Bog Snorkeling Championship – That is weird but fun!

What are you doing at the end of this August? If you have no plans yet, we could suggest you one: Pack your snorkel stuff, go to the United Kingdom and participate in the Bog Snorkeling Championship! Snorkeling in murky water seems not an ordinary thing, you won’t see colorful fish or corals but sure you will have fun and memorable moments in this bizarre event.

Bog snorkeling

Story of the Bog Snorkeling Championship

The bog snorkeling events use to be held in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, United Kingdom. The concept was born by Gordon Green in The Neuadd Arms pub in 1976. The local community centre needed immediate repair and he came up with the idea raising money through this event. The activity became popular; the first championship was held in 1985 and it is an annual event now, takes place on the August Bank Holiday weekend at the Waen Rhydd peat bog. It was mentioned even by the Lonely Planet as one of the top 50 must-do things from around the world!

Take your mask, snorkel and fins and jump into the water, sorry, into the bog and have fun – that could be the slogan of this bizarre sport event. Some people wear funny costumes to make their look more extreme, the most fanatic snorkelers arrive in self-made fancy dresses.

bog snorkeling wales

You just need to swim as fast as you can in the 55 meters long, 1,5 meters deep trench there and back.

It is a tradition in the village participating in the Bog Snorkeling Championship and everybody is proud of her/his time. But not only the locals enter the championship, competitors from all over the world visit this charity event and try to break the record times. The absolutely record holder is a former club swimmer, Kirsty Johnson who set a fantastic time 1:22:56 in 2014.

If you would like to join the bog snorkeling, save the date, 28th August 2016! You may enter on the , the entry fee is 15 GBP (around 22 USD) for adults and 12 GBP (around 17 USD) for juniors.

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