Snorkeling in Ireland – Cool but nice adventures

The Irish people are mad about snorkeling in Ireland and proud of their snorkeling places. They say Ireland is one of the Top destination in the world to snorkel.

Let’s see today why is so cool Snorkeling in Ireland !

The Irish coastline offers a fascinating and diverse eco-system that rivals these far flung destinations.

With over 3,000 miles of unspoilt coastline to discover the opportunities are endless.

Notice : The water of The Atlantic is cold. The best times for snorkeling in Ireland is from mid May to end of September. In this season the water temperature can be 14 – 17 degrees , so a 5 or7 mm thick wetsuit ( with extra shorty if it is possible ) is preferred at all times !

The coastline is rough, that is hard to find a proper place to get to the water. The cliffs are steep and without walking paths leading to the water. Since the coast does not offer many bays nor sandy patches close to the rocky shore, it is hard to find good and safe snorkeling places.

Snorkeling on Ireland

Ask help from the local diving bases or tour operators to find the right snorkeling places, or check the coastline on the Google Earth or Google maps when you plan your trip!

Of course Ireland is not situated in the Caribbean, so don’t expect colorful fish, nor overwhelming coral. But the water of the Atlantic Ocean is clear enough to discover something unusual and interesting, the Irish underwater world.

What could you see if you go snorkeling in Ireland ?

sea weeds, kelp, anemones, shellfish, crustaceans, jellyfish, different fish species like blennies, dogfish, starfish, squid, pollack, sandeels, pipefish, scorpion fish, wrasse

Snorkeling in Ireland


Some of the best snorkeling spots in Ireland :

  • Sandy’s Garden in Sligo
  • Lough Hyne marine lake
  • Derrynane Harbour
  • Kilkee bay
  • Mulroy Bay in Donegal
  • White Strand and Cove Harbour in Castlecove in Kerry
  • Silver Strand in Malin Beg in Donegal
  • Streamstown Bay and Connemara
  • Dunquin, Dingle peninsula
  • Greystones and Hook Head.

There are many good videos about Snorkeling in Ireland on the YouTube, check some out !

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