Underwater restaurants – Enjoy your meal with perfect view!

Watching colorful fish swimming peacefully amoung vibrant corals while trying new flavors – can you imagine a better way of eating delicious food? If you are also keen about the underwater life and would like to have a very special dining experience, have a look at these underwater restaurants! OK, most of them are not real underwater “just” aquarium themed, but each one offer the relaxing undersea atmosphere, it is worths to visit at least one in the lifePer AQUUM NIYAMA Maldives Subsix Underwater Restaurant and Night Club

Underwater restaurants on the Maldives

In the first section let’s see the “real” underwater restaurants which can be found on different spots on the Maldives:

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Conrad Rangali, Maldives) – the very first! The Maldives, this unique holiday destination has the first undersea restaurant 5 m (16 ft) below sea level. Ithaa means “mother-of-pearl” in Maldivian. The restaurant can be found at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island (previously Hilton Maldives Rangali Island Resort & Spa) in the Alif Dhaal Atoll. The Ithaa is the most special among the seven restaurants of the islands – they serve Maldivian lobster and caviar in luxury environment.

The Crown Company, who owns and leases the Rangali Island was always dreaming about a breathtaking attraction – they contacted Mike Murphy’s company who has already had experience in some huge underwater projects – his acrylic tunnel was designed for the Kuala Lumpur National Science Center, the world’s largest aquarium tunnel.
The design work started in March 2004 in Singapore and the construction began in May 2004. The Ithaa was transported to the Maldives on a barge in 16 days. It was sunk underwater on the 19 of November, 2004. Its total weight is 175 tonnes and they used 85 tonnes sand ballast by sinking. The estimated life span of the tunnel is 20 years.Ithaa - Underwater Restaurants

Sea wine cellar and undersea restaurant (Anantara Kihavah Villas, Maldives) – Experience the world first undersea wine cellar and one of only the few underwater restaurants. The Anantara Kihavah Sea Restaurant located on the ocean floor in stunning environment – the Indian Ocean’s sea life will entertain you with playful fish and turtles while dining on European cuisine and enjoying world class wines from the underwater wine cellar. It may happen that even snorkellers will swimming around the restaurant while you are sitting inside! The Sea is open for lunch and dinner (on Sundays for breakfast as well). The restaurant has only 8 tables – it feels exclusively and the guests may have privacy. If you would like to identify the fish swimming around you a Maldivian Reef Fish Guide can be found on each table. Ohh God, I wish I could dine here πŸ™‚Sea Anantara Restaurant

Subsix (PER AQUUM, Niyama Resort, Maldives) – Well it seems the underwater restaurants has always something extra – the Subsix is not just a restaurant it is the first underwater nightclub 6 metres (20 ft) below the surface. It is only accessible by speedboat from the Niyama Resort. This extraordinary dining spot was recently submerged, each tiny details was designed in underwater style, even the chairs look like a sea anemone, you may feel yourself in an undersea kelp forest. Enjoy here a special Champagne breakfast, subaquatic lunch, dinner or let off the steam on a DJ night. The Subsix is also open for events – book it for wedding, birthday party or for a meeting and it will be an unforgottable one for sure! (But please, don’t forget to invite us…)Subsix - Underwater Restaurant

Aquarium themed restaurants around the world

After the real underwater restaurants let’s see where are the best aquarium restaurants:

Al Mahara (Burj Al Arab, Dubai) – if it comes to majestic solutions, Dubai knows how to overwhelm the people. The Al Mahara which means “the oyster shell” in Arabic can be found in the luxurious Burj Al Arab Hotel (the entrance looks like an oyster shell).
Although this in not a real underwater restaurant you will have the feeling of being under the sea – you may watch the colorful fish, sharks and rays swimming in the floor-to-ceiling aquarium while enjoying your meal. This seafood restaurant can be found on the ground floor of the hotel and their specialties include poached tsarskaya oysters and sea salt–crusted sea bass, Alaskan king crab, Wagyu beef with potato gnocchi or dark brown sugar shortbread for dessert.Underwater Restaurant - al mahara

Atrium Bar – Radisson Blue (Berlin, Germany) – What do the architects if they are in a landlocked country what would like to enjoy the stunning sealife every day? They build an aquarium, but not just a simple one! The AquaDom, the world largest cylindrical aquarium is inside the Radisson Blue Hotel in the heart of Berlin. It contains 1 million liters of salt water and 110 different sea species. If you want to have a snack or cool yourself with a fresh beverage, visit the Atrium Bar wich can be found directly under the huge aquarium. Enjoy here your breakfast, a coffee, tea or cocktail or try their homemade pastries, cakes and cookies!Atrium - Restaurant

Aquarium underwater restaurants (USA) – The Aquarium has four underwater restaurants in the USA – in Nashville (Tenesse), in Denver (Colorado), in Houston (Texas) and in Kemah (Texas). The company’s slogan is “An underwater dining adventure”. They offer more than food, a complex entertainment for the whole family: they organize exhibits, kids camps and different shows like mermaid party or rainforest tours. The underwater restaurants are open for banquets and meetings or if you are looking for an unique wedding or birthday party location, you are right here! The Aquarium underwater restaurants offers a wide variety of seafood specialties as well as salads, pastas and different desserts.Underwater Restaurants - Aquarium restaurants USA

Cargo Hold Restaurant (Durban, South Africa) – Ultimate gourmet experience with sharks swimming around you! The Cargo Hold Restaurant built in a replica of the “Phantom” South Africa’s legendary ghost ship. It can be found in the famous uShaka aquarium. The design and atmosphere is brilliant – the past comes to life and the ghost stories of the South African coastline evoke. Enjoy a lunch on oysters and seafood in the dark, historical interior and take a journey into the past!Cargo Hold - Restaurants

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