Special snorkeling places in Egypt – Mini series – I.

You probably know that we are addicted to the Red Sea. We would like to share short descriptions about special snorkeling places in Egypt, about spots we also plan to visit hopefully in the near future.

Let’s see the first section of the special snorkeling places in Egypt!

Pharaoh’s Island – Taba

You could reach the Pharaoh’s Island with a short boat trip from Taba. It is a a granite atoll surrounded by nice coral reefs , sometimes it is called “Coral Island”. The island is famous about the crusaders’ citadel, what was added to the Unesco World Heritage Tentative list in 2003. The most known place around the Pharaoh’s Island is the Picasso Reef, which is an underwater hill. Snorkelers will find many colourful fish on this spot (picasso fish as well) but you can see very big table corals here as well.Special-snorkeling-places-in-Egypt-Pharaohs-Island 2

What else can be cooler than visit the special snorkeling places in Egypt on a special way? Choose the De Monfreid snorkel tour which you can book in your hotel or in the water-sport centre on Taba Heights in advance.  On this tour you can spend the day on the M. S. De Monfreid ship, authentic replica of the famous sailor and  novelist , Henry De Monfreid ‘s ship. The original one was built in 1911 and Henry went on his famous Red-Sea journey on it.Special snorkeling places in Egypt - Pharaohs Island

Sharm el Naga – 40 km far from Hurghada

Sharm el Naga is a peaceful, protected bay not so far from Hurghada, can be a nice day-trip looking around and snorkeling here. This spot must be on the special snorkeling places in Egypt list, because people say the coral ecosystem is still in perfect condition here. The bay is perfect for novice snorkelers, because the water is mostly shallow and the clarity is perfect. But not only the novice snorkelers will enjoy the time in Sharm el Naga! The underwater world offers a lot of things to see for everybody, there are big fire and gorgonia corals and you can see numerous fish species, octopus and crabs for sure.Special snorkeling places in Egypt - sharmelnaga

Special snorkeling places in Egypt - sharmelnaga2

Gassous Bay – 25 km far from Safaga

I have read about an underwater photographer who says he made more than 500 dives in the Gassous Bay, so I can imagine why is this bay amoung the special snorkeling places in Egypt. The bay is a quite, untouchable area with a 600 m long sandy beach. It is famous by divers who would like to spend their holiday on a peaceful place and dive as often as possible, but also great for snorkeling adventures!Special snorkeling places in Egypt - gassousbay6

There are 2 hotels in the bay, the Coral Sun Beach with the maximum capacitiy of 110 guests and the Coral Garden Beach with the capacity of 40 people.  The numbers show that this place is still a little gem, not a slice of mass tourism. The Garden Beach is a Dive Club Hotel with an own dive center (Orca Club).Special snorkeling places in Egypt - gassousbay7

The Gassous Bay is a natural bay, deepens slowly, the sea botton is sandy and there are big seaweed areas . The entry is signed with buoys and the coral areas are also surrounded, the management do their best to protect the marine life. Thanks to the efforts, the underwater life is really rich here, you can meet seahorse, different nudibranches, ghostfish and stonefish but turtles, eaglerays and napoleon wrasses are also daily visitors here. If you are lucky doplhins or dugongs will make your holiday unforgottable!Special snorkeling places in Egypt - gassousbay4

Special snorkeling places in Egypt - gassousbay5

Special snorkeling places in Egypt Part II. is coming soon, so stay tuned 🙂

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