Underwater Tennis Court, breathtaking concept in Dubai

Have I already mentioned how much I enjoy reading the latest news from Dubai ? There is another interesting one today, the Underwater Tennis Court Concept.


Tennis is a very popular sport in Dubai. They already have an unusual, extreme tennis court on the top of the more than 300 meters tall Burj al Arab Hotel.

If the concept of the Underwater Tennis Court comes true, Dubai will have the most unique tennis courts around the world – the most lowest and the most highest ones!

About the concept’s owner

The Underwater Tennis Court concept comes from a polish architect, Krysztof Kotala. His design firm, the 8+8 Concept Studio has released spectacular plans : Mr Kotala is dreaming about a seven-court complex, which could work partly as an arena and partly as an aquarium. Krysztof Kotala, who studied at London’s Royal Institute of British Architects, Poland’s Krakow Polytechnic, and Germany’s the Münster University of Applied Sciences says he is coming to Dubai with his plans, because Dubai is the perfect place for extreme projects like this and there is also the tradition of tennis. The polish architect thinks this Underwater Tennis Court could be a memorable spot for the Fifth Grand Slalom.

underwater-tennis-courts Dubai

The Underwater Tennis Court’s Features

According to the plans, the Underwater Tennis court would be built between the Burj al Arab skyscraper and the Palm Jumeirah Islands, this is a top location, isn’t it ?

The project would create the illusion of an atoll with a rooftop coral reef. The visitors could decide to watch the tennis games below them or the sea life above them.

The Underwater Tennis Court is a concept yet. The developers should analyze the engineering challenges and astronomical costs. They need to have a single piece of glass pane at least 33 meters (108 feet) wide to cover the structure which should be strong enough to withstand the pressure. The standard pane size is 10 meters (32 feet), so building a pane of that size is unprecedented.

But nothing is impossible, especially in Dubai !

( We miss one information : how deep would be this Underwater Tennis Court ? Maybe we can watch a tennis games during snorkelling 🙂 )

underwater tennis court

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