Christmas ideas for snorkellers – Give personally and useful

Ohh yes, the Christmas is coming and to be honest it always means a bit of stress. Buying the right gift for our beloved ones is not always easy, I think everybody spend long hours (maybe days or weeks) with choosing the best products. We would like to help you with some Christmas ideas for snorkellers, give you product tips what can be useful for underwater ideas for snorkellers

Waterproof cameras

You can never fail with a new camera! It does not matter it is a compact or a bigger camera , fanatic holiday makers will be glad with a new electronic travel buddy. If the gift goes to a person who prefer simple and smart cameras, choose a waterproof compact! A waterproof camera will be great partner in every conditions, you can take good photos without extra photography skills. If you would like to give a camera to someone who is already interested in photography and enjoy using the camera in manual mode, choose a waterproof mirrorless system camera.

Our Christmas ideas in the camera section are the following products in different price categories:

Underwater action cameras

For professional holiday videos the action cams are the best. They are small, light, does not mean so much extra weight when traveling and easy-to-use.

The best is if you choose a GoPro! Although a good GoPro is not a cheap product, you can be generous at Christmas and stop thinking about the money for a while. With a GoPro Hero4 Black 4K the surface and underwater videos and photos will be sharp and clear.


Cheaper alternative can be the GeekPro.

Waterproof smartphones and phone cases

Yes, you can go with your smartphone underwater! If you are looking for Christmas ideas for a water addict, you should consider gifting a waterproof smartphone. Well, these phones are normal waterproof not saltwaterproof, but if would like to take some fun photos in the pool or capture moments in rainy conditions, they will accept the challenge.

Some waterproof smartphones : Samsung Galaxy S8, Iphone 7, Sony Xperia XZ, HTC U11

For making your mobile waterproof, buy an underwater case!

UV protection clothes, rash guards

I think it is not needed to explain how important is to protect ourself against harmful sunrays and avoid sunburn. You can solve this problem with wearing clothes designed for watersports and beachlife.

The surf clothes and rush guards offer you sun protection (the best ones have UPF 50+ rating). If you wear UV clothes, you can spare on sunscreen because the shirt or suit gives you the UV protection.

An other big advantage using rush guards is that these clothes protect the body against jellyfish as well.

There are many different, fashionable and cool products on the market, the selection is wide: you can buy short- and long-sleeve shirts and even full suits.

Reef Safe Sunscreen products

Is there anybody who does not like cosmetic products? Ok, they are quite common Christmas ideas, but buying special ones like Reef Safe Sunscreen products is great especially for people who care about the environment.

The Reef Safe products are eco-friendly and biodegradable in oceans, lakes and rivers and non-toxic to sealife. The sunscreens are 80 minutes water, sweat, and rub resistant.. Think about your skin and the environment by giving Reef Safe for christmas!

Good quality snorkel sets

Does your partner, son, daughter or snorkel buddy complain about the wrong equipment? Suprise her/him with a new good quality snorkel set! Avoid the no-name products and buy gear from the big manufacturers. The good gears are made from durable material, so they can be a bit more expensive but it is worths to buy better ones.

Books and e-books

The most fanatic snorkellers always want to know what type of fish or coral have they seen underwater, you can help them if you choose something from our Chistmas ideas book and e-book list. A travel guide also a good option!

Other useful Christmas ideas

There are many useful products which can make a sealover happy. Towels, selfie sticks, waterproof bags, floating straps for camera, the list is endless, let’s see some Christmas ideas as inspiration.

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