Safe snorkeling – 10 tips for your safety and comfort

Is snorkeling safe? Sometimes you can hear about snorkeling accidents… I think it is an enjoyable and safe activity, if you follow some rules and instructions. We help you with useful tips how to minimize the chance of an accident, avoid bad experience and make only safe snorkeling holidays.

Safe snorkeling guide

Be confident in the water

Learn to swim and snorkel well! Snorkeling is a very easy-to-learn sport, you can adapt the skills in a very short time. If you feel more comfortable at the beginning, wear an extra life jacket for your safety.

Have good quality equipment and learn to use it

Do not spare on your gear, buy good products from bigger manufacturers. Bad items might break in the most unexpected moments, so do not risk and spend time on selecting the right mask, snorkel and fin and learn to use them properly.

If it is possible do not snorkel alone

If your family or your partner is also keen about the underwater world, it is not a problem to find a buddy and organize safe snorkeling trips together. But if you are alone, try to join a group or find a buddy in your hotel/on the beach. Unexpected emergency situations could happen to everyone, so it is better if you could help each other. And of course the fun is bigger when it is shared!

After eating take a rest

Do not go into the water when you are full. The waves and saltwater might mix up your stomach, it could cause discomfort and you might feel yourself very bad. Eat light but nutritive food like fruits, vegetables, salads with chicken, wholemeal pasta which will give you energy for swimming.

No Alcohol

Did you attend a hard party last night and drink too much? Than better if you stay on the shore and let your body regenerate. Going into the water under the impact of alcohol could be very dangerous so you must decide what you want to do, a party day or a safe snorkeling day.

Be fit and healthy

If you feel yourself not 100 % fit, have a cold or got sunstroke, wait till you’ll be healthy again. If there is a strong current or just you far away from your entry point you might need a lot of energy to swim back. Remember, for taking a safe snorkeling trip you must be healthy.

Protect your skin

Sunburn could be painful and dangerous, so protect your skin against sunrays. The best is if you wear an UV protective rash guard which is also good against jellyfish. There are different type of rash guards from different manufacturers (short and long sleeve shirts, trousers and full suits or there are specific stinger suits).

Stay close to the shore/reef

If there is an „assigned snorkel area” stay inside and you can spend safe snorkeling hours in the water. If there are no sign where to snorkel, ask the local staff about the conditions and things to see and always stay close to the shore/to the reef. Before you go snorkeling, check the entry and possible exit points, make a plan where can you come out of the water if you feel yourself tired or not well or do not have energy to swim back to the point where you went in.

Check the weather/marine weather forecast

Conditions on the sea could change just in a second, currents could become extreme strong and if the weather is nice in the morning it might be stormy in the afternoon. Always check the forecast and the beach warning flags!

Never touch the corals/marine life

And finally the most important, respect the underwater world and do not touch the corals or disturb the marine life. If you must stand on, search a sandy place or a big stone and stand on it, never on corals.

We wish you safe snorkeling holidays!

Safe snorkeling


4 thoughts on “Safe snorkeling – 10 tips for your safety and comfort

  • 2016-08-11 at 15:22

    I really like how you caution to not go snorkeling alone. You never know what will happen out in the ocean, so it is better to be safe. I think this is especially important if you are in an unfamiliar area. Would a gear rental place be a good place to find snorkeling buddies?

  • 2016-11-13 at 14:32

    Can I do snorkeling even if I dont know how to swim? This seems to be fun and I’d like to try it. But I dont know how to start.

    • 2016-11-15 at 22:01

      Hi Artemis,

      Yes, you can try. You have to wear life jacket or you can use snorkelboard, but the best is if you learn how to swim and how to be confident in the water.

      Best Regards

  • 2017-03-11 at 19:29

    Good tip on resting after eating. I have been sick a few times when I didn’t. Swimming around in my own puke was a slightly traumatizing experience:)


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