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The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort is a 5-star resort in Egypt that we highly recommend if you are planning a Marsa Alam snorkeling vacation. Excellent location close to the airport, guest-oriented service,  and a vibrant coral reef make this all-inclusive hotel a perfect choice for couples as well as for families who wish to explore the Red Sea’s superb marine life -including turtles and dugongs- while snorkeling or diving. 

Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza snorkeling insights

The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza is a perfect place to enjoy snorkeling and diving in the Red Sea! Marsa Alam has the healthiest coral reefs and richest marine life in Egypt where the rare dugong, huge sea turtles and big dolphin pods can be seen.

Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza - Jetty

House reef

The resort has its own wooden jetty that leads directly to the vibrant coral reef. At the end of the jetty, the water is deep so it is recommended for good swimmers only. Novice snorkelers can swim in the shallow lagoon halfway between the beach and the house reef. To get there, use the stairs in the middle of the jetty. This is a perfect spot for beginners and for kids to observe small coral formations and colorful fish like rainbow wrasses, anemonefish and parrotfish.

Fayrouz Plaza - House Reef life

If you love the ocean’s life, you are in the right place in the Fayrouz Plaza that offers one of the best snorkeling in Marsa Alam. By calm sea conditions, you can snorkel both to the right and left side from the jetty. The coral reef is teeming with life, there are so many things to see! Massive hard coral structures, huge soft coral colonies, big shoals of fish as well as different types of rays like blue-spotted and eagle species. Moreover, often turtles are swimming right in front of the resort in the shallow water.

Coral reef on the left side

There is a small sandy lagoon on the left side of the jetty with an orange buoy in the middle. Next to the buoy, a rope is lying in the sand, on the sea bottom. The water is about 5 m/16 ft deep here and seahorses live next to rope! In the same place, some ceramic vases can be found at the bottom too. 

Soft coral

If you are interested in visiting other nice coral reefs in the region, visit the in-house dive-center. The staff will help you to book other Marsa Alam snorkeling trips (we went for an afternoon trip to the nearby Abu Dabbab and enjoyed it a lot).

Marsa Mubarak dugong trip

You might have heard that one of the most special and unfortunately endangered sea creatures of the Red Sea, the dugong lives only in the Marsa Alam region. This is why most people decide to come to The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort. The hotel lies next to the Marsa Mubarak Bay that is the best place to swim with the dugong. According to the locals, 2-3 sea cows visit the bay regularly, so you will have really high chances here to spot this unique marine mammal.

Dugong - Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza

From the resort, you can get to Marsa Mubarak simply by walking on the shore. It takes about 15-20 mins so take water with you! You can leave your stuff on the beach since it is only visited by snorkelers and divers at the moment.  According to the news, a new hotel will open soon in the bay.  Snorkel only in the left corner and around the orange mooring buoy. This is where the dugong and sea turtles are usually staying and feeding. For more information, read or full dugong in Marsa Alam article where we posted our about our personal seacow-experience with photos attached!

Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort review

As regular visitors in the country, we have stayed in many different hotels over the years but must admit, that The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort is one of the best hotels in Egypt! You can find many more luxury accommodations in Marsa Alam for sure, but the service level here is definitely the highest we have ever experienced in Egypt.

Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza - Relax beach

From the first second you enter the resort, you will enjoy the special care of the staff until you leave. It is a nice gesture that the General Manager, Mr Abou El Haggag El Ammari searches the opportunity to interact with the guests welcoming the returning ones like friends and making the first-comers also feel at home.

Interested in this hotel? Check the availability and prices: Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort or check Concorde Moreen Beach Resort article which is another good hotel to stay in Marsa Alam.

Hotel location

The Marsa Alam region has a long coastline and most hotels are reachable only with a long transfer from the airport, but not the Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort! With its ideal location, the Fayrouz Plaza is just a short (10-15 mins) drive from Marsa Alam International Airport. The hotel has a big garden and a wide, 800 m long beach, offering privacy to the guests. For some, it might seem to be a bit remote because there are no “neighboring” hotels, but therefore it is a perfect place to relax and disconnect.

Hard Coral Garden

The closest complex is the Port Ghalib area on the left side. Comparing to other Egypt tourist cities like Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh, there are less things-to-do. There is no busy city-center with shops and restaurants where you can go out in the evenings. A Marsa Alam snorkeling holiday is perfect for those who enjoy being far from the noise and crowd.

Tip: read our where to snorkel in Egypt guide if you need more information on snorkeling in Sharm el Sheik, Hurghada and Dahab!

Facilities and services

The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza offers a wide range of services to satisfy all your needs while on holiday. No matter you want to spend time relaxing on the spacious beach or prefer being active, you will find the activity that fits you. There are swimming pools in various sizes and depths, some of them are heated in winter. On the main beach, you find sunbeds and umbrellas that are free-to-use. Different activities are available like horse riding, or you can play table tennis, darts, billiard just to mention a few. Kids can enjoy several programs offered by the animation team.

Three Corner Hotel Garden

The breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the main restaurant in buffet-style. Also, there are 4 specialty restaurants that you can book in advance. During the day, light snacks like hamburger, kebab or fish and chips are available at the beach. Juices, water, cocktails, and other beverages are served in the main bar but also in the beach bar that is open till sunset.


The hotel has in total 471 rooms. Most of them located in the main building, while some in the recently built garden area. The superior rooms are perfect for couples or solo travelers, but there are bigger suites that can accommodate families too. The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza thinks about honeymooners too with specially designed honeymoon suites. Thanks to its good reputation, the resort is usually fully-booked in the main holiday seasons, therefore we recommend to arrange your stay well in advance!

Tip: Egypt has a perfect climate for winter beach holidays with pleasant air and sea temperatures. Escape the cold, grey weather and recharge your batteries in the sun!

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