Special snorkelling places in Egypt – Mini series – IV.

Egypt has so many beautiful snorkelling places to see and snorkel! Read and enjoy  the closing part of our mini series!

Blue Hole – Dahab

The Blue Hole is a well known diving and snorkelling place, if you are in Dahab, do not miss this place (also available from Sharm El Sheikh). The hole is located few kilometres north of Dahab. It is a submarine sinkhole, around 130 m deep.snorkelling places - blue hole Dahab

Snorkelling here is really a special experience, most times divers and freedivers dive deep in the hole, it is interesting to watch them appearing from deepness or disappearing in it! According to the reviews the entrance is not so nice, the reef is destroyed there, but the hole and the surrounding area has great corals. Sometimes whaleshark also can be spotted here, so fingers crossed if you plan to visit the Blue Hole and maybe you will meet him!
Blue hole - snorkelling places

Marsa Egla – Marsa Alam

If you like family snorkelling places, you will love Marsa Egla! This large, sandy bay is the perfect choice in the Marsa Alam region. The Marsa Eagle is a quite place, the sea bottom deepens gradually, the entrance is easy from the shore.snorkelling places - marsa alam - marsa egla

What can you expect here? On this nice place you will find snappers, batfish, sweetlips,moray eels.  Turtles and seahorses are also common visitors here, but dugongs also often come into the bay. On the deeper side of the bay sharks also can be spotted.marsa egla - snorkelling places

The north side of the reef has more smaller fish, the south side offers bigger species (but here the visibility can be worse because of the currents).

Ras Mohamed – Sharm el Sheikh

The Ras Mohamed National Park (Ras Muhammad National Park) is a protected area since 1983, located about 20 km south of Sharm El Sheikh. This is the first and best kept national park in Egypt, and offers definitely the best snorkelling places. The park area was expanded in 1989, now it covers more than 480 km2.  At the southern end of the headland there is a Mangrove forest. You may make surface trips as well in the park, but I think you are more interested in the underwater world!ras mohamed - snorkelling places

The Ras Mohamed National Park has one of the richest marine life on the world, huge coral reefs full of life, diversity of marine species including big napoleon wrasses, lionfish, jackfish, tunas, batfish, Risso’s dolphin and different sharks as well. Snorkelers and divers often meet whaleshark here.snorkelling places - ras muhammad

The most popular spots are the Anemona City, Stingray Station, Yolanda Reef, Shark Reef.

The Ras Mohamed Park is available by land and sea as well, there is an entry fee (around 5 EUR). Contact your tour representative for actual informations!

Eel Garden and Three Pools – Dahab

The Eel Garden and the Three Pools are very special snorkelling places in Dahab.

The Eeel Garden is perfect for snorkelers at all level, the avarage depth is 5-20 m, the clarity is usually between 10-30 m. It is located 10 km south of Dahab, at the Southern Oasis.snorkelling places - Eel Garden

As its name shown the Eel Garden is the home to Dahab’s largest colony of garden eels. After a 100 m swim over a shallow reef from the shore you will swim thorugh a canyon. There is a sandy lagoon which slopes down gradually. Here find you the eels, they popp their heads out of the sand and vanish quickly if you approach them. Hold your breath and be quiet if you would like to take photos of  the eels! Most people come here to see the eels, but don’t forget to check the colourful reef! The corals here are among the most beautiful ones in all Dahab.

You also can observe barracudas and if you are lucky rare sea grass ghost pipefish as well.

The best time to visit this place is by high tide, if the weather is windy it is not supposed to snorkel here.

There is an other great snorkelling place not so far from the Eel Garden, the Three Pools. There are 3 shallow, connected natural pools with beautiful coral reef. By low tide it could be difficult to swim over the reef from one pool to the other, so this place is also suggested to snorkel by high tide. After the third pool you reach the open water, where you will see massive pore corals, salad and brain corals.snorkelling places - Three Pools Dahab

Although there are many more great special snorkelling places in Egypt, we can not mention all at once. We promise, if we visit some of in this series mentioned spots we come up with longer descriptions, photos and videos!

If you have visited other great snorkelling places in Egypt (or anywhere on the world) which you would like to suggest us, feel free to send us photos or review anytime!

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