Special snorkeling places in Egypt – Mini series – III.

Regarding your views and feedbacks you like our “special snorkeling places in Egypt” series, so we hope you will enjoy the next part as well!

Visit today 3 special snorkeling places in 3 different regions of Egypt!

Tiran Island – Sharm el Sheikh

The Tiran Island area has very good, popular snorkeling places in the Sharm el Sheikh region. The Egyptian-administered island (also claimed by Saudi Arabia) is located at the entrance of the Straits of Tiran. It separates the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aqaba, has strategic significance because it forms the narrowest section of the Straits of Tiran. The Straits of Tiran is a sea passage to major ports of Aqaba and Eilat. Israel took over the Trian Island from 1967 to 1982.snorkeling places - Tiran Island

The Tiran Island and its coral reefs (Gordon, Thomas, Wood House and Jackson Reefs) are daily visited places by snorkelers and divers. The reefs were named after english cartographers who made maps about this area in the 19th century at first..snorkeling places - Tiran Island 1

The underwater landscape is variable, the corals build up big forests under the surface, the reefs and small islands quasi block the way to the Red Sea. There are only two narrow channel where the ships can run in and out.snorkeling places - Tiran Island 2

Thanks to the currents the reefs by Tiran Island have rich marine life: extensive coral forests, big school of fish, napoleon wrasses, sea turtles wait for the water lovers and dolphins, manta rays and sharks are also often visible here.

Sataya Reef – Marsa Alam

The Sataya Reef is often called as Dolphin Reef, this is the trip you have to make when you are in the region!snorkeling places - Sataya Reef 2

The ships to Sataya start from Hamata Port (it takes approx 2 hours to reach the reefs). This is a full day excursion, but definitely worths the efforts. If you reach the Sataya area, you can enjoy the wonderful shades of blue and swim in the crystal clear water. As the reef are in the middle of the Red Sea, the marine life is in very good condition, there are healthy corals, big school of fish, turtles, huge napoleon wrasses and the biggest attraction is that you may observe spinner dolphins in their natural environment. The Sataya is home of a big population of dolphins, they are cruising and playing all day long around the reefs. Swimming with these clever and interesting animals is a lifetime experince!snorkeling places - Sataya Reef 3

The Sataya is a protected area and the daily number of visitors are limited, so it is supposed to book the tour in advance via your tour operator or hotel!

Shaab El Erg Reef – Hurghada

Not only in the Marsa Alam region but also in the near of Hurghada you may meet dolphins, let’s see where ! The Shaab El Erg is a reef system in the shape of horseshoe on the North East of El Gouna.snorkeling places - Shaab El Erg Reef

There are more good snorkeling places in the Shaab El Erg system, the most popular ones are the Dolphin House and the Poseidon Garden.

The Dolphin House is visited by many daily boats. Bottlenose dolphins often visit this reef and they play with the luckiest snorkelers!snorkeling places - Shaab El Erg Reef2

The Poseidon Garden is a shallow area (5-15 m) where the sea bottom is sandy, there are smaller and bigger coral peaks and many different kinds of colourful reef fish.snorkeling-places-Tiran-Island-3

We have some more special snorkeling places tips in our packet, the closing part of our mini series will be online soon!

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