Full face snorkel mask market is getting bigger and bigger

It seems the full face snorkel mask concept is a big success – One of the biggest dive and snorkeling gear manufacturer, the Head-Mares introduced recently their own Head Sea Vu Dry full face snorkel mask. Get to know from this short post what is going on this market!

The first : Easybreath full face snorkel mask

The first widespread full face snorkeling mask is definitely the Tribord Easybreath from Decathlon, we also posted about it last year: decathlon-easybreathAbu Dabbab Snorkeling in Full Face Mask

To be honest, when we met the Tribord Easybreath mask at first time, we were smiling a bit. It seemed weird and we looked funny with the masks on our head 🙂 We have not really believed in its success… But after the first skeptic thoughts we have seen more and more people wearing these masks and also read reviews from satisfied snorkelers. So the Easybreath solved a real problem – it gave the chance to the people – who do not want to get their face wet in the water or have problems with breathing through the mouth while wearing a classic mask and snorkel – to feel themselves in the water more comfortable and safe.

After the Easybreath success more and more companies came out with their own full face snorkel mask, so there is a wide selection on the amazon in different prize categories. Normally these mask are available in two sizes (S/M and L/XL). I found only the original Easybreath in children size (XS). Some models are already equipped with action camera mount.

Seaview 180 – with or without mount
From 69.99 USD
Tribord Easybreath – with GoPro mount
From 62 USD
SeaFin Mask – Full Face Snorkel Mask
From 39.99 USD
Vaincre 180° View Snorkel Mask Full Face
From 28.99 USD
Easy Snorkel Mask 180° Panoramic Full face Design
From 49.99 USD

Trax To Tracks Full Face Snorkel-Dive Mask

From 17.95 USD
Octobermoon 180°Full view Panoramic Snorkel Mask
From 39.99 USD
Ocean Reef Aria full face mask

From 89 USD

Prices were updated on the 11/2017

Sea Vu Dry full face snorkel mask from Head

As you also see, the full face snorkel mask market must be developing one, it may not be random that a big manufacturer introduced its own, new and improved model.Sea Vu Dry Full face snorkeling mask

The Head Sea Vu Dry is designed and manufactures in Italy and has all the good features of a full face snorkel mask:

  • covers the entire face and keeps it dry
  • large field of view
  • allows to breathe naturally through the nose and mouth
  • no fogging, always clear view thanks to the breathing circulation
  • dry top snorkel, keeps water from entering

The new mask will be available in black color, in two sizes (S/M or L/XL) from February 2016, from 99.95 USD.

Do you use or have ever tried full face snorkel mask? Your reviews are always welcome by us, share it!

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  • 2016-09-18 at 07:50

    Great article! There are a lot of options out there hard to find an affordable and high quality one. Lukily Infound a great brand that worked amazing and fit my budget: Sharklens


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