Floating Underwater Houses – The Seahorse Dubai

Living in floating underwater houses surrounded by the sea and marine life? Sounds dreamy, right? Well, thanks to revolutionary thinking designers and modern engineering,  this is not just an imagination anymore. Let us introduce the Seahorse water villas from Dubai!

The Seahorse floating underwater houses in Dubai

The concept of the floating underwater houses was introduced at the Dubai International Boat Show in March 2015 by The Kleindienst Group.  In the first stage, they announced the building of the 42 villas that become part of the World Islands.

The concept received a big interest from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, The Caribbean, Sweden and Portugal. The floating underwater houses are not restricted to Dubai waters, can be designed for other destinations worldwide too. The first models are placed in the Heart of Europe project that forms the European Islands in the Dubai World Islands artificial landmark off the coast of Dubai. A new project “The Floating Underwater Houses” offers a luxurious environment to live with having a relaxing view of the underwater world even when lying on your bed.

Floating underwater house with coralgarden

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The floating Seahorse water villas

The floating underwater houses are officially boats without propulsion. Each house has 3 luxurious levels:

  • Underwater level – bedroom and bathroom
  • Sea level – living area, kitchen and dining area
  • Upper level – minibar and jacuzzi

On the underwater level, there is an outside deck where an artificial coral reef can grow. Like this, you can have your own coral garden with shoaling fish and tiny sea creatures around! This is truly snorkeler’s dream house! This coral garden will be a protected area, where endangered species, like seahorses, can safely live and breed. This is where the name Floating “Seahorse” Villas comes. After the success of the first stage, the company launched the Signature Edition Seahorse villas. With 3 fully personalized levels and more than 4000 square ft space, the new models will meet the needs of families with kids and bigger groups.

Floating underwater houses -Bathroom

Floating underwater houses for sale

You might wonder now what can be the floating Seahorse price? Real estate agencies offer Seahorse floating villas for sale between 8 and 16.5 million AED 2.2-4.5 million USD. To make an inquiry about the New Seahorse Signature edition, individuals and investors are free to contact the developers through thoe.com.

Floating house in Dubai
Floating house at night

The Heart of Europe Dubai construction

Being part of The Dubai World Islands, The Heart of Europe is a truly unique project that consists of the Europe Islands as Main Europe, St Petersburg, Switzerland, Germany and The Floating Venice. Besides the private villas and luxury vacation rental built on the artificial island, the Heart of Europe project gives home to the Seahorse floating underwater homes that are placed around the St Petersburg and Main Europe islands.

The islands offer residents and visitors a memorable living or vacation destination by creating a Europen lifestyle through the design and setting. Each island represents a different character of the European culture, combining historical and cultural treasures with a luxury environment. The Heart of Europe Islands locate 2,5 miles from Dubai shores. Thinking about the future, the whole project comes with green features.

Floating Venice

Bringing Venice to the Middle East! The newest attraction to The Dubai World Islands is The Floating Venice project.  This floating replica of the famous Italian city will feature three underwater restaurants, 180 underwater hotel rooms and the world first underwater spa! The massive 4-deck installation will be ready to serve and host 3000 guests daily. The uppers decks form canals where you can cruise around on authentic gondolas.

Floating Venice Dubai
Floating Venice Dubai

Watersport enthusiasts will enjoy the wide variety of activities available in the 24 pools and 12 beaches. The rooftop bar is the perfect place to stare at the impressive Dubai skyline. The Floating Venice developers use the same technology as the Seahorse floating underwater houses. To make the atmosphere even more Venetian, the developers plan to host here carnivals and festivals providing you with  The Floating Venice is currently under construction and will open in 2020.

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Dubai floating house

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