Floating Island “Kokomo” – Penthouse on the water

The future is here and it is more incredible than we expected! Having an own floating island and live your life on luxury level is not a dream anymore, just question of money. Migaloo, the austrian submarine company has shown its new concept, the Kokomo Ailand.

Get to know the floating island

Have you ever heard about Migaloo? Migaloo originally is a white humpback whale who was spotted in Australia firstly in 1991. Migaloo is an aboriginal word, it means “white friend” . This unique albino humpback whale became very popular, he was the media’s and people’s favourite marine mammal for a long time.

As Migaloo, the white humpback whale is so unique among the sea mammals, the Migaloo floating island and submersible superyachts are also so individual. Each one is fully customizable in size, shape and features, the company design and build everything on the customer’s preferences.

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The Kokomo Ailand a special luxury penthouse on a semi-submersible platform. The tropical floating island is a 117 m (384 ft) wide and 78 m (256 ft) tall. The owners can enjoy the panoramic view from the rooms 80 m (262 ft) above sea level. You can spend your time in your private jungle, garden or next to the waterfall, enjoy your meal in the underwater dining room, refresh yourself in the beauty saloon or make fun in the pool.

The floating island is equipped with 8 engines, the huge platform can move with the maximum speed of 15 km/h (9 mph).

The main features of the floating island:

  • penthouse 80 m above sea level (accessible by 2 elevators)
  • jungle deck
  • vertical garden
  • large pool areas
  • beach gym
  • waterfalls
  • BBQ area
  • spa area
  • helicopter deck
  • outdoor cinema
  • underwater dining saloon
  • shark feeding station

The media loves the engaging concept pictures and videos very much, the people show interest in the Kokomo, there is no concrete order yet but the company negotiate with possible clients. The Migaloo says the price depends on the customer wishes, so they can’t calculate in advance. For further informations you should contact the company itself.

Although we like the Kokomo Ailand concept very much, unfortunately we can not imagine buying one in the near future. But if you will have one, don’t forget to invite us for a cocktail!

Photos from migaloo-submarines.com

Anett Szaszi

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