Virtual Snorkeling in a swimming pool with Nautilus VR :)

Have you ever snorkeled in a swimming pool full with corals ? It is virtually possible now !

Our daily post for technique lovers presents the Nautilus VR headset.

nautilus vr project

With this snorkel-meets-headset you could feel yourself for example at the Great Barrier Reef while you are swimming in a simple pool. This device has a snorkel built in, you should put in your smartphone into the slot and use the dedicated app.

The mask has two holes to let you see the screen. On the Nautilus VR Platform you can download different scenes, for example swimming alongside a turtles, sharks or whales or snorkeling in beautiful coral gardens.

You can discover the island Isla Mujeres in Mexico, the Lost City of Atlantis or swim under giant icebergs, even after a hard working day, in the nearest swimming pool, it sounds good, doesn’t it ?

The Nautilus VR mask is compatible with most smartphones ( iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z3 for sure )

The app will run on iOs, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Oculus devices and will be compatible with Google Cardboard.

The software is available in tablet version as well, offers the opportunity for the whole family to spend time together watching interesting scenes about marine life.

The device can be pre-order now on Kickstarter for 69 USD.

We prefer real snorkeling, but if you would like to have more info about this interesting new product, visit the Nautilus VR project on the Kickstarter !

nautilus vr

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