Waterproof selfie stick – Get your GoPro underwater

Almost everybody has a GoPro or fake GoPro Hero action cam nowadays so it is not a question why the selfie sticks are so popular! The stick’s main function is to allow you to make selfies even if you are alone, but there are other advantages : using a stick you can move closer your camera to your subject and gives extra stability as well. As we spend long hours in saltwater, it is important if a stick waterproof or not, so let’s have a look what is on the waterproof selfie stick market and check some items!

1. GoPole Evo Floating Extension Pole

The GoPole is a transparent stick, could be seemingly invisible on your selfies. Normally is it 14″ long but can be extended to 24″. As it is a floatation device, you don’t need to worry about its submersion. It is equipped with watertight extension lock (you must set the lenght before entering the water, it can not be opened or adjusted underwater! If you unlock undewater, the water gets inside the pole and it will not float. If this happens, you should remove the water after using: open the extension lock and let it totally dry.

GoPole Evo Floating Selfie Stick - Pole

This waterproof selfie stick has direct GoPro connection, no adapter needed.
The package includes wrist strap and Wi-Fi Remote Clip (only the clip!) .If you buy a GoPro Smart Remote, it is also waterproof to 33ft (10m).

Price from 37.98 USD

2. Rotating Selfie Stick

Spivo Stick - waterproof selfie stick

I have met the Spivo on the Instagram at first time and this product really raised my interest. The Spivo is not just a 100% weatherproof, sun, snow and waterproof selfie stick , but has a great extra function! This is a rotating camera mount,you can switch the field of your camera’a view with the click of a trigger. It is great, isn’t it? It is always hard to rotate the camera on the mount, especially underwater and in gloves, but this whole procedure could be as easy as pie with the Spivo stick!

The Spivo is available in 3 different sizes:

  • S size – 12 ” pocket size
  • M size – 18″ mid size for all outdoor activities
  • L size – 26″ for cinematic shots

The Spivo is an universal monopod, you can mount your GoPro or any other lightweight camera or smartphone on it. It is not supposed to use with heavier cameras.

You can have this great salt waterproof selfie stick with the extra swivel function at very resonable price.

The S size is 42,78 USD, the M size is 46,67 USD and the L size is 50,56 USD.

3. DigiPower TP-QPXT Quikpod Extreme Monopod

The Digipower Quikpod Extreme waterproof selfie stick is extendable (18-53″), fits perfectly in backpacks but let’s you capture moments when nobody is around. It has a built-in mirror and easily interchange mounts (GoPro mount, smartphone adapter and normal camera mount). It is made from high quality waterproof aluminium. The package includes a hiking clip, bumpers, wrist strap and case as well.
The Quickpod waterproof selfie stick seems to be a mid range product, It can be different by every seller what is in the box, always check the full description!

Price from 39 USD


4. Quik Pod SPORT GoPro Stick

This waterproof selfie stick is completely saltwaterproof, would be a great option for snorkelers! This rugged, sporty stick is ideal for GoPro Hero cameras (or for other action cameras).
You will get in the package quick release adapter, waterproof lanyard, padded carry bag and hiking clip. Maximum length is 39″.

The mid price Quick Pod SPORT got good reviwes from users, they say it has a great design, doesn’t wriggle, but not recommended for bigger cameras because the stick may bend when it is extended fully. It can be the perfect choice for action cam fanatics!

Quik Pod SPORT GoPro waterproof Selfie Stick

Price from 59.95 USD

5. PinPo Extendable Waterproof selfie stick

The PinPo is a cheaper items, if you will use it rarely or simple don’t want to spend money to buy an expensive one, it is worth to check out.
This monopod is made from aluminium alloy, super lightweight, weight is only 142 g. There is foam grip on the handle and an extra wrist strap. Total lenght is 39″, includes 4 sections. You can fix the sections by turning left at the joint.
Package includes tripod adapter and aluminium long srew for action cameras. It is compatible with GoPro Hero 1,2,3,3+ and with other fake GoPro cameras with 1/4 inch universal srew socket. Not recommended for bigger, heavy cameras (maximum load is 500 g).

Price from 8.99 USD

6. PolarPro PowerGrip H2O Waterproof battery  powered GoPro pole

The PolarPro is a company specializes in manufacturing GoPro Hero accessories. The PowerGrip H2O is not a simple waterproof selfie stick, it is a proper accessory to maximize your adventures. It has a built-in 6700 mAh battery which powers your camera for 12 hours or fully charges it 6 times. The company wanted to make capturing moments easy, you need to take only this all-in-one stick with.

PolarPro PowerGrip H2O Selfie pole
The pole is waterproof to 33 m (99 ft), it has a skeleton door for live-charging your GoPro above water, by adding the optional waterproof live-charge door, you may charge your camera even underwater (this replaces the backdoor on the GoPro Hero 3/4 housing only!)
The H2O can be used as a powerbank, you can charge your phones or lights as well (has Dual-USB ports)
PolarPro PowerGrip H2O


It includes two 11″ extension arms (size between 9,5-33 “).
You can pre-order the PoweGrip H2O, estimated delivery is in November 2015.
The PowerGrip H20 is definitely the most professional product on the waterproof selfie stick market!

Price 69.9 USD in pre-order, retail price 99.9 USD

Please note that we haven’t tried any of the above mentioned items yet. If we will have self-experience with an underwater monopod, we are coming up with update.

It always depends on the sellers what is in the box, read the descriptions before buying.

The prices were valid on the 22/09/2015.

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    I like the Spivo Stick.it has 3 different size i can choose. that is so humanization. But it may be expensive. lol…


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