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Lady Eliott Coral Island
Lady Eliott Coral Island

The Lady Elliot coral Island, a snorkelling paradise is situated at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. It is the closest Great Barrier Reef island to Brisbane. The coral island is regarded as one of the best snorkelling place at the Great Barrier Reef.

We think you could imagine how spectacular is the Lady Elliot if you know two facts: the area is part of the World Heritage Listed Area on the Great Barrier Reef and lies within a Marine National Park “Green Zone”.

The Lady Elliot Coral Island is 42 Hectares is size, you could walk around in circa 45 minutes. The island is a coral cay, it is made from crushed coral.

The island lies in the highest protection zone of The Great Barrier Reef, over 1,200 different species of marine life can be found here.

The Lady Elliot is an eco-resort, operates on the 4 E’s Philosophy :

“ To look after our Environment we need to be Efficient, Economically Sustainable and able to Educate effectively.”

The island generates its own power, desalinates seawater for drinking purposes, maintains a wastewater treatment plant and recycles the majority of its rubbish. The Resort has gained a wealth of knowledge in these technologies and has set new benchmarks for sustainable tourism on the Great Barrier Reef.

The accommodation is not luxury but perfect for spending a few days on the island. One interesting thing is that the resort does not offer fish or seafood on their menu reflecting their policy of marine conservation.

Snorkelling on Lady Elliot Coral Island

Snorkelling is very comfortable on Lady Elliot, you do not need to take long boat trips, the snorkelling spots are close to your accommodation.

Lady Eliott Coral Island Australia

The Lagoon on the east side of the island is the right place for everybody It does not matter you are a beginner or an advanced snorkeller, you will be entertained here. You will find tropical fishes, different types of coral, sea cucumbers, clams, starfish, urchins and of course turtles here.

In the shallow water, you could learn how to use your gear if you never snorkeled before, the guides from the dive shop will help you gladly!

Advanced snorkellers can head to the west side of the coral island for deeper snorkelling adventures. There are two entry/exit sites here, The Lighthouse and the Coral Garden. I am sure you will spend long hours in the water, around the spectacular reef you will enjoy your “Australian sea cocktail” mixed from colorful corals, mantas, reef sharks, dolphins, and whales.

Lady Eliott Coral Island Manta
Photos from the Lady Eliott website

Snorkelling around The Lady Elliot is safe thanks to the good organization.

The resort has an own snorkelling map and guidance is also available, the coral island offers everything that you need to make an unforgettable snorkelling holiday!

If you would like to know more about The Lady Elliot Eco Island, visit them on their official sites!

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