Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza snorkeling adventures

As we promised, here is the hotel and underwater review of our latest trip (17-24 Dec 2015, Marsa Alam – Egypt) : read some thoughts and enjoy our Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza snorkeling photos!Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza - Flag

The Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Beach Resort – Hotel infos

I can express with two words how was the hotel – Simply perfect ! No, we don’t get money for saying this and our trip was not a promotional one (unfortunately 🙂 ) But this hotel was one of the nicest and has one the most friendliest staff we met in Egypt so far! From the first second we arrived until we left the hotel everything was great! (The General Manager, Mr Abou El Haggag El Ammari personally said Thank You for staying in their hotel and wished us a safe journey)

Usually we choose hotel according to the underwater reviews and the hotel standard is secondary. When we decided to come to the Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza snorkeling, we read some good reviews about it but everything was much better than we expected. If you would like to stay in a friendly, familiar place where the staff welcomes you as a friend, you won’t be disappointed here.

As it was just a few days before Christmas, the hotel had a lot of guests but we never felt it crowded. The hotel has a big, well-kept garden. If you need privacy on the beach, there is a “Relax Beach” in a separate bay with less sunbeds, like a private area!Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza - Relax beach

Our rooms was big enough and always clean. Our roomboy was a nice guy who suprised us regularly with nice towel figures.

The restaurants were super, there were always a wide selection of dishes. There is a buffet every evening in the main restaurant, but you may have dinner in the the thematic restaurants aswell. They serve tasteful all inclusive cocktails in the bars, but also have import alcohols if you prefer familiar flavors.

Although we are not really interested in animations (we entertain ourselves in the water and underwater) we had funny conversations with the animation team members and also participated in the fakir show 🙂

If you have been already in the Marsa Alam region, you know that here the hotels are normally very far from each other. The Fayrouz Plaza also has no neighbour hotel, on the left side the nearest buildings are in the Port Ghalib (approx 1 km far) and there is the desert on the right side.Three Corner Hotel

Is there anything what need to be improved in the hotel? The internet 🙂 We forgot to buy net card at the airport, so we had no privat internet but the hotel offers Free Wifi in the lobby area. As we were during the day on the beach and in the water, we wanted to check our sites in the evening, yes when everybody wants to do the same and line is overloaded… so we had difficulties with uploading photos and videos. We can live without internet for a few days, but we had so great adventures (dugong, huge sea turtles and seahorse) and we felt we have to share them immediately with our community. We found only this tiny deficiency, overall everything was perfect and we would come back anytime and make an other Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza snorkeling trip.

Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza snorkeling facilities

And let’s talk about snorkelling and speak the photos for themselves! Many people come here because of the great house reef, we checked personally why is a Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza snorkeling holiday so special.

The hotel has a long, sandy beach and with a wooden jetty in the middle. They always sign with different colored flags is it safe to swim in the sea or is there any hazard (depending on the wind and weather conditions) We think the visibility was a bit bad during the whole week, maybe because of the mixing of different temperature currents. The water was often murky, the sea temperature was between 22-24 oC (72-75 oF) but don’t forget, it was middle of December! Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza - Jetty

There are two entry points at the end of the jetty, one on the right side and one on the left side.

If you enter the water on the right side you will find yourself directly at the house reef, in the deep water. You may swim left or right, along the reef. The further you swim the more beautiful corals you find. Different type of hard and soft corals build interesting forms, you will be amused by this diverse underwater world. On windy days the sea could be angry with big waves and strong currents, so swimming far from the jetty is recommended only by calm sea and just for good swimmers.Fayrouz Plaza - Reef life

Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza - Coral

One day we swam from the hotel pier till the Marsa Mubarak bay, it took about 2 hours in comfortable tempo. The corals are amazing, we met plenty of blue spotted rays, turtles and we saw the dugong aswell swimming peacefully along the reef. Sometimes the dugong also stops direct at the hotel jetty, entertain the people with funny poses and makes their Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza snorkeling holiday unforgottable.Hard Coral Garden

If you enter the water on the left side of the jetty, the view of the corals could cause disappointment for you, because they are not really nice on this side, but you may see different fish and sometimes also turtles here. There is a small sandy lagoon on the left with an orange buoy in the middle. Next to the buoy a rope is lying in the sand, on the sea bottom. Freediver may dive down, the water is not too deep (5 m – 16 ft )and seek for the two seahorses who live next to rope! Treasure hunters may find other interesting things underwater, some ceramic vases.Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza Reef Left side

Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza - Seahorse

Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza - Underwater treasure

A local man who runs a souvenir shop on the beach told us he use to see dolphins, reef sharks and big napoleon wrasses in this area, but unfortunately we have not seen them.Happy New Year Egypt

The biggest “attractions” why come most people to the Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza snorkeling are definitely the dugong and the huge sea turtles. Although they can be spotted sometimes also at the hotel pier, if you want to be sure to observe them, go to the nearby Marsa Mubarak Bay. You can reach this place with a short walk from the hotel, check or previous post for more details!

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