Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam – We were here and snorkeled

We have already posted a general description about the Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam, but in December we visited the bay personally and checked what can be found underwater. Unfortunately we have just spent a few hours there (it was an afternoon trip) but made some photos what we would like to share with you now. Watch them and you will know what can you expect if you decide to visit the Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam!

Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam – Explore the left side

The Abu Dabbab is a big bay with coral reefs both on the left and right side with very easy access to the water thanks to the sandy shore. There are some seaweed spots in the middle of the bay.Marsa Alam - LeftsideWe started to snorkel on the left side in front of the Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort. This part is very good also for novice snorkelers, because the sea is pretty calm on the left side even if it is windy at the open sea . (Usually the wind blows from North / Northwest so the left side is calmer and the right is more wavy).Coral reefThe water is shallow, visibility is great and you will find here spectacular corals and fish. Generally the reef is in good condition but unfortunately at some places you may observe how the corals dying an loosing their colors.Marsa Alam Abu Dabbab - Coral bleaching

Turtles and leopard rays in the middle

The visibility was not the best in the middle, beacuse the wind and waves were stirring up the sand. The Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam is famous about the big Caretta turtles, we also met some. Swim around and you will find them for sure, eating seaweed at the bottom or coming up for air.
If you are lucky you also may see beautiful leopard rays playing in the sand and school of mackerels.Abu Dabbab Marsa AlamThe dugong supposed to found also in the middle where the seagrass grow, but we have not find him. According to the latest feedbacks the dugongs visit less often the Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam, they moved to other bays like the Marsa Mubarak or Marsa Egla (If you missed or Marsa Mubarak review and dugong photos, see our last post from December!)

What is on the right side?

Marsa Alam - RightsideA nice reef can be found in front of the El Malikia Resort Abu Dabbab. The conditions were not ideal for snorkelling due to the strong wind and big waves on that day, but it hasn’t stopped us and we went into the water! The water is much deeper here than on the left side. We saw turtle, batfish and also school of fusillier fish.Marsa Alam Abu Dabbab -Turtle

El Malikia - Fish(Please note if the sea is rough snorkelling could be dangerous on this side, so be careful and keep distance from the reef! Only for good swimmers!)

Unfortunately we had no time to check the external reefs. People say the corals are in very good condition from the open sea and also bigger sea creatures can be spotted like reef sharks or sometimes whaleshark. We hope we could be back to the Abu Dabbab Marsa Alam in the future, spend longer time there and explore this nice bay better!

For more photos visit our Abu Dabbab gallery!

All photos were taken with Nikon AW120 waterproof compact camera.

Anett Szaszi

Anett fell in love with the ocean immediately when she put her head underwater in the Red Sea back in 2010. Discovering megacities is not her style but getting lost in tiny coastal villages, capturing the beauty of the sea while snorkeling. Wherever she goes, she takes her mask, fins and underwater camera with her. She has a big interest in exploring the world’s last hidden underwater paradises and marine conservation. She hopes to inspire people to protect our oceans by sharing her underwater stories. Find her photos on @anett.szaszi Instagram too!

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