Special snorkeling places in Egypt – Mini series – II.

In our mini series we feature special snorkeling places in Egypt! If you are there and would like to take a snorkeling excursion, you can get now some infos where to go to explore interesting spots. For the first part, check out our previous post.

Let’s see today 4 special snorkeling places in Egypt which worth a visit

Careless Reef – Hurghada

The Careless Reef is a very popular snorkeling and diving site, located about an hour drive from Hurghada city and also available with boat. The reef is 5 km north of the Giftun Island.snorkeling places in Egypt - Careless Reef

The reef consists of 2 underwater columns that extend up to the water’s edge. There is a valley between the two columns which is about 16 m deep. This spot is known as one of the best special snorkeling places in Egypt (and also one of the best dive site), because the sea life is extremely rich and untouchable here. Big population of moray eels, jackfish, tunas, barracudas, octopus, rays, turtles are common sight, but you could meet dolphins, sometimes sharks as well.

Fjord Bay – Taba

The Fjord Bay can be found 15 km south from Taba City. This protected bay with dazzling coral reefs and unique underwater landscape is definitely a must see place. There are two different spots here, the Taba Hole and the Fjord Banana. The Hole area is great for experienced divers and freedivers, a huge coral bed can be found on 16 m deep and there is a hole on 24 m. If you swim in, you could observe bigger fish who come into the hole to feed tiny Silver and Glass fish.snorkeling places in Egypt - Fjord Bay

The Fjord Banana is a shallow reef in shape of a banana (maximum depth is 12 m). You will see here wide variety of corals and fish.

Sunken City – Sahl Hasheesh

The historic underwater attraction, the sunken City can be found in front of the Dessole Pyramisa Hotel in the Sahl Hasheesh region (approx 20 km far from Hurghada city). The Sahl Hasheesh is one of the largest project in Egypt set to become a famous holiday destination.snorkeling places in Egypt - Sunken City 5

The Sunken city was inspired by the lost city of Atlantis. The city represents the pharaonic city that was part the Sahl Hasheesh . The top of the columns are visible from the walkway as well, but it will be stupid to miss the opportunity exploring this interesting place underwater! You can snorkel between sculptures, swim through underwater roads and observe how form the marine life this artificial project.snorkeling places in Egypt - Sunken City 4
snorkeling places in Egypt - Sunken City 3

Abu Lou Lou Reef – Nuweiba

The Abu Lou Lou Reef is directly at the Hilton Hotel in Nuweiba, also known as Hilton House Reef. The underwater fans always looking for special snorkeling places in Egypt where the marine life the richest and this reef definitely meets the expectations.  People who have already visit Abu Lou Lou say the amazement is indescribable, you have to see it with your own eyes! Some call this place “lionfish city” because of the big amount of lionfish. Stonefish, turtles and sometimes dolphins are often visible here.snorkeling places in Egypt - Abu Lou Lou Reef 2
snorkeling places in Egypt - Abu Lou Lou Reef

Would you like to get more from  special snorkeling places in Egypt? You don’t need to wait long, the part III. is coming just in few days!

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