Underwater accessories for GoPro cameras

Capturing your best moments was never so easy like nowadays – with the pocket size action cameras you could be always ready to film your lifetime experience. For the better result you may need some extras to add to your cam. In this article we will show you some practical underwater accessories for GoPro cameras.

GoPro underwater accessories – originals and alternatives

GoPro the Handler (Floating Hand Grip) : I think this is one of the most popular grip for GoPros – gives stability and also keeps your cam aflot so you don’t need to worry about submerging if you let it goes accidentally. Great alternative product is the Luxebell floating grip at very affordable price.

Floaty backdoor : can you imagine how many GoPros were lost in the water? I think a lot, but the companies adapted the situation and launched floating underwater accessories which don’t allow to submerge your beloved camera if you loose it in the water. You can easily attach Floaty to the backdoor of your camera and usually there is an extra backdoor in the package (in the original pack for sure but there are many alternative backdoor floaties in the market).

Red and magenta filters : there is a big challenge in underwater filming: how to get back the colors? Fortunately there are great underwater accessories to solve this problem, the color correction filters. Generally the rule is that the red filter works well in blue water of between 2- 7 m (7-25 ft). If you snorkel or dive in green water the magenta filter will help you to bring back the natural colors. In very shallow water you don’t need to use any filter.

Smart remote control : you may control your GoPro remotely underwater with this waterproof (up to 10 m – 33 ft) remote control. You can easily turn on/off the camera, adjust settings, start and stop recording or taking photos. In the built-in LCD you can see your camera actual settings and functions. The alternative products are waterproof just up to 3-5 m (9,5-16 ft).

Dome port : are you stoked about overunder shots? Than grab a dome port and start new adventures while trying to make the perfect split!

Masks with GoPro mount : for hand-free filming choose a mask equipped with a GoPro mount. If you have more action cams and you would like to add to your video a different angle try to mount one of your cameras on your mask.

GoPro tray, arms and camera mount : if you film underwater it is very important to hold your camera as stable as possible – use a tray and you will be able to hold your GoPro more fix. There are many different trays available, simple ones and also very professionals for photo- and videographers who also wanna add lights or flash to their equipment.

If you need waterproof Selfie Stick for your GoPro check our old article.

Before buying underwater accessories to your GoPro camera, always check their compatibility!

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