from the newest GoPro Hero5.

GoPro Hero5 features

GoPro Hero5 features and highlights

Dive deep

Good news for water lovers , the company is focusing on underwater videographers and photographers with the Hero5 what will feature outstanding underwater shooting capabilities and will be waterproof to 60 meters.

The size matters

The new generation will be significantly lighter and smaller than the previous series – the company wants to provide the most mobile camera possible.

The life in 8K

Experience the life in 8K – the GoPro Hero5 features incredible shooting options, the ability to create videos in 8K format. GoPro will be pioneer with the 8K videos what are expected to become the part of the cinematic culture (although this technology is not supported yet on the most popular video sharing sites).

3D images and videos, 60 fps, technical upgrades

Create your own 3D movies – the dual-lens system will enable to capture your moments in 3D as well! 60 frames per second option will be available in numerous resolutions. The GoPro Hero5 features also improved bluetooth functionality and new chipset which ensure smooth running even in poor shooting conditions.

Drone compatibility

Customers were complaining a lot about the lack of drone compatibility, so the Hero 5 will fit to drones. By the way, they are also working on completely autonomous drones requiring absolutely no piloting.

24 hours of operation

Yes, the battery life was absolutely a point what should be improved – it seems they wants to kill this weakness and suggest that the Hero5 comes out with a 2800mAh battery and will be capable of 24 hours filming on a single charge which is really impressive, can’t wait for the tests!

And what about the price?

So, we must admit, the new GoPro Hero5 features are really impressive, so everyone wants to know how pricey will be this little gem –some market researchers believe it will be placed in a price basket slightly lower than the Hero4 generation with a price between 450-550 USD.

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Anyway, we are waiting for the Hero5, especially because of the new underwater filming options of course!

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