Underwater trash in Cannes – Facts behind the shine

There is a city located on the French Riviera, where celebrities and well-known people meet every year, where rich people spend their time and their money.

Cannes underwater trash

Cannes – The city of the Red Carpet

If we hear the name of Cannes, everybody thinks about the shine, the film festival , big parties and beaches. The city has a beautiful location, is a top summer paradise where the famous and rich people enjoy the life.

The city itself is very clean and well-kept, but the bay has another face . Where the red carpet ends, it seems people forget to take care about something. There is a big amount of underwater trash in Cannes.

Laurent Lombard actions against underwater trash in Cannes

Just few hundred meters far from the beautiful beaches, the sea bottom is like a dump. A local freediver, Laurent Lombard took his mask, snorkel, fins and a camera, and made a video about the underwater trash in Cannes. He wants to draw the attention to the underwater debris, because he thinks a beautiful city like Cannes should be clean not only above the water but also underwater.

If we watch the video, we can see with our own eyes how many plastic bottles, bags and even press kits are lying on the sea bottom.

The local government, the Cannes Mayor’s Office was not so happy when they got Lombard’s video.
They have reacted to the bad publicity and organized a campaign to clean up the bay and solve the problem of the Underwater trash in Cannes.

Professionals and volunteers cleaned up the water in the 300 meters area from the Croisette. After that action Lombard showed another photos, now the bay in front of The Palm Beach Casino was in the middle of his attention, where the trash situation is also frustrating. It seems he is very committed to this project and we hope the clean up campaigns will be regular not only in Cannes but also worldwide.

The underwater trash is a big problem nowadays around the world . Experts say the amount of the debris in our water and at the sea bottom is much more than it was calculated. We are also committed to clean up actions and we think all people are responsible for the environment. We will post about underwater trash related news and campaigns in the future as well.

underwater trash
Underwater trash photo via RedOrbit

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